Research publications



Documents from 2010

Strategically aligning family and business systems using the Balanced Scorecard, Justin Craig and Ken Moores


Clarifying the strategic advantage of familiness: Unbundling its dimensions and highlighting its paradoxes, Wayne J. Irava and Ken Moores


Resources supporting entrepreneurial orientation in multigenerational family firms, Wayne Irava and Ken Moores

Toward a better understanding of family enterprising, Mervyn J. Morris and Justin B. Craig

Research on accounting in family firms: Past accomplishments and future challenges, Carlo Salvato and Ken Moores

The intersection of family business and audit research: Potential opportunities, Andrew J. Trotman and Ken Trotman

Submissions from 2009

Spotlights and shadows: Preliminary findings about the experiences of women in family business leadership roles, Mary Barrett and Ken Moores

Women in family business leadership roles: Daughters on the stage, Mary Barrett and Ken Moores


An investigation of hindsight bias in nascent venture activity, Gavin Cassar and Justin B. Craig


Championing family business issues to influence public policy: Evidence from Australia, Justin B. Craig and Ken Moores

Epilogue - family business: A rich research repository, Justin B. Craig, Ken Moores, Carole Howorth, and Panikkos Poutziouris

Family business research at a tipping point threshold, Justin B. Craig, Ken Moores, Carole Howorth, and Panikkos Poutziouris

Factors critical in overcoming the liability of newness: Highlighting the role of family, Clay Dibrell, Justin B. Craig, Ken Moores, Aaron J. Johnson, and Peter S. David

Paradigms and theory building in the domain of business families, Ken Moores

Prologue - Researching family business: An interview with Professor Danny Miller, Ken Moores

Founding family leadership and industry profitability, Trond Randoy, Clay Dibrell, and Justin B. Craig

Destructive leadership in family businesses: Modelling social exchange between generations, David Robinson, Michael G. Harvey, and Mark Yupitun

Documents from 2007

Being the boss and working for a boss: Upsides and downsides, Justin B. Craig, Michael Schaper, and Clay Dibrell

Between a strategic rock and a hard place: Planning and flexibility in family and non-family firms, Clay Dibrell and Justin B. Craig

Overcoming liability of newness through legitimacy: A stakeholder salience perspective, Clay Dibrell, Aaron Johnson, Ken Moores, and Justin B. Craig

Documents from 2006

A 10-year longitudinal investigation of strategy, systems, and environment on innovation in family firms, Justin B.L. Craig and Ken Moores

Documents from 2005

Balanced scorecards to drive the strategic planning of family firms, Justin B. Craig and Ken Moores

Documents from 2000

The salience of market, bureaucratic, and clan controls in the management of family firm transitions: Some tentative Australian evidence, Ken Moores and Joseph Mula