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ADR Bulletin will be moving to Bond University Library Collections in 2019.


The ADR Bulletin presents short articles and news items on dispute resolution and conflict management. It is published by the Bond University Dispute Resolution Centre.

The ADR Bulletin was established in 1996 in Australia and since that time the editor, Professor Laurence Boulle of Bond University, has overseen the creation of 110 print issues.

In 2007, the publishers sold the Bulletin to the Bond University Dispute Resolution Centre with Laurence Boulle continuing as editor. The Dispute Resolution Centre proposes to -

  • continue publishing 8 copies each year in hard copy
  • gradually digitise 100 historical hard copies and make them freely available on the e-publications@bond website
  • continue the wide range of short topics and contributions from the dispute resolution world

See the e-publications Dispute Resolution Centre sister site.

© Copyright is vested in the Bond University Dispute Resolution Centre, Faculty of Law, Bond University, and in each author with respect to his or her contribution.

ISSN - 1440-4540

Please note: This journal is no longer in production

Current Issue: Volume 12, Number 6 (2011)


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