Australian Journal of Clinical Education

The AJCE is a unique interdisciplinary journal. The Editorial Board is committed to publishing timely original contributions that offers readers professionally focused and skills-based clinical education research.

Editors in Chief:

Dr Francina Cantatore, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Bond University

Professor Linda Crane, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University

Editorial Committee:

Professor Nick James – Bond University [Law]

Associate Professor Bobette Wolski - Bond University [Law]

Assistant Professor Louise Parsons - Bond University [Law]

Assistant Professor Maria Nicolae - Bond University [Law]

Associate Professor Karen Clark-Burg – University of Notre Dame [Nursing]

Professor Janie Smith – Bond University [Medical Education]

Associate Professor Allan Stirling – Bond University [Medicine]

Associate Professor Gary Hamlin – Bond University [Medical Education]

Assistant Professor Nikki Milne – Bond University (Physiotherapy)

Associate Professor Megan Dalton – Monash University (Physiotherapy)

Associate Professor Kieran Broome – Bond University (Occupational Therapy)

Dr Deborah Wilmoth – Bond University (Psychology)

Advisory Board Members:


Professor Simon Rice (University of Sydney)

Professor Anna Cody (University of New South Wales)

Mr John Corker (Director, Australian Pro Bono Centre)

Dr Michelle Sanson (Western Sydney University)

Professor Jeff Giddings (Monash University)

Ms Frances Gibson (University of New South Wales)

Professor Mary Anne Noone (La Trobe University)

Ms Caroline Strevens (Head of School of Law, University of Portsmouth, UK)

Health Sciences and Medicine

Professor Helen Chenery, Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University

Professor Richard Hays, Professor of Medical Education (Dean of Medicine), University of Tasmania

Professor Beverley Glass, Professor of Pharmacy, James Cook University