Australian Journal of Clinical Education

Copyright and Publication Policy


This policy sets out the terms under which the Author/s agree to permit the AJCE to (1) publish and reproduce the Manuscript, and (2) permit others to publish and reproduce the Manuscript.

Authors are expected to submit a Manuscript comprising an abstract and article. The article will be published in the Australian Journal of Clinical Education, and the abstract will be published on the AJCE website, http://epublications.bond.edu/ajce. The abstract is also often utilised when inviting someone to referee an article.

The journal does not levy any Article Processing Charges for the processing or publication of a paper.

1. Copyright of the Author/s

Copyrights in the Manuscript is owned by the Author and AJCE jointly. All publications will be available under a Creative Commons licence CC-BY-NC-ND

2. Authorship

The Editorial Committee of the AJCE regards the Manuscript as the original work of the Author/s. The Author/s therefore warrant that the Manuscript:

  • Is an original work created solely by the Author/s, is not plagiarised, and no part of the Manuscript infringes the copyright of another person;
  • Properly attributes any material contained in it not created solely by the Author/s;
  • Does not contain any material that is defamatory; and
  • Does not infringe any of the rights of any third party.

3. Ethics Approval

The Editorial Committee of the AJCE aims to ensure that all articles published in the AJCE report on work that is morally acceptable. The Author/s therefore warrant that they sought and obtained appropriate ethical approval for any research reported in the Manuscript, and that they have obtained the informed consent of research subjects or interviewees wherever necessary.

4. Sole Submission for Publication

A Manuscript submitted for publication in the AJCE must not have been published elsewhere, or have been submitted for publication with another journal. The Author/s therefore warrant that the Manuscript:

  • Has not been published in whole or in part elsewhere;
  • Will not be submitted for publication elsewhere whilst it is under consideration by the AJCE; and
  • If related to material presented at a conference, has either not been published in conference proceedings or is substantially different to what has been published in the conference proceedings.

5. Review of the Manuscript

In submitting the Manuscript for publication in the AJCE, the Author/s agree to be bound by the decisions of the Editorial Committee. All decisions of the Editorial Committee about whether or not to publish the Manuscript in the AJCE shall be final.

The Manuscript may be:

  • rejected by the Editorial Committee before being sent to referees;
  • returned to the Author/s for revision prior to being sent to referees;
  • subject to a ‘double-blind’ referee process by external reviewers;
  • rejected after refereeing, or if requested changes are not made in a timely manner; and/or
  • returned to the Author/s for revision at any time after refereeing, after proofing, and/or after typesetting.

The Author/s acknowledge that the above process is to ensure a high quality production with full compliant references.

The Editorial Committee reserves the right to edit the Manuscript to ensure that it conforms to accepted grammatical, presentation and in-house style guidelines and to enhance clarity of expression. While the Editorial Committee will endeavour to consult the Author/s before making such changes, there may be occasions when due to time constraints this will not possible.

The Author/s approval of the final draft of the Manuscript will be sought prior to publication, unless the Author/s indicate in writing that they do not wish this to occur.

6. Publication and Reproduction

The AJCE has relationships with online databases and will make the article available via them, in order to increase the rate of circulation and citation of articles.

The Author/s agree not to make the Manuscript available for third party reproduction in any format including online media and University e-prints databases until one calendar year after publication in the AJCE. After that time, where the article is reproduced, the Author/s will ensure that the reproduction will be made under the terms of the Creative Commons licence stated: CC-BY-NC-ND..

7. Copyright Royalties

The AJCE is registered with the Copyright Agency (Sydney) which is a non-profit organisation offering centralised licencing arrangements for photocopying. The Author/s agree that any income received through these arrangements will be used by the AJCE to further the interests of the AJCE.

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