Scholarly papers and presentations by staff in the Health Sciences and Medicine Faculty


Documents from 2012

Longitudinal studies of cardiac troponin I in a large cohort of healthy children, Gus Koerbin, Julia M. Potter, Walter P. Abhayaratna, Richard D. Telford, Tony Badrick, Fred S. Apple, Allan S. Jaffe, and Peter E. Hickman

Comparison of a novel direct measure of rapid pain intensity change to traditional serial 100 mm VAS measurement of pain intensity, Mark Laslett, Peter J. McNair, Angela Cadogan, and Wayne F. Hing


Systematic review did not consider problem of treatment effects, Su May Liew, Jenny Doust, and Paul Glasziou


Should identical CVD risks in young and old patients be managed identically? Results from two models, Su May Liew, Rod Jackson, David Mant, and Paul P. Glasziou

Proposals for the mitigation of the environmental impact of clinical laboratories, Joseph B. Lopez and Tony Badrick

The hormonal response of older men to sub-maximum aerobic exercise: the effect of training and detraining, Dale I. Lovell, Ross Cuneo, Jennifer Wallace, and Chris McLellan

The aerobic performance of trained and untrained handcyclists with spinal cord injury, Dale I. Lovell, Darron Shields, Belinda R. Beck, Ross Cuneo, and Chris McLellan


Maxillofacial trauma, Anthony Lynham, Joel Tuckett, and Patrick H. Warnke


The effect of tele-monitoring on exercise training adherence, functional capacity, quality of life and glycemic control in patients with type II diabetes, Tracey Marios, Sara Dalton, and Neil A. Smart

Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy, Catherine M. McDermott and et al.

Effects of pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence factor pyocyanin on human urothelial cell function and viability, Catherine M. McDermott, Russ Chess-Williams, Gary D. Grant, Anthony V. Perkins, Amelia J. McFarland, Andrew K. Davey, and Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukie


On becoming and being an international medical educator, Michelle McLean

Neuromuscular responses to impact and collision during elite rugby league match play, Chris McLellan and Dale I. Lovell


Metabolic fitness as a predictor of injury risk in conditioned military trainees undertaking an arduous field training exercise, N. Meigh, Michael Steele, and Rob Orr


Meta-analyses of lightweight versus conventional (heavy weight) mesh in inguinal hernia surgery, Muhammed Ashraf Memon, Shahjahan Khan, and Emma Osland

Non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic, non-purinergic contractions of the urothelium/lamina propria of the pig bladder, Christian Moro and Russ Chess-Williams

Contractile activity of the bladder urothelium/lamina propria and its regulation by nitric oxide, Christian Moro, Charlotte Leeds, and Russ Chess-Williams

Adrenoceptor function and expression in bladder urothelium and lamina propria, Christian Moro, Lotti Tajouri, and Russ Chess-Williams

Low HDL Cholesterol and the Risk of Diabetic Nephropathy and Retinopathy: Results of the ADVANCE study, Jamie Morton, Sophia Zoungas, Qiang Li, Anushka Patel, John Chalmers, Mark Woodward, David Celermajer, Joline Beulens, Ronald Stolk, P. Glasziou, and Martin Ng


Has novelty in healthcare gone a little stale?, Ray Moynihan


Job insecurity contributes to poor health, Ray Moynihan


Reasons to be hopeful: Streams of renewal in healthcare, Ray Moynihan


The dos and don’ts of collaborating with industry, Ray Moynihan


Too much medicine, not enough mirth, Ray Moynihan


Preventing overdiagnosis: How to stop harming the healthy, Ray Moynihan, Jenny Doust, and David Henry


Does Bradford's Law of Scattering predict the size of the literature in Cochrane Reviews?, Charlotte E. Nash-Stewart, Lisa M. Kruesi, and Chris Del Mar


Load carriage: Impacts and conditioning, Rob Orr


The Australian Army load carriage context: A challenge for defence capability, Rob Orr

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder management: A role for physiotherapists and physical training instructors, Robin M. Orr and Neanne Bennett


The operational load carriage context of the Australian army soldier, Rob Orr, R. Pope, V. Johnston, and J. Coyle


Soldier load carriage: An investigation into the load carriage conditioning practices of the Australian Regular Army, Rob Orr, Rodney Pope, Venerina Johnston, and Julia Coyle

Load carriage: Reductions in soldier task performance and the risks posed, R. Orr, R. Pope, V. Johnston, and J. Coyle


The Green Prescription and older adults: What do general practitioners see as barriers?, Asmita Patel, Gregory S. Kolt, Justin Keogh, and Grant M. Schofield

Opposing effects of age and calorie restriction on molecular determinants of myocardial ischemic tolerance, Jason N. Peart, Louise S. See Hoe, Salvatore Pepe, Peter J. Johnson, and John Patrick Headrick

Six-week postnatal depression predicts parenting stress profiles in mothers of preterm children, Margo A. Pritchard, Paul B. Colditz, David Cartwright, Peter H. Gray, David Tudehope, and Elaine Beller


Bilateral supernumerary sternocleidomastoid heads with critical narrowing of the minor and major supraclavicular fossae: Clinical and surgical implications, Athanasios Raikos, George K. Paraskevas, Stefanos Triaridis, Panagiota Kordali, George Psillas, and Beate Brand-Saberi

Comparing measures of fat-free mass in overweight older adults using three different bioelectrical impedance devices and three prediction equations, Rebecca Ramsay, Elizabeth Isenring, and L Daniels

Outcomes and challenges of implementing an ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System in a clinical laboratory, Elizabeth Reid, Sue Kehrer, and Tony Badrick

Development and initial validation of a simple clinical decision tool to predict the presence of heart failure in primary care: The MICE (male, infarction, crepitations, edema) rule, Andrea K. Roalfe, Jonathon Mant, Jenny Doust, Pelham Barton, Martn R. Cowie, P. Glasziou, David Mant, Richard J. McManus, Roger Holder, Jonathon J. Deeks, Robert N. Doughty, Arno W. Hoes, Kate Fletcher, and F.D.Richard Hobbs

Guiding principles for printed education materials: Design preferences of people with aphasia, Tanya A. Rose, Linda E. Worrall, Louise M. Hickson, and Tammy Hoffmann

Muscarinic agonists and antagonists: Effects on the urinary bladder, Donna J. Sellers and Russ Chess-Williams

Resistance training can improve fine manual dexterity in essential tremor patients: A preliminary study, Graeme Sequeira, Justin W. Keogh, and Justin J. Kavanagh

Modifiable lifestyle and environmental risk factors affecting the retinal microcirculation, Kevin Serre and Muhammad Bayu Sasongko

Preliminary findings in the heart rate variability and haemorheology response to varied frequency and duration of walking in women 65–74 yr with type 2 diabetes, Michael J. Simmonds, Clare L. Minahan, Kevin Serre, Gregory Gass, Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik, Luke J. Haseler, and Surendran Sabapathy


Low-fat diets for acquired hypercholesterolaemia, Neil A. Smart, Belinda Marshall, Maxine Daley, Elie Boulos, Janelle Windus, Nadine Baker, and Nigel Kwok

Individual patient meta-analysis of exercise training effects on systemic brain natriuretic peptide expression in heart failure, Neil A. Smart, T Meyer, J A. Butterfield, S C. Faddy, C Passino, G Malfatto, Svandis Jonsdottir, F Sarullo, U Wisloff, C Vigorito, and F Giallauria


A is for Aphorism - If 'a physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient' - are we all fools?, Jane W. Smith

What imaging for ankle sprains? Evidence based medicine in practice, Jane W. Smith and Paul P. Glasziou


A biomechanical comparison of the traditional squat, powerlifting squat, and box squat, Paul A. Swinton, Ray Lloyd, Justin W. L. Keogh, Ioannis Agouris, and Arthur D. Stewart

Effect of load positioning on the kinematics and kinetics of weighted vertical jumps, Paul A. Swinton, Arthur D. Stewart, Ray Lloyd, Ioannis Agouris, and Justin W. L. Keogh

Blood pressure re-screening for healthy adults: What is the best measure and interval?, Osamu Takahashi, Paul Glasziou, Rafael Perera, Takuro Shimbo, and Tsuguya Fukui

Morphological evidence of an altered process of synaptic transcytosis in adult rats exposed to ethanol, Yoshiki Takeuchi, Takanori Miki, Jun-Qian Liu, Ken-Ichi Ohta, Katsuhiko Warita, Yoshiki Matsumoto, Shingo Suzuki, Motoki Tamai, Kiyoshi Ameno, Kuldip Singh Bedi, and Tomiko Yakura


Prognostic value of semi-quantitative bacteruria counts in the diagnosis of group B streptococcus urinary tract infection: a 4-year retrospective study in adult patients, Chee K. Tan, Kimberly B. Ulett, Michael Steele, William H. Benjamin, and Glenn C. Ulett

Hypoxia-mediated prior induction of monocyte-expressed HSP72 and HSP32 provides protection to the disturbances to redox balance associated with human sub-maximal aerobic exercise, Lee Taylor, Angela R. Hillman, Adrian W. Midgley, Daniel J. Peart, Bryna Chrismas, and Lars McNaughton

The effect of the hyperbaric environment on heat shock protein 72 expression in vivo, Lee Taylor, Adrian W. Midgley, Marie E. Sandstrom, Bryna Chrismas, and Lars McNaughton

Parent–child interaction therapy: an evidence-based treatment for child maltreatment, Rae Thomas and Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck

Effects of fenofibrate on cardiovascular events in patients with diabetes, with and without prior cardiovascular disease: The Fenofibrate Intervention and Event Lowering in Diabetes (FIELD) study, Andrew Tonkin, David Hunt, Merryn Voysey, Antero Kesäniemi, Andrew Hamer, Jonathon Waites, Leo Mahar, Stewart Mann, Paul P. Glasziou, Peter Forder, John Simes, and Anthony C. Keech


Use of non-invasive brain stimulation in stroke, Bulent Turman and Sultan Tarlaci

A DRD2 and ANKK1 haplotype is associated with nicotine dependence, Joanne Voisey, Christopher D. Swagell, Ian Paul Hughes, Angela van Daal, Ernest Pascal Noble, Bruce Robert Lawford, Ross McDonald Young, and Charles Phillip Morris


Development of a clinical multiple-lunge test to predict falls in older adults, Ruth Wagenaar, Justin W. Keogh, and Denise Taylor


Obesity prevalence for athletes participating in soccer at the World Masters Games, Joe Walsh, Michael Climstein, Stephen Burke, Jyrki Kettunen, Ian Timothy Heazlewood, Mark DeBeliso, and Kent Adams


Modelling touch football (touch rugby) as a Markov process, Joe Walsh, Ian Timothy Heazlewood, and MIke Climstein

Anatomy of the plantar fascia, Scott C. Wearing

Footprint-based estimates of arch structure are confounded by body composition in adults, Scott C. Wearing, Nicole L. Grigg, Hin C. Lau, and James E. Smeathers

Comparative analysis of the structural properties of the collateral ligaments of the human knee, William T. Wilson, Angela H. Deakin, Anthony P. Payne, Frederic Picard, and Scott C. Wearing


Interrelationships between strength, anthropometrics, and strongmen performance in novice strongman athletes, Paul W. Winwood, Justin W. L. Keogh, and Nigel K. Harris

The risk of cancer in people with diabetes and chronic kidney disease, Germaine Wong, Sophia Zoungas, Serigne Lo, John Chalmers, Alan Cass, Bruce Neal, Mark Woodward, Vlado Perkovic, Paul P. Glasziou, Bryan Williams, Kirsten Howard, Jeremy R. Chapman, and Jonathon C. Craig

Responding to unprofessional behaviours, Roger Worthington and Richard Hays

Validity of the malnutrition screening tool for older adults at high risk of hospital readmission, Min-Lin Wu, Mary Courtney, Lillie Shortridge-Baggett, Kathleen Finlayson, and Elizabeth Isenring

Objective assessment of surgical training in flexor tendon repair: The utility of a low-cost porcine model as demonstrated by a single-subject research design, Elisabeth Zetlitz, Scott C. Wearing, Alexander C. Nicol, and Andrew Mackay Hart

Documents from 2011

Point-of-care testing for Hb A1c in the management of diabetes: A systematic review and metaanalysis, Lubna A. Al-Ansary, Andrew J. Farmer, Jennifer Hirst, Nia Roberts, Paul Glasziou, Rafael Perera, and Christopher P. Price

A retrospective study of chest pain in benign asbestos pleural disease, Roger K.A. Allen, Tess Crammond, Deborah Lennon, and Mary Waterhouse

Non-healing leg ulcers in a patient with dystrophic calcification and crest syndrome: A challenging clinical case, Mahmoud Al-Najjar and Mark J. Jackson


A rural undergraduate campus in England: Virtue from opportunity and necessity, M. Bartlett, R. K. McKinley, J. Wynn-Jones, and Richard Hays

Choosing health technology assessment and systematic review topics: The development of priority-setting criteria for patients' and consumers' interests, Hilda Bastian, Fülöp Scheibler, Marco Knelangen, Beate Zschorlich, Mona Nasser, and Andreas Waltering

Morbidity after iliac crest bone graft harvesting over an anterior versus posterior approach, Stephan T. Becker, Patrick H. Warnke, Eleonore Behrens, and Jörg Wiltfang

Feasibility study of real-time three-/four-dimensional ultrasound for epidural catheter insertion, D. Belavy, M. J. Ruitenberg, and R. B. Brijball


Reporting of effect direction and size in abstracts of systematic reviews, Elaine Beller, Paul P. Glasziou, Sally Hopewell, and Douglas G. Altman


Monitoring adherence to drug treatment by using change in cholesterol concentration: Secondary analysis of trial data, Katy J. L. Bell, Adrienne Kirby, Andrew Hayen, Les Irwig, and Paul Glasziou

Increasing access to consumer health organisations among patients with chronic disease - A randomised trial of a print-based intervention, Frances M. Boyle, Allyson J. Mutch, Julie H. Dean, Marie-Louise Dick, and Chris Del Mar


Prediction and surveillance of influenza epidemics, Justin R. Boyle, Ross S. Sparks, Gerben B. Keijzers, Julia L. Crilly, James F. Lind, and Louise M. Ryan

The primordium of a biological joint replacement: Coupling of two stem cell pathways in biphasic ultrasound compressed gel niches, Mariea A. Brady, Sureshan Sivananthan, Vivek Mudera, Qin Liu, Joerg Wiltfang, and Patrick H. Warnke

Informed consent for facial transplantation, Katrina A. Bramstedt

Is there a potential immune dysfunction with anabolic androgenic steroid use?: A review, Ekua W. Brenu, Lars McNaughton, and Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik

Immunomodulators as therapeutic strategies for managing Multiple Sclerosis, Ekua W. Brenu, Lotti Tajouri, Donald R. Staines, and Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik


Vasoactive neuropeptides in autoimmune diseases, Ekua W. Brenu, Lotti Tajouri, Donald R. Staines, and Sonya M. Marshall-Gradisnik


Immunological abnormalities as potential biomarkers in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Ekua W. Brenu, Mieke van Driel, Don R. Staines, Kevin Ashton, Sandra B. Ramos, James Keane, Nancy G. Kilmas, and Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik

Minimally invasive oesophagectomy: Current status and future direction, Nick Butler, Stuart Collins, Breda Memon, and Muhammed Ashraf Memon


Buteyko breathing for asthma (protocol), Thomas G. Campbell, Tammy Hoffmann, and Paul P. Glasziou

Limited chemotherapy and shrinking field radiotherapy for osteolymphoma (primary bone lymphoma): Results from the trans-Tasman radiation oncology group 99.04 and Australasian leukaemia and lymphoma group LY02 prospective trial, David Christie, Keith Dear, Thai Le, Michael Barton, Andrew Wirth, David Porter, Daniel Roos, and Gary Pratt


Incidence of chronic disease and lipid profile in veteran rugby athletes, Mike Climstein, Joe Walsh, John Best, Ian Timothy Heazlewood, Stephen Burke, Jyrki Kettunen, Kent Adams, and Mark DeBeliso


Treatment for recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (thrush) (protocol), Georga Cooke, Cathy Watson, Jane W. Smith, Marie Pirotta, and Mieke van Driel

The impact of a temporary medical ward closure on emergency department and hospital service delivery outcomes, Julia Crilly, Gerben Keijzers, Dirken Krahn, Michael Steele, David Green, and Janeen Freeman


Linking ambulance, emergency department and hospital admissions data: Understanding the emergency journey, Julia L. Crilly, John A. O'Dwyer, Marilla A. O'Dwyer, James F. Lind, Julia A.L. Peters, Vivienne C. Tippett, Marianne C. Wallis, Nerolie F. Bost, and Gerben B. Keijzers

A-Z of nutritional supplements: dietary supplements, sports nutrition foods and ergogenic aids for health and performance-part 20, K. Currell, W. Derave, I. Everaert, Lars McNaughton, G. Slater, L.M. Burke, S.J. Stear, and L.M. Castell

Integrating patients’ views into health technology assessment: Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) as a method to elicit patient preferences, Marion Danner, J. Marjan Hummel, Fabian Volz, Jeannette G. van Manen, Beate Wiegard, Charalabos-Markos Dintsios, Hilda Bastian, Andreas Gerber, and Maarten J. Ijzerman


Delayed duodenal hematoma and pancreatitis from a seatbelt injury, Katherine DeAmbrosis, Manjunath S. Subramanya, Breda Memon, and Muhammed Ashraf Memon


New investments in primary care in Australia, Chris Del Mar


Problems and promises of innovation: Why healthcare needs to rethink its love/hate relationship with the new, Mary Dixon-Woods, Rene Amalberti, Steve Goodman, Bo Bergman, and Paul Glasziou


A is for aphorism - A woman is pregnant until proven otherwise, Jenny Doust