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Measuring and improving student course engagement and learning success through online student evaluation systems
Shelley Kinash, Madelaine Judd, Vishen Naidu, Elizabeth Santhanam, Julie Fleming, Marian Tulloch, Beatrice Tucker, and Sid Nair


A systematic review of the public’s knowledge and beliefs about antibiotic resistance
Amanda McCullough, Sanjoti Parekh, John Rathbone, Christopher B. Del Mar, and Tammy Hoffmann


Conditional Formatting Revisited: a Companion for Teachers and Others
Steve Sugden, John E. Baker, and Sergei Abramovich


Corticosteroids for the common cold (Review)
Gail Hayward, Matthew J. Thompson, Chris Del Mar, Paul Glasziou, and Carl J. Heneghan


Supporting student academic writing online
Cameron Lydster and Shelley Kinash

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