Aspirations & Inspirations is the monthly report produced by the Bond University Faculty of Law which covers the wide spectrum of activities and scholarly achievements by Faculty staff and students including:

  • The latest publications by academics;
  • Examples of the many ways in which work by Faculty academics is having an impact upon the legal profession;
  • Our legal system and the wider community;
  • The latest achievements by Faculty Higher Degree Research (HDR) students;
  • Faculty research centres and our research networks;
  • Upcoming research events and opportunities;
  • Vignettes of our most experienced and eminent scholars.

  • In the following pages you will read about the many books and journal articles produced by Bond University Law academics, the conference papers, seminars and roundtables at which our colleagues have had a notable presence, the grants being applied for, and the many important journals being published. The Centre for Commercial Law, the Transnational International and Comparative Law and Policy Network, and the Centre for Professional Legal Education are all actively engaged in a variety of scholarly activities and all are moving from strength to strength thanks to the magnificent efforts of the various Faculty directors, coordinators, managers, administrators and members.

    Of course, good teaching and good research are not mutually exclusive, and there are many synergies between those two important fields of activity. Good teaching is informed by good research: research into the area of knowledge being taught and research into teaching, learning and assessment practices. As with so many things, Bond Law performs at an unexpectedly impressive level when it comes to research and scholarship, and of that we should be proud.

    Professor Nick James
    Executive Dean
    Faculty of Law


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