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Preparing personnel for safe and effective operation in harsh and volatile environments
Rodney Pope, Rob Marc Orr, Matt Brearley, Richard Gorey, and Shane Irving


Effect of short-term androgen deficiency on bladder contractility and urothelial mediator release.
Giselle Bravo, Helen Massa, Roselyn Rose'Meyer, Russ Chess-Williams, Catherine McDermott, and Donna J Sellers


Determining the gaps between Cochrane reviews and trials of effectiveness of interventions for acute respiratory infections: An audit
Jasmin Alloo, Sanya Vallath, Chris Del Mar, Matt Carter, Sarah Thorning, and Justin Clark


Negotiation and regulation of land access agreements: Lessons from Queensland
Katherine Curnow, Tina Hunter, Michael Weir, and Laurence Boulle


External kinetics of the kettlebell snatch in amateur lifters
James A Ross, Justin W L Keogh, Cameron J Wilson, and Christian Lorenzen

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