Bond University's subscription to Digital Commons expires on 31 December 2018.

Content from e-publications@bond has already, or will be, migrated to the following platforms:

The Bond University Pure Research Portal is now the prime repository for all research outputs including Open Access versions of:

All active ejournals are now set up in the academic journal management system Scholastica (enter 'Bond University' into the search box to find the suite of Bond Open Access journals).

All ebooks, major dataset media files, the Bond University image gallery and archived journals will be available in Bond Collections, discoverable via Library Search in January next year.

All authors with Digital Commons accounts should log into their 'Author Dashboard' to view and save download counts of their work before the end of 2018.

Bond University Library Services thanks all contributors to e-publications@bond which was launched in 2006. The deposit of your openly accessible research and scholarship has been invaluable to the establishment and support of global open access principles and practice for the benefit of researchers and readers worldwide.

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