Scholarly papers and presentations by staff in the Health Sciences and Medicine Faculty


Documents from 2015


Training and support of sessional staff to improve quality of teaching and learning at universities, Gillian Knott, Linda Crane, Ian Heslop, and Beverley D. Glass


Left ventricular global longitudinal strain is associated with cardiovascular risk factors and arterial stiffness in chronic kidney disease, Rathika Krishnasamy, Carmel Hawley, Tony Stanton, Elaine Pascoe, Katrina Campbell, Megan Rossi, William Petchey, Ken-Soon Tan, Kassia S. Beetham, Jeff Coombes, Rodel Leano, Brian Haluska, and Nicole Isbel

Does the addition of RDW improve current ICU scoring systems?, Sarah Loveday, Leanne Sinclair, and Tony Badrick

Anthropometric profile of powerlifters: differences as a function of bodyweight class and competitive success, M Lovera and Justin Keogh

The measurement and interpretation of dietary protein distribution during a rugby preseason, Kristen Mackenzie, Gary Slater, Neil A. King, and Nuala Byrne

The effect of a whey protein supplement dose on satiety and food intake in resistance training athletes, Kristen Mackenzie-Shalders, Nuala Byrne, Gary Slater, and Neil King


Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling of CD8+ T cells shows a distinct epigenetic signature to CD4+ T cells in multiple sclerosis patients, Vicki E. Maltby, Moira C. Graves, Rodney Lea, Miles Benton, Katherine A. Sanders, Lotti Tajouri, Rodney J. Scott, and Jeannette Lechner-Scott


Malnourished older adults admitted to rehabilitation in rural New South Wales remain malnourished throughout rehabilitation and once discharged back to the community: A prospective cohort study, Skye Marshall, Adrienne Young, Judith Bauer, and Elizabeth Isenring


Malnourished older adults admitted to rehabilitation in rural New South Wales remain malnourished throughout rehabilitation and once discharged back to the community: A prospective cohort study, Skye Marshall, Adrienne Young, Judith Bauer, and Elizabeth Isenring


Malnourished older adults with informal caregivers admitted to rural rehabilitation units remain malnourished during and after rehabilitation: A prospective cohort study of current practice, Skye Marshall, Adrienne Young, Judith Bauer, and Elizabeth Isenring

Malnutrition in geriatric rehabilitation: Prevalence, patient outcomes, and criterion validity of the scored patient-generated subjective global assessment and the mini nutritional assessment, Skye Marshall, Adrienne Young, Judith Bauer, and Elizabeth Isenring


Malnutrition in geriatric rehabilitation: prevalence, patient outcomes and criterion validity of the Scored Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment (PG-SGA) and the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA), Skye Marshall, Adrienne Young, Judith Bauer, and Elizabeth Isenring


Malnutrition in geriatric rehabilitation: prevalence, patient outcomes and criterion validity of the Scored Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment (PG-SGA) and the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA), Skye Marshall, Adrienne Young, Judith Bauer, and Liz Isenring

Pediatric deceased donation—A report of the transplantation society meeting in Geneva, Dominique E. Martin, Thomas A. Nakagawa, Marion J. Siebelink, Katrina A. Bramstedt, Joe Brierley, Fabienne Dobbels, James R. Rodrigue, Minnie Sarwal, Ron Shapiro, Beatriz Dominguez-Gil, Gabriel Danovitch, Stuart C. Sweet, Richard S. Trompeter, Farhat Moazam, Michael A. Bos, and Francis L. Delmonico

Is ginger beneficial for nausea and vomiting? An update of the literature, Wolfgang Marx, Nicole Kiss, and Liz Isenring

Chemotherapy-Induced nausea and vomiting: A narrative review to inform dietetics Practice, Wolfgang Marx, Nicole Kiss, Alexandra McCarthy, D McKavanagh, and Liz Isenring


The effect of ginger (Zingiber officinale) on platelet aggregation: A systematic literature review, Wolfgang Marx, Daniel McKavanagh, Alexandra McCarthy, Robert Birt, Karin Ried, Alexandre Chan, and Elizabeth Isenring

Ginger—mechanism of action in chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting: A review, Wolfgang Marx, Karin Ried, Alexandra McCarthy, Luis Vitetta, Avni Sali, Daniel McKavanagh, and Elizabeth Isenring


A systematic review of the public’s knowledge and beliefs about antibiotic resistance, Amanda McCullough, Sanjoti Parekh, John Rathbone, Christopher B. Del Mar, and Tammy Hoffmann

Not in my backyard: a systematic review of clinicians’ knowledge and beliefs about antibiotic resistance, Amanda McCullough, John Rathbone, Sarah Parekh, Tammy Hoffmann, and Chris del Mar


Defining the content and delivery of an intervention to Change AdhereNce to treatment in BonchiEctasis (CAN-BE): a qualitative approach incorporating the Theoretical Domains Framework, behavioural change techniques and stakeholder expert panels, Amanda McCullough, Cristin Ryan, Brenda O'Neill, Judy Bradley, J Stuart Elborn, and Carmel Hughes

Interventions for enhancing adherence to treatment in adults with bronchiectasis (Review), Amanda McCullough, Elizabeth T. Thomas, Cristin Ryan, Judy Bradley, Brenda O'Neill, Stuart Elborn, and Carmel Hughes

Predictors of adherence to treatment in bronchiectasis, Amanda McCullough, Michael Tunney, J Stuart Elborn, Judy Bradley, and Carmel Hughes

Prevalence of phosphorus-based additives in the Australian food supply: A challenge for dietary education?, Jemma McCutcheon, Katrina Campbell, Maree Ferguson, Sarah Day, and Megan Rossi


Implications of lower risk thresholds for statin treatment in primary prevention: Analysis of CPRD and simulation modelling of annual cholesterol monitoring, Emily McFadden, Richard Stevens, Paul Glasziou, and Rafael Perera


The match between common antibiotics packaging and guidelines for their use in Australia, Treasure McGuire, Jane Smith, and Chris Del Mar

How we capitilised on casual PBL facilitators' expertise and experience to add value to our medical programme, Michelle Mclean and Cecilia Arrigoni

Medical educators working abroad: Who are they?, Michelle Mclean, Anna da Silva, Judy McKimm, and Stella Major

Professionalism under fire: Conflict, war and epidemics, Michelle Mclean, Vikram Jha, and John Sandars


More than just teaching procedural skills: How RN clinical tutors contribute to medical students’ professional identity development, Michelle Mclean, Patricia Johnson, Sally Sargeant, and Patricia Green

Simulated Patients’ Perspectives of and Perceived Role in Medical Students’ Professional Identity Development, Michelle Mclean, Patricia Johnson, Sally Sargeant, and Patricia Green

How often do patients with localized melanoma attend follow-up at a specialist center?, Niloofar Memari, Andrew Hayen, Katy J. L. Bell, Lucie Rychetnik, Rachael L. Morton, Kirsten McCaffery, John F. Thompson, Les Irwig, and Robin Turner

How often do patients with localized melanoma attend follow-up at a specialist center?, Niloofar Memari, Andrew Hayen, Katy J. L. Bell, Lucie Rychetnik, Rachael L. Morton, Kirsten McCaffery, John F. Thompson, Les Irwig, and Robin M. Turner

Primary and secondary bone lymphomas, Carlo Messina, David Christie, Emmanuele Zucca, Mary Gospodarowicz, and Andres Ferreri

Validating the speed and agility motor screen (SAMS) as a motor performance-related fitness measure for children, Nikki Milne and Wayne Hing

Child obesity service provision: a cross-sectional survey of physiotherapy practice trends and professional needs, Nikki Milne, Nancy Low Choy, Gary Leong, Roger Hughes, and Wayne F. Hing

Increasing value and reducing waste in biomedical research: who's listening?, David Moher, P. Glasziou, Iain Chalmers, Mona Nasser, Patrick M M Bossuyt, Daniel A. Korevaar, Ian D. Graham, Philippe Ravaud, and Isabelle Boutron

Dance mobility: a somatic and dance programme for older adults in New Zealand, Felicity Molloy, Justin Keogh, Jean Krampe, and Azucena Guzmán

The effect of a functional exercise programme following total hip replacement on the relaxed posterior gluteus medius thickness as measured by real-time ultrasound: A pilot randomised controlled trial, Brenda Monaghan, Patricia Cunningham, Paul Harrington, Wayne F. Hing, Catherine Blake, D O'Donoghue, Breda Smith, Eimear Griffin, Jacqui Given, Ciara Rowe, Tara Cusack, and Lana Brennan

The effectiveness of quarter turn from prone in maintaining respiratory function in premature infants, Karly Montgomery, Nancy Low Choy, Michael Steele, and Judith Hough

A comparison of physical and technical match performance of a team competing in the English championship league and then the English premier league following promotion, Ryland Morgans, David Adams, Richard Mullen, Joao Sacramento, Chris McLellan, and Morgan Williams


A clustered repeated-sprint running protocol for team-sport athletes performed in normobaric hypoxia, Jaime Morrison, Chris McLellan, and Clare Minahan


Public Opinions about Overdiagnosis: A National Community Survey, Ray Moynihan, Brooke Nickel, Jolyn Hersch, Elaine Beller, Jenny Doust, Shane Compton, Alexandra Barratt, Lisa Bero, and Kirsten McCaffery


What do you think overdiagnosis means? A qualitave analysis of responses from a national community survey of Australians?, Ray Moynihan, Brooke Nickel, Jolyn Hersch, Jenny Doust, Alexandra Barratt, Elaine Beller, and Kirsten McCaffery


The impact of an inpatient hospital admission on patients’ physical functioning and quality of life in the oncology setting, Andrew Murnane, Justin Keogh, Fiona Magat, Bond University, Marie Coulombe, Sharni Patchell, and Allan Abbott

Exploring the success of good samaritan organ donation in New Zealand, Kusam Nagi, Moohambika Srinivasan, Piyumi Lekamlage, and Katrina A. Bramstedt

Ten-year legacy effects of baseline blood pressure ‘treatment naivety’ in the second Australian national blood pressure study, Mark Nelson, Enayet K. Chowdhury, Jenny A. Doust, Christopher Reid, and Lindon M H Wing

Antibiotics for preventing recurrent sore throat (Review), Gareth JY Ng, Stephanie Tan, Anh Vu, Chris del Mar, and Mieke van Driel

How different terminology for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) impacts women's concern and management preferences: A qualitative study, Brooke Nickel, Alexandra Barratt, Jolyn Hersch, Ray Moynihan, Les Irwig, and Kirsten McCaffery

Group facilitators' perceptions of the attributes that contribute to the effectiveness of group-based chronic disease self-management education programs, Kate Odgers-Jewell, Roger Hughes, Elizabeth Isenring, Ben Desbrow, and Michael Leveritt


Skeletal muscle ACC2 S212 phosphorylation is not required for the control of fatty acid oxidation during exercise, Hayley O'Neill, James Lally, Sandra Galic, Thomas Pulinilkunni, Rebecca Ford, Jason Dyck, Bruce van Denderen, Bruce Kemp, and Gregory Steinberg

Relationship between selected measures of power and strength and linear running speed amongst special weapons and tactics police officers, Rob Orr, J Jay Dawes, Craig Elder, Katie Krall, Michael Stierli, and Brian Schilling

Implementation of an ability based training program in police force recruits, Rob Orr, Kelsie Ford, and Michael Stierli

Load carriage: An integrated risk management approach, Rob Orr and Rodney Pope

Optimizing the physical training of mililtary trainees, Rob Orr and Rodney Pope

Occupational loads carried by Australian soldiers on military operations, Rob Orr, Rodney Pope, Julia Coyle, and Venerina Johnston

Dietary and fluid restrictions in CKD: A thematic synthesis of patient views from qualitative studies, Suetonia C. Palmer, Camilla S. Hanson, Johathan C. Craig, Giovanni F M Strippoli, Marinella Ruospo, Katrina Campbell, David W. Johnson, and Allison Tong

Dietary patterns for adults with chronic kidney disease (Protocol), Suetonia C. Palmer, Jasjot K. Maggo, Don Campbell, Katrina L. Campbell, Jonathan C. Craig, David W. Johnson, Bernadet Sutanto, Marinella Ruospo, Allison Tong, and Giovanni F M Strippoli


Nutrition and dietary intake and their association with mortality and hospitalisation in adults with chronic kidney disease treated with haemodialysis: Protocol for DIET-HD, a prospective multinational cohort study, Suetonia C. Palmer, Marinella Ruospo, Katrina Campbell, Vanessa G. Larsen, Valeria Saglimbene, Patrizia Natale, Letizia Gargano, Jonathan C. Craig, David W. Johnson, Marcello Tonelli, John Knight, Anna Bednarek-Skublewska, Eduardo Celia, Domingo del Castillo, Jan Dulawa, Tevfik Ecder, Elisabeth Fabricius, Joao M. Frazao, Ruben Gelfman, Susanne H. Hoischen, Steffan Schon, Paul Stroumza, Delia Timofte, Marietta Torok, Jorgen Hegbrant, Charlotta Wollheim, Luc Frantzen, and G F M Strippoli

Modulating exercise-induced hormesis: does less equal more?, Jonathan Peake; James F. Markworth; Kazunori Nosaka; Truls Raastad; Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia; and Vernon Coffey


Optimal strategies for monitoring lipid levels in patients at risk or with cardiovascular disease: a systematic review with statistical and cost-effectiveness modelling, Rafael Perera, Emily McFadden, Julie McLellan, Tom Lung, Philip Clarke, Teresa Perez, Thomas Fanshawe, Andrew Dalton, Andrew J. Farmer, Paul Glasziou, Osamu Takahashi, John Stevens, Les Irwig, Jennifer Hirst, Sarah Stevens, Asuka Leslie, Sachiko Ohde, Gautam Deshpande, Kevin Urayama, Brian Shine, and Richard Stevens

Paradoxical effects of the autophagy inhibitor 3-methyladenine on docetaxel-induced toxicity in PC-3 and LNCaP prostate cancer cells, Rebecca Pickard, Briohny Spencer, Amelia J. McFarland, Nijole Bernaitis, Andrew K. Davey, Russ Chess-Williams, Catherine M. McDermott, Amanda Forbes, David H.R. Christie, and Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukie

Feeling silly, but feeling good: The psychosocial effects of Nineteno Wii sports games in residential aged care elders, Nicola Power, J. W. L. Keogh, Patricia Lucas, Christopher Whatman, and Leslie Wooller

Effects and mechanisms of tapering in maximizing strength, Hayden Pritchard, J. W. L. Keogh, Matthew Barns, and Michael R. McGuigan

Reliability and validity of inexpensive and easily administered anthropometric clinical evaluation methods of postural asymmetry measurement in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a systematic review, Ashleigh Prowse, Rodney Pope, Paul Gerdhem, and Allan Abbott


Current nutrition promotion, beliefs and barriers among cancer nurses in Australia and New Zealand, Petra Puhringer, Alicia Olsen, Michael Climstein, Sally Sargeant, Lynette Jones, and Justin Keogh

Ring-shaped variation of the coeliac trunk branches, Athanasios Raikos, N Pynadath, N Anguswamy, S Vallath, Panagiota Kordali, and Allan Stirling

Anatomical variations: How do surgical and radiology training programs teach and assess them in their training curricula, Athanasios Raikos and Janie Smith

Surgical and topographic anatomy of the maxillary line: An important landmark for endoscopic nasal surgery, Athanasios Raikos, Pasan Waidyasekara, and Amy K. Morrison

KHA-CARI guideline recommendations for the diagnosis and management of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, Gopala K. Rangan, Stephen Alexander, Katrina L. Campbell, Mark Dexter, Vincent Lee, Pamela Lopez-Vargas, Jun Mai, Andrew Mallett, Chirag Patel, Manish Patel, David Tunnicliffe, Michel Tchan, Allison Tong, Philip Vladica, and Judy Savige


Faster title and abstract screening? Evaluating Abstrackr, a semi-automated online screening program for systematic reviewers, John Rathbone, Tammy Hoffmann, and Paul Glasziou

The Kidney–Gut axis: Implications for nutrition care, Megan Rossi, David Johnson, and Katrina Campbell

The kidney-gut axis: Implications for nutrition care, Megan Rossi, David W. Johnson, and Katrina Campbell

Snatch trajectory of elite level girevoy (Kettlebell) sport athletes and its implications to strength and conditioning coaching, James Ross, Cameron Wilson, Justin Keogh, Kuok Wai Ho, and Christian Lorenzen

The impact of acupuncture on neurological recovery in spinal cord injury: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Ma Ruijie, Xin Liu, Justin Clark, Gail M. Williams, and Suhail A. Doi

Simplification of a scoring system maintained overall accuracy but decreased the proportion classified as low risk, S. Sanders, Dylan Flaws, Martin Than, John Pickering, Jenny Doust, and Paul Glasziou


A systematic review of studies comparing diagnostic clinical prediction rules with clinical judgement, Sharon Sanders, Jenny A. Doust, and Paul Glasziou

Can Rasch analysis enhance the abstract ranking process in scientific conferences? Issues of interrater variability and abstract rating burden, Justin Scanlan, Natasha Lannin, and Tammy Hoffmann


Muscular strength, aerobic capacity, and adipocytokines in obese youth after resistance training: A pilot study, Sarah Schultz, Rachana Dahiya, Gary Leong, David Rowlands, Andrew Hills, and Nuala Byrne


Reducing inappropriate polypharmacy: The process of deprescribing, Ian Scott, Sarah Hilmer, Sarah Reeve, Kathleen Potter, David Le Couteur, Deborah Rigby, Danijela Gnjidic, Chris del Mar, Elizabeth Roughead, Amy Page, Jesse Jansen, and Jennifer Martin

Do intermittent diets provide physiological benefits over continuous diets for weight loss? A systematic review of clinical trials, Radhika V. Seimon, Jessica Roekenes, Jessica Zibellini, Benjamin Zhu, Alice Gibson, Andrew P. Hills, Rachel Wood, Neil A. King, Nuala Byrne, and Amanda Sainsbury

Prevalence and risk factors of sarcopenia among adults living in nursing homes, Hugh Senior, Timothy Henwood, Elaine Beller, Geoffrey MItchell, and Justin Keogh


Can consumers learn to ask three questions to improve shared decision making? A feasibility study of the ASK (AskShareKnow) Patient-Clinician Communication Model intervention in a primary health-care setting, Heather L. Shepherd, Alexandra Barratt, Anna Jones, Deborah Bateson, Karen Carey, Lyndal J. Trevena, Kevin McGeechan, Chris del Mar, Phyllis N. Butow, Ronald M. Epstein, Vikki Entwistle, and Edith Weisberg


Home blood pressue monitoring: Australian expert consenus statement, James sherman, Faline Howes, Geoffrey Head, Barry McGrath, Michael Stowasser, Markus Schlaich, Paul Glasziou, and Mark Nelson

Modulation of autophagy signaling with resistance exercise and protein ingestion following short-term energy deficit, William J. Smiles, Jose L. Areta, Vernon Coffey, Stuart Phillips, Daniel Moore, Trent Stellingwerff, Luise M. Burke, John A. Hawley, and Donny M. Camera


A new model of clinical placement in the Solomon Islands, Jane W. Smith, Peter Jones, and James Fink

Rob and Stella live in Nabvana, Janie D. Smith


Does cultural awareness education have an impact on students’ attitudes?, Janie D. Smith and Sally Sargeant


Peer mentoring: Evaluation of a new model of clinical placement in the Solomon Islands undertaken by an Australian medical school, Janie Smith, Peter Jones, and James Fink


Developing a cultural immersion approach to teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and culture, Janie Smith, Shannon Springer, John Togno, Mary Martin, Bradley Murphy, and Christina Wolfe


Using cultural immersion as the platform for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in an undergraduate medical curriculum, Janie Smith, Christina L. Wolfe, Shannon Springer, Mary Martin, John Togno, Katrina A. Bramstedt, Sally Sargeant, and Brad Murphy


Can a barcode scanner for blood collection improve patient identification integrity in the emergency department? A prospective before-and-after study, David Spain, Julia Crilly, John Pierce, Michael Steele, Paul Scuffham, and Gerben Keijzers

Pilot study on virtual imaging for patient information on radiotherapy planning and delivery, J Sule_Suso, S Finney, J Bisson, S Hammersley, S Jassel, R Knight, C Hicks, Sally Sargeant, K Lam, J Belcher, D Collins, R Bhana, R Adab, C O'Donovan, and A Moloney

Micro-dose of resistance-exercise: effects of sub-maximal thumb exertion on leukocyte redistribution and fatigue in trained male weightlifters, Adam M. Szlezak, Lotti Tajouri, James Keane, Lauluten Szlezak, and Clare Minahan

Best-practice pain management in the emergency department: A cluster-randomised, controlled, intervention trial, David McD Taylor, Daniel M. Fatovich, Daniel P. Finucci, Jeremy Furyk, Sang-won Jin, Gerben Keijzers, Setphen P J MacDonald, Hugh M A Mitenko, Joanna R. Richardson, Joseph Y S Ting, Ogilvie N. Thom, Antony M. Ugoni, James A. Hughes, Nerolie F. Bost, Meagan L. Ward, Clinton R. Gibbs, Ellen MacDonald, and Dane R. Chalkley


How do the specialty choices and rural intentions of medical students from Bond University (a full-fee paying, undergraduate-level medical program) compare with other (Commonwealth Supported Places) Australian medical students?, Edward Teo, Kathleen Lockhart, Jennifer Pushparajah, David Waynforth, and Janie Smith

Identifying the academically borderline student from behaviours observed in PBL tutorials, Camel Tepper and Janie Smith

Effect of a 4-week weight maintenance diet on circulating hormone levels: implications for clinical weight loss trials, The University of Sydney, I Evans, R Wood, R Seimon, N King, and Nuala Byrne

Prevalence of attention-deficit/ Hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Rae Thomas, Sharon Sanders, Jenny A. Doust, Elaine Beller, and Paul Glasziou


Overweight and obese adolescent girls: The importance of promoting sensible eating and activity behaviors from the start of the adolescent period, Alwyn S. Todd, Steven J. Street, Jenny Ziviani, Nuala Byrne, and Andrew P. Hills