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Behavior change theory, content and delivery of interventions to enhance adherence in chronic respiratory disease: A systematic review
Amanda McCullough, Cristin Ryan, Christopher Macindoe, Nathan Yii, Judy Bradley, Brenda O'Neill, Stuart Elborn, and Carmel Hughes


Managing corporate social responsibility in China
Xiaowen Tian and John W. Slocum


People management and innovation in emerging market multinationals: A competency-based framework
Miriam Moeller, Jane Maley, Michael G. Harvey, and Marina Dabic


Effect of the ban on short selling on market prices and volatility
Uwe Helmes, Julia Henker, and Thomas Henker


Entry points for climate-informed planning for the water resources and agriculture sectors in Cambodia
Dany Va, Ros Taplin, Bhishna Bajracharya, Michael Regan, and Louis Lebel


Danish guidelines on management of otitis media in preschool children
C. H. Heidemann, J. Lous, J. Berg, J. J. Christensen, S. J. Hakonsen, M. Jakobsen, C. J. Johansen, L. H. Nielsen, Malene Hansen, A. Poulsen, L. P. Schousboe, C. Skrubeltang, A. B. Vind, and P. Homoe


Too much medicine in older people? Deprescribing through shared decision making
Jesse Jansen, Vasi Naganathan, Stacy L. Carter, Andrew J. McLachlan, Brooke Nickel, Les Irwig, Carissa Bonner, Jenny A. Doust, Jim Colvin, Aine Heaney, Robin M. Turner, and Kirsten McCaffery


Grip strength measurement: Towards a standardized approach in sarcopenia research and practice
L. A. Schaap, Benjamin Fox, Timothy Henwood, O Bruyere, J-Y Reginster, C Beaudart, F Buckinx, H Roberts, C Cooper, A Cherubini, G dell' Aquilla, M Maggio, and S Volpato


Excess protein intake relative to fiber and cardiovascular events in elderly men with chronic kidney disease
H Xu, Megan Rossi, Katrina Campbell, G. L. Sencion, J Ärnlöv, T Cederholm, P Sjögren, U Risérus, B Lindholm, and JJ Carrero

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