Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the Law Faculty.


Documents from 2011

Face off: Assessing WTO challenges to Australia's scheme for plain tobacco packaging, Tania Voon and Andrew D. Mitchell

Time to Quit? Assessing international investment claims against plain tobacco packaging in Australia, Tania Voon and Andrew D. Mitchell


Teaching and learning workshop for coaches at mediation courses, John Wade

An ethical protocol for complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in an orthodox medicine regime, Michael Weir

Goods and consumer issues, Michael Weir

Restricted acts and protected titles, Michael Weir

Wither covenants in Queensland in the name of sustainability?, Michael Weir


Learning through writing: Reconceptualising the research supervision process, Leon Wolff


Learning through writing: Reconceptualizing the research supervision process, Leon Wolff

Legal translation, Leon Wolff


Review of the book Imposing peace and prosperity: Australia, social justice and labour reform in occupied Japan by C. De Matos, Leon Wolff

ADR Ethics: Regulating disclosure in mediation, Bobette Wolski

Reform of the civil justice system 25 years past: (In)adequate responses from law schools and professional associations? (And how best to change the behaviour of lawyers), Bobette Wolski

Documents from 2010


Doctrinal reform and post-contractual modifications in New Brunswick: Nav Canada v. Greater Fredricton Airport Authority Inc., Rick Bigwood

Fine-tuning affirmation of a contract by election: Part 1, Rick Bigwood

Fine-tuning affirmation of a contract by election: Part 2, Rick Bigwood

Internationalisation of decision-making - Arbitration, Lawrence Boo

International arbitration and competing dispute resolution options, Laurence Boulle

Mediator skills and techniques: Triangle of influence, Laurence Boulle and Miryana Nesic

Another judicial skirmish with parliamentary privilege: Trafigura's super injunction against the Guardian newspaper, Gerard Carney

Constitutional milestones from 1867 to 2009, Gerard Carney

Who is that masked person: The use of face masks on Mexico City public transportation during the Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak, Bradly John Condon and Tapen Sinha


An inconvenient truth: Legal implications of errors in breath alcohol analysis arising from statistical uncertainty, Ian R. Coyle, David Field, and Graham A. Starmer

Accessorial liability in the law of torts, Joachim Dietrich

Teaching torts in the age of statutes and globalisation, Joachim Dietrich


The liability of accessories under statute, in equity, and in criminal law: Some common problems and (perhaps) common solutions, Joachim Dietrich

Legal reasoning, John H. Farrar

Living with the Waikato Foundation Principles, 20 years on, John H. Farrar


The global financial crisis and the governance of financial institutions, John H. Farrar


Keeping incest in the family, David Field

A comment on costs in constitutional cases, Iain Field


The inadequate legislative response to e-signatures, Jay Forder

The scorecard on contract formation and enforceability issues in web transactions, Jay Forder

Indefinite detention of sex offenders and human rights: The intervention of the human rights committee of the United Nations, Ian Freckleton and Patrick Keyzer

The internationalisation of law: Introductory and personal thoughts for the Symposium, Mary Hiscock


Epilogue, Mary E. Hiscock and William van Caenegem

Conflict of laws, Mary Hiscock and Winnie J. Ma


An overview and analysis of the National Unfair Contract Terms Provisions, Loren Holly and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

Legal regimes that encourage improved oil recovery: The Norwegian experience, Tina Hunter


Legal regulatory framework for the sustainable extraction of Australian offshore petroleum resources: A critical functional analysis, Tina Hunter

The Montara oil spill and the marine oil spill contingency plan: Disaster response or just a disaster?, Tina Hunter


The offshore petroleum regulatory frameworks of Australia and Norway, Tina Hunter

Uniform Torrens Title legislation: Is there a will and a way?, Tina Hunter


Extraterritoriality and the sexual conduct of Australians overseas, Danielle Ireland-Piper

Extraterritoriality - The new frontier, Danielle Ireland-Piper


Queensland’s proposed surrogacy legislation: An opportunity for national reform, Tammy Johnson

A battle and a gamble: The spectre of an adverse costs order in constitutional litigation, Patrick Keyzer

Open constitutional courts, Patrick Keyzer

Principles of Australian constitutional law, Patrick Keyzer

Standing to raise constitutional issues reconsidered, considered, Patrick Keyzer

The United Nations Human Rights Committee's views about the legitimate parameters of the preventive detention of serious sex offenders, Patrick Keyzer

The internationalisation of legal education: A road increasingly travelled, Vai Io Lo

Regulating nanotechnology in South Africa, Michael Lupton

Real property law in Queensland, Carmel MacDonald, Les McCrimmon, Anne Wallace, and Michael Weir

Principles of Sentencing, Geraldine Mackenzie, Nigel Stobbs, and Jodie O'Leary


Criminalisation of cartel conduct: Compelling compliance with anti-collusion laws, Brenda Marshall


The inherent jurisdiction of WTO tribunals: The select application of public international law required by the judicial function, Andrew D. Mitchell and David Heaton

The business case for talent management in law firms - Are people really our greatest asset?, Terri Mottershead

The path to the "new normal", Terri Mottershead

Non-custodial and substitutional sentencing options, Jodie O'Leary

Directors' powers and duties in Vietnam, Jeremy S. Pearce

A global survey of relationship laws for franchising, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer

The Regulation of Franchising in the New Global Economy, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer

Trial practice for law students, Lee Stuesser


A best practice model for e-consumer protection, Dan Svantesson and Roger Clarke


Privacy and consumer risks in cloud computing, Dan Svantesson and Roger Clarke

Australia, Dan J. B. Svantesson


Privacy, the Internet and transborder data flows - An Australian perspective, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson


'Sexting' and the law - How Australia regulates electronic communication of non-professional sexual content, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

Intellectual property law in Australia, William Van Caenegem


VUT v Wilson, UWA v Gray and university intellectual property policies, William van Caenegem

Eliminating trade remedies from the WTO: Lessons from regional trade agreements, Tania Voon

Open for business? China's telecommunications service market and the WTO, Tania Voon and Andrew Mitchell


Matching disputes and responses: How to diagnose causes of conflict, and to respond with appropriate interventions and/or referrals, John Wade


Preparing for mediation and negotiation in succession disputes, John Wade


The procedural evolution of conflict towards litigation and implications for legal publishers, John Wade


What do clients of mediators "want"?, John Wade

Easements for storage and parking: Time for a rethink?, Michael Weir

Lifelong employment, labour law and the lost decade: The end of a job for life in Japan?, Leon Wolff

Translators' preface: The legal sociology of Takao Tanase, Leon Wolff and Luke Nottage

Documents from 2009


Themes and prospects for intellectual property law reform, Christopher Arup and William van Caenegem


Corporate class actions - A primer, Victoria Baumfield

The constitutional framework for water resources management, Gerard Carney and Alex Gardner

Hanks' Australian constitutional law - Materials and commentary, Jennifer Clarke, Patrick Keyzer, and James Stellios

Convicting the innocent: A critique of theories of wrongful convictions, Eric Colvin

In general, should excuses be broadly or narrowly construed? - Abusive relationships and violent responses: The reorientation of self-defense in Australia, Eric Colvin

Garden leave, the right to work and restraints on trade, Amanda Coulthard

Pattern recognition and forensic identification: The presumption of scientific accuracy and other falsehoods, Ian R. Coyle, Peter Wenderoth, and David Field

Out of the mouths of babes: The case for an increased use of expert evidence in rebuttal of sexual abuse allegations by child witnesses., Ian R. Coyle, Paul Wilson, David Field, Catherine Cuthbert, and Glen Miller

Quantum Meruit for services rendered in a three-party context: (Implied) contract, restitution, or unjust enrichment?, Joachim Dietrich


Reasoning by analogy in the law, John H. Farrar

Reasoning by analogy in the law, John H. Farrar


The development of an appropriate regulatory response to the global financial crisis, John H. Farrar, Louise Parsons, and Pieter Joubert

Legal analysis and problem-solving, David Field

Legal writing, David Field

Trust me - I'm an expert: Forensic evidence and witness immunity, David Field, Ian R. Coyle, Graham A. Starmer, Glen Miller, and Paul Wilson

Difficulties with e-signatures: How shall we know them?, Jay Forder


Drugs in sport: A study of the origins, rights and outcomes, Annette Greenhow

The emerging legal concept of investment, Mary Hiscock


Comparative law as an instrument in transnational law: The example of petroleum regulation, Tina Hunter