Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the Law Faculty.


Documents from 2016

Corporate social responsibility: The good corporation, Jim Corkery, Maiken Mikalsen, and Katie Allan


Models of franchising for social enterprise, Elizabeth Crawford-Spencer and Francina Cantatore


Submission to the Senate Inquiry- "Inquiry into the phenomenon collequially referred to as 'revenge porn', which involves sharing private sexual images and recordings of a person without their consent, with the intention to cause that person harm." - Submission 31, Terry Goldsworthy and Matthew Raj

The development and application of an observational audit tool for use in Australian fitness facilities, Shannon E. Gray, Betul Sekendiz, Kevin Norton, Joachim Dietrich, Patrick Keyzer, Ian R. Coyle, and Caroline Finch

Dealing with resistance to change by legal academics, Nick James

Seeking new directions in dispute resolution mechanisms: Do we need a revised mutual agreement procedure?, Michelle Markham

CookieConsumer: Tracking online behavioural advertising in Australia, Kate Mathews Hunt

Breaking the cycle of discrimination? Traveller/Roma housing exclusion and the European Convention on Human Rights, Darren O'Donovan

Safety alert for treadmills in health & fitness facilities in Australia: Results from a pilot study of an observational audit tool, Betul Sekendiz, Shannon E. Gray, Kevin Norton, Patrick Keyzer, Joachim Dietrich, JoAnn M. Eickhoff-Shemek, and Caroline Finch

Cross border data transfers after the CJEU’s safe harbour decision: A tale of Gordian knots, Dan Svantesson


International law and order in cyberspace—cloud computing and the need to revisit the foundations of “jurisdiction”, Dan Svantesson

Private international law and the internet (3rd ed.), Dan Svantesson

The Hague conference’s “Judgments Project” 2.0—how will it work in relation to e-commerce?, Dan Svantesson

Internet jurisdiction: Today and in the future., Dan J B Svantesson

LexisNexis questions and answers - Civil procedure, Hugh Zillmann and Andrew Hemming

Documents from 2015

Popular participation in labour law: the new labour dispute resolution tribunal, Takashi Araki and Leon Wolff

Intellectual Property Rights and the PPSA: Challenges for interest holders, creditors and practitioners, Francina Cantatore

Joint initiatives: Using a pro bono teaching clinic to prepare law students for legal practice and promote community service, Francina Cantatore


The Australian Consumer Law in the digital sphere, Francina Cantatore

Intellectual property rights management in small and medium-sized social enterprises in Australia, Francina Cantatore and Elizabeth Crawford-Spencer

Strategies for intellectual property protection in the third sector, Francina Cantatore and Elizabeth Crawford-Spencer

Intellectual Property Rights management in small and medium size social enterprise in Australia, Francina Cantatore and Elizabeth Crawford Spencer

Romancing the PPSA: Challenges for instructors in teaching and reconciling new concepts with traditional norms, Francina Cantatore and Ian Stevens

Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia: Cases and Commentary, Eric Colvin, John McKechnie, and Jodie O'Leary

Covell & Lupton Principles of Remedies, Wayne Covell, Keith Lupton, and Jay Forder

Political considerations in prosecutorial discretion at the international criminal court, Cale Davis

Accessories in private law, Joachim Dietrich and Pauline Ridge

Law and public administration in Ireland, Fiona Donson and Darren O'Donovan

Hard choices: Defining Australia's national interest in an Asian century, John H. Farrar

National interest in an increasingly globalised world, John H. Farrar, Mary Hiscock, and Vai Io Lo

Western Australian Evidence Law, David Field and Kate Offer

Offshore petroleum resource access and regulation in Canada, Kylie Fletcher

The first-semester student: The legal-problem-solving apprentice, Kylie Fletcher


An epic mess: ‘Exhaustible natural resources’ and the future of export restraints after the china -rare earths decision, Umair H. Ghori

Defining Australian national interests in regulating foreign investments, Umair H. Ghori


We must ensure that domestic violence awareness yields results, Terry Goldsworthy and Matthew Raj


Revenge porn is just one part of a changing picture of harassment, Terry Goldsworthy, Matthew Raj, and Joseph Crowley

The role of equipment, the physical environment and training practices in customer safety within fitness facilities: The perspectives of fitness industry employees, Shannon E. Gray, Patrick Keyzer, Kevin Norton, Joachim Dietrich, Betul Sekendiz, Ian Coyle, and Caroline F. Finch

Shepparton preserving company: The tomato processing industry and the national interest, Mary Hiscock

Conclusion, Mary Hiscock and William van Caenegem

Responsible international citizenry in the Asian century: Why failure to meet international obligations adversely affects Australian national interests, Danielle Ireland-Piper

Through the looking glass: A proposal for national reform of Australia’s surrogacy legislation, Tammy Johnson

The ethics of the VeriChip human implant, Michael Lupton

Advance pricing agreements in the United States: In a state of flux?, Michelle Markham

A rose by any other name…? The OECD’S proposed revised definition of intangibles, Michelle Markham

Mandatory binding arbitration—is this a pathway to a more efficient map?, Michelle Markham

CloudConsumer: contracts, codes & the law, Kate Mathews Hunt

Gaming the system: Fake online reviews v. consumer law, Kate Mathews Hunt

'The way of the world', international economic law and national constitutions: Irish constitutional sovereignty and the Eurozone crisis, Darren O'Donovan

'Visions of a distant millennium'? The effectiveness of the UN Human Rights Petition System, Darren O'Donovan and Patrick Keyzer

Timor-Leste (East Timor), Jodie O'Leary and Lucy Hopkinson

Ong on rescission, Denis Ong

Fitness to plead in Queensland's youth justice system: The need for pragmatic reform, Suzanne O'Toole, Jodie O'Leary, and Bruce Watt

Regulating Australia's financial stability in the national interest, Louise Parsons


The silent enemy: Current practices for healthcare professionals in the identification and reporting of psychological harm in cases of domestic violence., Matthew Raj and Ellie Mckay

Applying findings from neuroscience to inform and enhance mediator skills, Craig Smith

Cybercrime in Canadian criminal law, Sara Smyth


A jurisprudential justification for extraterritoriality in (private) international law, Dan Svantesson


A new jurisprudential framework for jurisdiction: Beyond the Harvard Draft, Dan Svantesson


Editorial: The diversity of international ICT law, Dan Svantesson

Extraterritoriality and targeting in EU data privacy law: The weak spot undermining the regulation, Dan Svantesson


Limitless borderless forgetfulness? Limiting the geographical reach of the ‘right to be forgotten', Dan Svantesson


The Google Spain case: Part of a harmful trend of jurisdictional overreach, Dan Svantesson

Access to extraterritorial evidence: The Microsoft cloud case and beyond, Dan Svantesson and Felicity Q. C. Gerry

The holy trinity of legal fictions undermining the application of law to the global internet, Dan J B Svantesson

The (uncertain) future of online data privacy, Dan J. B. Svantesson

FDI technology spillovers in China: Implications for developing countries, Xiaowen Tian, Vai Io Lo, and Moxi Song

Geographical indications and indigenous intellectual property, William van Caenegem

Creativity in fashion: the complex effects of IP, William van Caenegem and Violet Atkinson


Provenance of Australian food products: is there a place for Geographical Indications?, William van Caenegem, Peter Drahos, and Jen Cleary


Collective bargaining in the agricultural sector, William van Caenegem, Madeline Taylor, Jen Cleary, and Brenda Marshall


Negotiating about power sharing and how to make decisions in the future, John Wade


Negotiation lessons from the Book (not the film) of Exodus, John Wade


Pushing the envelope of proprietary interests: The nadir of the numerus clausus principle, Michael Weir

When Japanese law goes pop, Leon Wolff

Introduction: who rules Japan?, Leon Wolff, Luke Nottage, and Kent Anderson

On mediation, legal representatives and advocates, Bobette Wolski

Documents from 2014

Public Sentinels: A Comparative Study of Australian Solicitors-General, Gabrielle Appleby, Patrick Keyzer, and John M. Williams


Regulation of complementary and alternative medicine: interplay of therapeutic goods legislation consumer law, Eloise Archer, Brenda Marshall, Michael Weir, and Jon Wardle

The knowledge element for accessories to strict liability and limited cognition offences: Revisiting Tabe v The Queen, Malcolm Barrett and Joachim Dietrich

Injunctions and damages under s1324 of the Corporations Act: Will McCracken v Phoenix Constructions revive the narrow approach?, Victoria Baumfield

Model no more: Querulent behaviour, vexatious litigants and the Vexatious Proceedings Act 2005 (QLD), Narelle Bedford and Monica Taylor

The partial codification of contract law: Lessons from New Zealand, Rick Bigwood

Advocacy before an international arbitral tribunal, Lawrence Boo

Isolationism, democratisation and globalisation: Legal education in a developing country, Laurence Boulle

Joining the BRICs: The case of South Africa, Laurence Boulle and Jessie Chella

Negotiating conduct and compensation agreements for coal seam gas operations: Developing the Queensland regulatory framework, Laurence Boulle, Tina Hunter, Michael Weir, and Katherine Curnow

Authors, copyright, and publishing in the digital era, Francina Cantatore

Responsible lending compliance: A “common sense” approach, Francina Cantatore

The migration of the book across territorial borders: Copyright implications for authors in the digital economy, Francina Cantatore

Yours, mine and ours: Managing intellectual property in third sector enterprise, Francina Cantatore


Businesses are people too? Anomalies in widening the ambits of "consumer" under consumer credit law, Francina Cantatore and Brenda Marshall

Romancing the PPSA: Challenges for instructors in teaching and reconciling new concepts with traditional norms, Francina Cantatore and Ian Stevens

Treaty structure and public interest regulation in international economic law, Bradly J. Condon

Humpty Dumpty and Risk assessment: A reply to Slobogin, Ian R. Coyle and Robert Halon

Opening up a can of worms: How do decision-makers decide when witnesses are telling the truth?, Ian R. Coyle and Donald Thomson

Authorisation as accessorial liability: The overlooked role of knowledge, Joachim Dietrich

Train the trainers: Maintaining standards to minimise injuries and avoiding legal liability in the fitness industry, Joachim Dietrich, Patrick Keyzer, Ian R. Coyle, Kevin Norton, Betul Sekendiz, Veronica Jones, and Caroline Finch

Critical junctures: regulatory failures, Ireland's administrative state and the Office of the Ombudsman, Fiona Donson and Darren O'Donovan

Doctrinal incoherence and complex variables in piercing the corporate veil cases, John H. Farrar