Documents from 2016


Submission to the Senate Inquiry- "Inquiry into the phenomenon collequially referred to as 'revenge porn', which involves sharing private sexual images and recordings of a person without their consent, with the intention to cause that person harm." - Submission 31, Terry Goldsworthy and Matthew Raj

Smoke and mirrors: unanswered questions and misleading statements obscure the truth about organ sources in China, Wendy A. Rogers, Torsten Tray, Maria A. Fiatarone Singh, Madeleine Bridgett, Katrina A. Bramstedt, and Jacob Lavee

Submissions from 2015


Submission to the Queensland Taskforce on Organised Crime Legislation (inquiry area 5), Terry Goldsworthy


Submission to the Senate Inquiry- The ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community - Submission 392, Terry Goldsworthy

Submissions from 2014


Submission to the Senate Inquiry - Inquiry into crystal methamphetamine (Ice) - Submission 70, Terry Goldsworthy and Laura McGillivray


Great expectations: our naïve optimism about medical care, Tammy Hoffmann and Chris del Mar

Documents from 2013


Research Review: Self defence or art? You choose, Mike Climstein and Joe Walsh

Documents from 2010


But what should journals actually do to keep industry sponsored research unbiased?, Chris Del Mar

Documents from 2006


Improving Prescribing Practices in Primary Care, Chris Del Mar

Documents from 2005

Review of the Personality Self-Portrait (Revised), Gregory J. Boyle

Review of the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (2002 Edition), Gregory J. Boyle

Documents from 2004


Letter: "Drink Plenty of Fluids" Authors' Reply, Michelle P. B. Guppy, Sharon M. Mickan, and Chris Del Mar


Have Halpern et al. (2004) Detected “Residual Neuropsychological Effects” of MDMA? Not Likely., Michael Lyvers and Penelope Hasking


The State Of Primary-Care Research, David Mant, Chris Del Mar, Paul Glasziou, Andre Knottnerus, Paul Wallace, and Chris Van Weel

Documents from 2003

Review of the International Personality Disorder Examination, Gregory J. Boyle

Review of the Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children, Gregory J. Boyle

Submissions from 2000


Message from editor-in-chief of Legal Eagle, Michael Weir

Documents from 1998


Case note: Data Access v Powerflex, William van Caenegem

Documents from 1995

Patent law - a city council is an ‘authority of a state’, William van Caenegem