Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the Law Faculty.


Documents from 2010


Matching disputes and responses: How to diagnose causes of conflict, and to respond with appropriate interventions and/or referrals, John Wade


Preparing for mediation and negotiation in succession disputes, John Wade


The procedural evolution of conflict towards litigation and implications for legal publishers, John Wade


What do clients of mediators "want"?, John Wade

Easements for storage and parking: Time for a rethink?, Michael Weir

Lifelong employment, labour law and the lost decade: The end of a job for life in Japan?, Leon Wolff

Translators' preface: The legal sociology of Takao Tanase, Leon Wolff and Luke Nottage

Documents from 2009


Themes and prospects for intellectual property law reform, Christopher Arup and William van Caenegem


Corporate class actions - A primer, Victoria Baumfield

The constitutional framework for water resources management, Gerard Carney and Alex Gardner

Hanks' Australian constitutional law - Materials and commentary, Jennifer Clarke, Patrick Keyzer, and James Stellios

Convicting the innocent: A critique of theories of wrongful convictions, Eric Colvin

In general, should excuses be broadly or narrowly construed? - Abusive relationships and violent responses: The reorientation of self-defense in Australia, Eric Colvin

Garden leave, the right to work and restraints on trade, Amanda Coulthard

Pattern recognition and forensic identification: The presumption of scientific accuracy and other falsehoods, Ian R. Coyle, Peter Wenderoth, and David Field

Out of the mouths of babes: The case for an increased use of expert evidence in rebuttal of sexual abuse allegations by child witnesses., Ian R. Coyle, Paul Wilson, David Field, Catherine Cuthbert, and Glen Miller

Quantum Meruit for services rendered in a three-party context: (Implied) contract, restitution, or unjust enrichment?, Joachim Dietrich


Reasoning by analogy in the law, John H. Farrar

Reasoning by analogy in the law, John H. Farrar


The development of an appropriate regulatory response to the global financial crisis, John H. Farrar, Louise Parsons, and Pieter Joubert

Legal analysis and problem-solving, David Field

Legal writing, David Field

Trust me - I'm an expert: Forensic evidence and witness immunity, David Field, Ian R. Coyle, Graham A. Starmer, Glen Miller, and Paul Wilson

Difficulties with e-signatures: How shall we know them?, Jay Forder


Drugs in sport: A study of the origins, rights and outcomes, Annette Greenhow

The emerging legal concept of investment, Mary Hiscock


Comparative law as an instrument in transnational law: The example of petroleum regulation, Tina Hunter


It's time: Petroleum policy change for sustainable development in the Australian offshore upstream petroleum sector, Tina Hunter

Judicial decision making in the high court in original jurisdiction: The ebb and flow of legal reasoning in Australian perspective, Tina Hunter


Chapter II Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 (Qld): The answer to our prayers or the devil in disguise?, Tammy Johnson

Attorney-General (Qld) v Lawrence [2008] QSC 230: The Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act - Are "the best available rehabilitative resources" available?, Patrick Keyzer

The 'preventive detention' of serious sex offenders: Further consideration of the international human rights dimensions, Patrick Keyzer

Reintegrating sex offenders into the community: Queensland's proposed reforms, Patrick Keyzer and Ian R. Coyle


The checks and balances of good corporate governance, John P.G. Lessing

A new determination of an interest in a superannuation fund, Damien Lockie

Commercial law in Australia, Vai Io Lo

Law for foreign business and investment in China, Vai Io Lo and Xiaowen Tian

Congruence and divergence in transfer pricing in Australia and Japan: Intangibles and advance pricing agreements, Michelle Markham

Harmonising judicial approaches to determining the enforceability of foreign annulled awards, Winnie J. Ma

Parallel proceedings and international commercial arbitration: The International Law Association's recommendations for arbitrators, Winnie J. Ma

Recommendations on public policy in the enforcement of arbitral awards, Winnie J. Ma

Sex offenders and preventive detention: Politics, policy and practice, Bernadette McSherry and Patrick Keyzer

'All for one and one for all': A survey of franchise trade associations' roles in the governance of the franchise relationship, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer

Consequences of the interaction of standard form and relational contracting in franchising, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer


A comparison of the law of evidence, Lee Stuesser


A reflection on the Bond model of teaching, Lee Stuesser

Svantesson on the law of obligations, Dan Svantesson


Cross-border telemedicine: New area, same legal challenges?, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

International ranking of law journals: Can it be done and at what cost?, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

The choice of courts convention: How will it work in relation to the Internet and e-commerce?, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

The right of reputation in the Internet era., Dan Jerker B. Svantesson


Entering an era of research ranking: Will innovation and diversity survive?, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson and Paul White

Intellectual and industrial property law, William Van Caenegem


Pervasive incentives, disparate innovation and intellectual property, William Van Caenegem

Defining success in negotiation and other dispute resolution training, John Wade


Negotiating with difficult people, John Wade


The committee to make the students learn, John Wade

The Westfield case: A change for the better?, Michael Weir

Advocacy, Bobette Wolski

Beyond mooting: Designing an advocacy, ethics and values matrix for the Law School curriculum, Bobette Wolski

Client interviewing, Bobette Wolski

Dispute resolution, Bobette Wolski

Ethics, values and professional responsibilities, Bobette Wolski

Mediation and collaborative law, Bobette Wolski

Negotiation, Bobette Wolski


Reform of the civil justice system two decades past - Implications for the legal profession and for law teachers, Bobette Wolski

The role of skills, ethics and values in legal practice, Bobette Wolski

Documents from 2008

The law of globalisation, Laurence Boulle

Mediation: Skills and techniques, Laurence Boulle, Michael T. Colatrella Jr., and Anthony P. Picchioni

Challenges to multilateral trade: The impact of bilateral, preferential and regional agreements, Ross Buckley, Vai Io Lo, and Laurence Boulle


The student as apprentice: Bridging the gap between education, skills and practice, Joel Butler and Rachel Mansted

Abolition and restoration of a Legislative Council: Queensland and the other states, Gerard Carney

The blindness of the eye-witness, Ian R. Coyle, David Field, and Glen Miller

The (almost) redundant civil accessorial liability provisions of the Trade Practices Act, Joachim Dietrich

Corporate governance: Theories, principles and practice, John H. Farrar

The codification of commercial law, John H. Farrar

The corporate governance of SMEs and unlisted companies, John H. Farrar

Internet and e-commerce law, Jay Forder and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

Life-long learning for reforming law, refining lawyers, refreshing education, Terry Gygar and Kay Lauchland

Petroleum regulation for economic and sustainable development: A comparison of Australia and Norway, Tina Hunter

Oil and politics apparently do mix: The role of multinational resource corporations in national sovereignty, Tina Hunter and Thomas Storey


Achieving the purpose of IPA- A case of hit and miss, Tammy Johnson


Preserving due process or warehousing the undesirables: To what end the separation of judicial power of the Commonwealth?, Patrick Keyzer


Balance of power, certainty and discretion in the franchise relationship: An analysis of contractual terms, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer

Conditions for effective disclosure in the regulation of franchising, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer


Effective disclosure in the regulation of franchising, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer

Reconceiving the regulation of the franchise sector, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer

Using the statements of co-accused, Lee Stuesser


Codifying Australia's contract law: Time for a stocktake in the common law factory, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

From the airport to the surgery to the courtroom: Private international law and medical tourism, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson


How does the accuracy of geo-location technologies affect the law?, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson


The times they are a-changin' (every six months)-- The challenges of regulating developing technologies, Dan Jerker Borje Svantesson

Mandatory sentences in South Africa: Lessons for Australia?, Stephan Terblanche and Geraldine Mackenzie


Defining “success” in negotiation and other dispute resolution training, John Wade


Judicial decision-making in Australia – critique and redemption., John Wade


Persuasion in negotiation and mediation, John Wade

Intervention methods and processes, Michael Weir

Documents from 2007

Interception and offshore processing of asylum seekers, Sam Blay, Jennifer Burn, and Patrick Keyzer

Offshore Processing of Asylum Seekers: The Search for Legitimate Parameters, Sam Blay, Jennifer Burn, and Patrick Keyzer


Constitutional framework for regulation of the Australian uranium industry, Gerard Carney