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This issue marks the end of Lyndal Taylor’s formal connection with the Review. Lyndal has worked tirelessly over many years in putting the Review together. Lyndal has great expertise in the area of legal education gained through formal coursework and her experience teaching at several major Australian university law schools. The Legal Education Review will sorely miss her passionate contribution. Thanks are also due to the other members of the Editorial Committee for their work in putting this issue together – Associate Professor Nan Seuffert, Allan Chay, and Professor Paul Moyle. Many thanks are due to Angus Young who has administered the Review with such enthusiasm and to Samantha McGolrick who worked on the very detailed aspects of editing the contributions. Gratitude is due by both the authors and the editors to our referees who spend many hours of their own time reading and commenting extensively on the papers in order to encourage and support our contributors. Their efforts are always respected and genuinely appreciated. All the articles and teaching notes in this issue of the journal have passed through a blind refereeing process. Submissions of articles for inclusion in the 2006 edition are due by 30 May 2006. There will be one issue in 2006. The Editors have decided to change to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (2 ed, Melbourne: Melbourne University Law Review Association, 2002) Style Guide for the 2006 issue.

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