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Effect of short-term androgen deficiency on bladder contractility and urothelial mediator release.
Giselle Bravo, Helen Massa, Roselyn Rose'Meyer, Russ Chess-Williams, Catherine McDermott, and Donna J Sellers


Negotiation and regulation of land access agreements: Lessons from Queensland
Katherine Curnow, Tina Hunter, Michael Weir, and Laurence Boulle


A profile of injuries sustained by Law Enforcement Officers: A Critical Review
Kate Lyons, Cameron Radburn, Robin Orr, and Rodney Pope


Could habits hold the key to weight loss maintenance? A narrative review.
Gina Cleo, Elisabeth Isenring, Rae Thomas, and Paul P. Glasziou


Communicating about overdiagnosis: Learning from community focus groups on osteoporosis [dataset]
Ray Moynihan, Rebeccas Sims, Jolyn Hersch, Rae Thomas, Paul P. Glasziou, and Kirsten McCaffery


Enhancing capillary blood collection: The influence of nicotinic acid and nonivamide
Christian Moro, Jessica Bass, Anna Mae Scott, and Elisa F D Canetti

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