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About IJBF

The idea for an international journal was mooted at the first meeting of the international scholars who met in Crete, Greece, at the 2001 conference of the International Society for Banking & Finance (ISBF). It was felt then that there was room for an internationally-focused banking and finance journal to meet the growing demand for publications of scholarly studies coming from across the world rather than from major centres. The International Journal of Banking and Finance (IJBF) was then founded in 2001 with its inaugural issue appearing in 2003.

The IJBF is part of the ISBF efforts to provide a publication forum for international scholars in banking and finance to disseminate their theoretical, empirical and applied research through anonymously blind peer review process. The founding editor, 2001-04, was Dilip Ghosh, Seton Hall University. M. Lakehal-Ayat of St Johns College, Rochester Institute of Technology, served during 2005-2009 as joint editor with M. Ariff of Monash University, Australia. The journal is edited in the locations of the current editors’ universities. The journal is financed by the University Utara Malaysia which also provides the hard copy print services and distribution of the issues to the subscribers.

The primary criteria during the review and selection process of the submitted papers are sound theoretical basis, valid empirical application and analysis, and contribution to the fields of banking and finance. The primary criteria in the final selection of the papers once the review process is complete are quality, originality, and relevance to the international banking and finance fields.

ISSN 1675-7227

Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2 (2013)

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Credit risk of Islamic banks in GCC countries
Hamid A.H. Al-Wesabi and Nor Hayati Ahmad