Australian Journal of Clinical Education


Winning entry: Sarah Kabir - AJCE Student Essay Competition 2016.

This paper was submitted in response to a student essay competition dealing with matters relating to clinical education issues in law and health in Australia and globally. It has been published in its entirety without peer review.

Extract: All students entering the healthcare profession must bridge the gap between theory and practice through vigorous clinical education and experience. Recent literature regarding the clinical education of medical students, interns and trainees has grown exponentially, particularly in regard to emergency medicine. Undoubtedly, effective clinical training is vital in the development of future doctors, providing them with the opportunity to gain invaluable skills and guidance under the supervision of senior physicians. However, there are multiple obstacles to student integration in the practicing environment. Key barriers to be addressed include supporting training capacity in the face of an ever-growing number of medical graduates, as well as the need for a shift in administrative and physician values to better support clinical education. Delivering effective clinical teaching to students is a universal struggle among all the healthcare disciplines, highlighting the need promptly address these barriers. Although numerous solutions and models have been proposed, further discussion and analysis on the means of practical implementation is required in the best interests of future doctors and the future of emergency medicine pedagogy in Australia.