Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the Law Faculty.


Documents from 2015

Intellectual Property Rights and the PPSA: Challenges for interest holders, creditors and practitioners, Francina Cantatore


The Australian Consumer Law in the digital sphere, Francina Cantatore

Intellectual Property Rights management in small and medium size social enterprise in Australia, Francina Cantatore and Elizabeth Crawford Spencer

Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia: Cases and Commentary, Eric Colvin, John McKechnie, and Jodie O'Leary

Law and public administration in Ireland, Fiona Donson and Darren O'Donovan

Western Australian Evidence Law, David Field and Kate Offer

Offshore petroleum resource access and regulation in Canada, Kylie Fletcher

Conclusion, Mary Hiscock and William van Caenegem

The ethics of the VeriChip human implant, Michael Lupton

Advance pricing agreements in the United States: In a state of flux?, Michelle Markham

CloudConsumer: contracts, codes & the law, Kate Mathews Hunt

Gaming the system: Fake online reviews v. consumer law, Kate Mathews Hunt

'Visions of a distant millennium'? The effectiveness of the UN Human Rights Petition System, Darren O'Donovan and Patrick Keyzer

Fitness to plead in Queensland's youth justice system: The need for pragmatic reform, Suzanne O'Toole, Jodie O'Leary, and Bruce Watt

Access to extraterritorial evidence: The Microsoft cloud case and beyond, Dan Svantesson and Felicity Q. C. Gerry

The holy trinity of legal fictions undermining the application of law to the global internet, Dan J B Svantesson

Creativity in fashion: the complex effects of IP, William van Caenegem and Violet Atkinson


Negotiation lessons from the Book (not the film) of Exodus, John Wade

On mediation, legal representatives and advocates, Bobette Wolski

Documents from 2014

Public Sentinels: A Comparative Study of Australian Solicitors-General, Gabrielle Appleby, Patrick Keyzer, and John M. Williams


Regulation of complementary and alternative medicine: interplay of therapeutic goods legislation consumer law, Eloise Archer, Brenda Marshall, Michael Weir, and Jon Wardle

The knowledge element for accessories to strict liability and limited cognition offences: Revisiting Tabe v The Queen, Malcolm Barrett and Joachim Dietrich

Injunctions and damages under s1324 of the Corporations Act: Will McCracken v Phoenix Constructions revive the narrow approach?, Victoria Baumfield

Model no more: Querulent behaviour, vexatious litigants and the Vexatious Proceedings Act 2005 (QLD), Narelle Bedford and Monica Taylor

The partial codification of contract law: Lessons from New Zealand, Rick Bigwood

Advocacy before an international arbitral tribunal, Lawrence Boo

Isolationism, democratisation and globalisation: Legal education in a developing country, Laurence Boulle

Joining the BRICs: The case of South Africa, Laurence Boulle and Jessie Chella

Negotiating conduct and compensation agreements for coal seam gas operations: Developing the Queensland regulatory framework, Laurence Boulle, Tina Hunter, Michael Weir, and Katherine Curnow

Authors, copyright, and publishing in the digital era, Francina Cantatore

Responsible lending compliance: A “common sense” approach, Francina Cantatore

The migration of the book across territorial borders: Copyright implications for authors in the digital economy, Francina Cantatore

Yours, mine and ours: Managing intellectual property in third sector enterprise, Francina Cantatore


Businesses are people too? Anomalies in widening the ambits of "consumer" under consumer credit law, Francina Cantatore and Brenda Marshall

Romancing the PPSA: Challenges for instructors in teaching and reconciling new concepts with traditional norms, Francina Cantatore and Ian Stevens

Treaty structure and public interest regulation in international economic law, Bradly J. Condon

Humpty Dumpty and Risk assessment: A reply to Slobogin, Ian R. Coyle and Robert Halon

Opening up a can of worms: How do decision-makers decide when witnesses are telling the truth?, Ian R. Coyle and Donald Thomson

Authorisation as accessorial liability: The overlooked role of knowledge, Joachim Dietrich

Train the trainers: Maintaining standards to minimise injuries and avoiding legal liability in the fitness industry, Joachim Dietrich, Patrick Keyzer, Ian R. Coyle, Kevin Norton, Betul Sekendiz, Veronica Jones, and Caroline Finch

Critical junctures: regulatory failures, Ireland's administrative state and the Office of the Ombudsman, Fiona Donson and Darren O'Donovan

Doctrinal incoherence and complex variables in piercing the corporate veil cases, John H. Farrar

The BRICS: Experiments with state capitalism and institutional investment, John H. Farrar and Mohamed Ariff


Patent's role in the case of carbon leakage: Beyond the orthodox view, Jinheng Feng and Ying Shen

In mourning of bereavement damages, Iain Field

Mickey Mouse, morality and manufacturing: A look at the evolving private regulation of global labour standards, Umair H. Ghori

The BRICS +: Fault lines and opportunities, Umair H. Ghori

Custodians of the game: Ethical considerations for football governing bodies in regulating concussion management, Annette Greenhow and Jocelyn East

Conclusions: The BRICS - ascendancy, decline or plateau?, Mary Hiscock and Vai Io Lo


Social networking and identity theft in the digital society, Eric Holm

The importance of mandatory data breach notification to identity crime, Eric Holm and Geraldine Mackenzie


The significance of mandatory data breach warnings to identity crime, Eric Holm and Geraldine Mackenzie

Public law in a comparative and inter-disciplinary paradigm, Danielle Ireland-Piper

Regulating extraterritoriality: New frontiers in public law, Danielle Ireland-Piper


The Enrica Lexie and St. Antony: A voyage into jurisdictional conflict, Danielle Ireland-Piper

Teaching first-year law students to think like (good) lawyers, Nick James

Attorneys-general, solicitors-general and 'the public interest' in Australian constitutional cases: A case for citizen input into the development of constitutional policy, Patrick Keyzer

Legal risk management and injury in the fitness industry: The outcomes of focus group research and a national survey of fitness professionals, Patrick Keyzer, Ian R. Coyle, Joachim Dietrich, Kevin Norton, Betul Sekendiz, Veronica Jones, and Caroline Finch

China's path to development: Does law matter?, Vai Io Lo

Judicial activism in China, Vai Io Lo

Teaching comparative law in the "Asian Century", Vai Io Lo

Where to draw the line - regulation of therapeutic applications of nanotechnology, Michael Lupton

Measuring the effects of small group deliberation on public attitudes towards sentencing: Benefits and challenges, Geraldine Mackenzie, Nigel Stobbs, Claire Ferguson, and Karen Gelb

The development of transfer pricing in China, Michelle Markham and Yixin Liao

Legal education in the era of globalisation: What makes for market failure?, Darren O'Donovan

The diplomatic disputes between the Holy See and the Irish State 2009-2012: A legal analysis, Darren O'Donovan

Submission on behalf of the Centre for Law, Governance and Public Policy in response to the Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, Darren O'Donovan, Jodie O'Leary, and Bruce Watt


Out of step and out of touch: Queensland's 2014 Youth Justice Amendments, Jodie O'Leary

Additional submission on behalf of the Law and Justice institute in response to the Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, Jodie O'Leary and Jann Taylor

Submission on behalf of the Law and Justice Institute in response to the Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014., Jodie O'Leary, Jann Taylor, Rachael Taylor, Tim Alexander, Janet Wight, Damien Bartholomew, and James Benjamin

Ong on subrogation, Denis Ong


The greening of Canadian cyber laws: What environmental law can teach and cyber law can learn, Sara Smyth

Yours, Mine, and Ours: Managing Intellectual Property in Third Sector Enterprise, Elizabeth C. Spencer and Francina Cantatore

Yours, mine, and ours: The development, management and protection of intellectual property in third-sector enterprise, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer and Francina Cantatore

Between a rock and a hard place - an international law perspective of the difficult position of globally active internet intermediaries, Dan Svantesson

Could technology resurrect the dignity of the FIFA world cup refereeing?, Dan Svantesson


Delineating the reach of internet intermediaries' content blocking-"ccTLD blocking", Strict Geo-location blocking: or a "country lens approach"?, Dan Svantesson

Sovereignty in international law - how the internet (maybe) changed everything, but not for long, Dan Svantesson

The concept of data privacy law and its application to the internet, Dan Svantesson

The extraterritoriality of EU data privacy law - its theoretical justification and its practical effect on U.S. businesses, Dan Svantesson

The hypocritical hype about 'hypothesis': Why legal research needs to shed this relic, Dan Svantesson

The Rome II Regulation and choice of law in internet-based violations of privacy and personality rights - on the wrong track, but in the right direction?, Dan Svantesson

Introduction: Mapping the contours of East Asian commercial law for the Asian century, Roman Tomasic and Leon Wolff

Ignoring the civil law/common law divide in an integrated world, William van Caenegem

Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property Breach of Confidence, Misappropriation and Unfair Competition, William van Caenegem


Pride and profit: Geographical indications as regional development tools in Australia, William van Caenegem, Jen Cleary, and Peter Drahos

Regulatory and legislative protections for consumers in complementary medicine: Lessons from Australian policy and legal developments, Jon Wardle, Michael Weir, Brenda Marshall, and Eloise Archer

Is it a not-for-profit organisation or a for-profit organisation? The case for a CIC structure in Australia, Kim Weinert

Legal duties as part of the governance framework for incorporated associations: A comparative analysis, Kim Weinert

Japanese law goes pop, Leon Wolff

Let's talk about Lex: Narrative analysis as both research method and teaching tecnique in law, Leon Wolff

Narrating the Law: Possibilities, Pitfalls and Prospect, Leon Wolff

Welcome to law/lore school, Leon Wolff

The first-year experience in law school, Leon Wolff and Maria Nicolae

Continuing the internationalisation debate: Philosophies of legal education, issues in curriculum design and lessons from skills integration, Bobette Wolski

Enforcing mediated settlement agreements: Critical questions and directions for future research, Bobette Wolski

Re-assessment of QCAT'S hybrid hearing and arb-med-arb under s 27D of the Commercial Arbitration Act, Bobette Wolski

Documents from 2013

The governance and regulation of sovereign wealth funds and foreign exchange reserves in a post-GFC world, Mohamed Ariff and John H. Farrar

Timeline of crisis and introduction, Mohamed Ariff and John H. Farrar

Restraints of trade: The legal practice, Christopher Arup, Chris Dent, John Howe, and William van Caenegem