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Assessment of the Potential for Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction in Granular Soils
Salah Sadek, Shadi Najjar, Yassin Mostapha, and Mostapha Mostapha


The relationship between risk propensity, risk perception and risk-taking behaviour in an emerging market
Fazelina Sahul Hamid, Gary John Rangel, Fauziah M. Taib, and Ramayah Thurasamy


Better reporting of interventions: Template for intervention description and replication (TIDieR) checklist and guide
Tammy Hoffmann, P. Glasziou, Isabelle Boutron, Ruairidh Milne, Rafael Perera, David Moher, Douglas G. Altman, Virginia Barbour, Helen Macdonald, Marie Johnston, Sarah Lamb, Mary Dixon-Woods, Peter McCulloch, Jeremy Wyatt, An-Wen Chan Phelan, and Susan Michie


Public Sentinels: A Comparative Study of Australian Solicitors-General
Gabrielle Appleby, Patrick Keyzer, and John M. Williams


Submission on behalf of the Law and Justice Institute in response to the Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014.
Jodie O'Leary, Jann Taylor, Rachael Taylor, Tim Alexander, Janet Wight, Damien Bartholomew, and James Benjamin


The idea of human rights
James F. P. Allan

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