Australian Journal of Clinical Education


Pre-clinical training is traditionally conducted in ‘siloed’ disciplines limiting inter-professional learning (IPL) opportunities. A pilot using Mask-EdTM technology was used to simulate an authentic IPL experience for health-care students and enhance the IPL experience of students in a preclinical simulation-training program. A multidisciplinary, simulated ward experience was conducted using Mask-EdTM. Students completed pre- and post-pilot Interprofessional Collaborative Competencies Attainment Surveys (ICCAS). A focus group was conducted to explore participant IPL experience and pre-clinical skill development. Statistically significant improvements were found in all six domains of the ICCAS (collaboration, roles and responsibilities, patient centred approach, conflict management and team functioning). Focus group analysis generated three themes: authenticity, mistakes are ok and learning. This pilot study suggests that Mask-Ed™ simulation is an effective method to teach IPL to health students.