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The Review’s Mission

The Legal Education Review is an independent, open access, refereed Journal. Its objectives are (1) to encourage and disseminate within Australia & internationally high quality research into legal education; and (2) to inform and stimulate discussion, debate and experimentation on topics related to legal education. All articles are published under an Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives Creative Commons Licence: CC-BY-NC-ND.

Call for Papers

Our schedule allows for rolling submissions, meaning we allow authors to submit their works throughout the year without regard to deadlines. We are currently accepting submissions.

Readership Map

Current Volume: Volume 26

Publication Years - 2016-2017

Articles - General
Special Topic Articles - Teaching Legal Writing




Working the Nexus: Teaching Students to Think, Read and Problem-Solve Like a Lawyer
Kate Galloway, Mary Heath, Alex Steel, Anne Hewitt, Mark Israel, and Natalie Skead

Special Topic Foreword

Special Topic Articles


Critical Legal Reading: The Elements, Strategies and Dispositions Needed to Master this Essential Skill
Alex Steel, Kate Galloway, Mary Heath, Natalie Skead, Mark Israel, and Anne Hewitt