Scholarly papers and presentations by staff in the Health Sciences and Medicine Faculty


Documents from 2013

Antibacterial honey for the prevention of peritoneal-dialysis-related infections (HONEYPOT): A randomised trial, David Johnson, Sunil Badve, Elaine Pascoe, Elaine Beller, Alan Cass, Carolyn Clark, Janak De Zoysa, Nicole Isbel, Douglas McTaggart, Alicia Morrish, Geoffrey Playford, Anish Scaria, Paul Snelling, Liza Vergara, and Carmel Hawley

Simulated surgical workshops enhance medical school students' preparation for clinical rotation, Patricia Johnson, Christine Sly, and Patrick H. Warnke

Induction of inflammatory cytokines and alteration of urothelial ATP, acetylcholine and prostaglandin E2 release by doxorubicin, Sung-Hung Kang, Russ Chess-Williams, Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukie, and Catherine M. McDermott

Clinical research priorities in emergency medicine, Gerben Keijzers, Ogilvie Thom, David Taylor, and Jonathan Knott

Exercise and nutritional benefits for individuals with a spinal cord injury or amputation, Justin Keogh


Quantitative assessment of quality of life in New Zealand prostate cancer survivors: the effect of androgen deprivation therapy, Justin Keogh, C U. Krägeloh, D Shepherd, C Ryan, S Osborne, J Masters, and R D. MacLeod

Perceptions of physically active men with prostate cancer on the role of physical activity in maintaining their quality of life: Possible influence of androgen deprivation therapy, Justin Keogh, Asmita Patel, Roderick D. MacLeod, and Jonathan Masters


Perceived barriers and facilitators to physical activity in men with prostate cancer: Possible influence of androgen deprivation therapy, J. W. L. Keogh, Asmita Patel, R D. MacLeod, and J Masters

Monitoring salivary melatonin concentrations in children with sleep disorders using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry, Sohil A. Khan, Rani George, Bruce Charles, Paul Taylor, Helen Heussler, David Cooper, Treasure McGuire, David Pache, and Ross Norris


Assessing and presenting summaries of evidence in Cochrane Reviews, Miranda W. Langendam, Elie A. Akl, Philipp Dahm, Paul Glasziou, Gordon Guyatt, and Holger J. Schunemann


Political drive to screen for pre-dementia: Not evidence based and ignores the harms of diagnosis, David Le Couteur, Jenny A. Doust, Helen Creasey, and Carol Brayne


‘They will tell me if there is a problem’: Limited discussion between health professionals, older adults and their caregivers on falls prevention during and after hospitalization, Deng-Ching Angela Lee, Fiona McDermott, Tammy Hoffmann, and Terry P. Haines

Cardiovascular risk scores: qualitative study of how primary care practitioners understand and use them, Su May Liew, Clair Blacklock, Jenny Hislop, Paul Glasziou, and David Mant


Clinical score and rapid antigen detection test to guide antiobiotic use for sore throats: Randomised controlled trial of PRISM (primary care streptoccal management), Paul Little, F.D.Richard Hobbs, Michael Moore, David Mant, Ian Williamson, Cliodna McNulty, Ying Edith Cheng, Geraldine Leydon, Richard J. McManus, Joanne Kelly, Jane Barnett, Paul Glasziou, and Mark Mullee

Do SmartSite antireflux valves limit the flow rate of 0.9% normal saline through intravenous cannulas?, David Liu and Gerben B. Keijzers

Synthesis and evaluation of C8- substituted 4.5-spiro lactams as Glycogen Phosphorylase a inhibitors, Wendy Loughlin, Stephanie Schweiker, Ian Jenkins, and Luke Henderson

The contribution of energy systems during the upper body wingate anaerobic test, Dale I. Lovell, Ava Kerr, Aaron Wiegand, Colin Solomon, Leonie Harvey, and Chris McLellan

Breastfeeding guidance in community pharmacies: The results of a mystery shopper study, Judith Maher and Roger Hughes

An exploratory investigation amongst Australian mothers regarding pharmacies and opportunities for nutrition promotion, Judith Maher, Roger Hughes, Claire Anderson, and John Lowe

Changes in insulin resistance and HbA1c are related to exercise-mediated changes in body composition in older adults with type 2 diabetes: Interim outcomes from the GREAT2DO Trial., Y. Mavros, S. Kay, K. A. Anderberg, M. Baker, Y. Wang, R. Zhao, J. Meiklejohn, MIke Climstein, Anthony John O'Sullivan, N. de Vos, Bernhard T. Baune, S. N. Blair, D. Simar, K. Rooney, N. Singh, and M. A. Fiatarone Singh

Alterations in acetylcholine, PGE2 and IL6 release from urothelial cells following treatment with pyocyanin and lipopolysaccharide, Catherine M. McDermott, Russ Chess-Williams, Kylie A. Mills, Sung-Hung Kang, Stef Farr, Gary D. Grant, Anthony V. Perkins, Andrew K. Davey, and Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukie

Toxicity of industrially relevant chlorinated organic solvents in vitro, Catherine M. McDermott and James Heffron

Paradoxical role of 3-methyladenine in pyocyanin-induced toxicity in 1321N1 astrocytoma and SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells, Amelia J. McFarland, Gary D. Grant, Anthony V. Perkins, Cameron Flegg, Andrew K. Davey, Tristan Allsopp, Gillian M. C. Renshaw, Justin J. Kavanagh, Catherine M. McDermott, and Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukie


Antimicrobial stewardship: What's it all about?, Duncan McKenzie, Matthew Rawlins, and Chris del Mar

On being an international medical educator, Michelle Mclean, Stella Major, and Judy McKimm

Performance analysis of professional, semiprofessional, and junior elite rugby league match-play using global positioning systems, Chris McLellan and Dale I. Lovell

Self-monitoring in hypertension: a web-based survey of primary care physicians, Richard J. McManus, S Wood, Emma P. Bray, Paul P. Glasziou, Andrew Hayden, Carl J. Heneghan, Jonathon Mant, Paul Padfield, John F. Potter, and F.D.Richard Hobbs

Preexercise high and low glycemic index meals and cycling performance in untrained females: Randomized, cross-over trial of efficacy, Laura Moore, Hannah Szpalek, and Lars McNaughton


Heliox for croup in children, Irene Moraa, Nancy Sturman, Treasure McGuire, and Mieke van Driel


Expanding disease definitions in guidelines and expert panel ties to industry: A cross-sectional study of common conditions in the United State, Ray Moynihan, Georga Cooke, Jenny A. Doust, Lisa Bero, Suzanne R. Hill, and Paul P. Glasziou


The chronic kidney disease controversy: How expanding definitions care unnecessarily labelling many people as diseased, Ray Moynihan, Richard Glassock, and Jenny A. Doust


Primary prevention of cardiovascular disease: New guidelines, technologies and therapies, Mark Nelson and Jenny A. Doust

Sustainable surf tourism: A community centered approach in Papua New Guinea, Danny O'Brien and Jess Ponting


Urinary alkalisation for uncomplicated urinary tract infection (protocol), Dermot B. O'Kane, Sameer Dave, Neel Gore, Farhaan Patel, Tammy Hoffmann, and Chris Del Mar


Extreme conditioning programs and the tactical athlete, Rob Orr


Movement Orientated Training for the Kinetic and Cyber Warrior, Rob Orr


Occupational Load Carriage: Formal and Informal Conditioning, Rob Orr

Soldier occupational load carriage – A narrative review of associated injuries, Robin M. Orr, Rodney Pope, Venerina Johnston, and Julia Coyle

Soldier self-reported reductions in task performance associated with operational load carriage, Rob Orr, Rodney Pope, Venerina Johnston, and Julia Coyle


Grip strength is associated with marksmanship and defensive tactics, but not injuries, in police recruits, Rob Orr, M. Stierli, B. Hinton, and Michael Steele


Injuries common to tactical personnel (A multidisciplinary review), Rob Orr and Michael Stierli


The impact of a structured reconditioning program on the physical attributes and attitudes of injured police officers: A pilot study, Rob Orr, Michael Stierli, Matteo L. Amabile, and Benjamin Wilkes


The 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Assessment as a predictor of injury risk in police recruits, Rob Orr, Michael Stierli, Ben Hinton, and Michael Steele

The honeypot randomized controlled trial statistical analysis plan, Elaine Pascoe, Serigne Lô, Anish Scaria, Sunil Badve, Elaine Beller, and Alan Cass

The long-term effects of a primary care physical activity intervention on mental health in low-active, community-dwelling older adults, Asmita Patel, Justin Keogh, Gregory S. Kolt, and Grant M. Schofield


Perceived barriers, benefits and motives for physical activity: two primary-care physical activity prescription programs, Asmita Patel, Grant M. Schofield, Gregory S. Kolt, and Justin Keogh


Autoinflation for hearing loss associated with otitis media with effusion, Rafael Perera, Paul Glasziou, Carl J. Heneghan, Julie McLellan, and Ian Williamson


Intravenous 0.9% sodium chloride therapy does not reduce length of stay of alcohol-intoxicated patients in the emergency department: A randomised controlled trial, Siegfried Perez, Gerben Keijzers, Michael Steele, Josh Byrnes, and Paul A. Scuffham


Protocol for development of the guideline for reporting evidence based practice educational interventions and teaching (GREET) statement., Anna Phillips, Lucy Lewis, Maureen McEvoy, James Galipeau, P. Glasziou, Marilyn Hammick, David Moher, Julie Tilson, and Marie Wilson

Liberalizing Nirvana: an analysis of the consequences of common pool resource deregulation for the sustainability of Fiji's surf tourism industry, Jess Ponting and Danny O'Brien

The adenosine A2A receptor — Myocardial protectant and coronary target in endotoxemia, Melissa E. Reichelt, Kevin Ashton, Xing Lin Tan, S Jamal Mustafa, Catherine Ledent, Lea M D Delbridge, Tammy A. Hofmann, John Patrick Headrick, and R Ray Morrison


The effectiveness of post-operative rehabiliation following partial meniscectomy of the knee, Duncan Reid, Jana Rydwanski, Wayne F. Hing, and Steve White


Objectively measured activity patterns among adults in residential aged care, Natasha Reid, Elizabeth G. Eakin, Timothy Henwood, Justin Keogh, Hugh Senior, Robert A. Gardiner, Elizabeth Winkler, and Genevieve Healy

Stress-vs-time signals allow the prediction of structurally catastrophic events during fracturing of immature cartilage and predetermine the biomechanical, biochemical, and structural impairment, Bernd Rolauffs, Bodo Kurz, Tino Felka, Miriam Rothdiener, Tatiana Uyunuk-Ool, Matthias Aurich, Eliot Frank, Christian Bahrs, Andreas Badke, Ulrich Stöckle, Wilhelm K. Aicher, and Alan J. Grodzinsky


Internet-based physical assessment of people with parkinson disease is accurate and reliable: A pilot study, Trevor Russell, Tammy Hoffmann, Mark Nelson, Leah Thompson, and Amy Vincent

Enhancing citizen engagement in cancer screening through deliberative democracy, Lucie Rychetnik, Stacy L. Carter, Julie Abelson, Hazel Thornton, Alexandra Barratt, Vikki Entwistle, Geraldine MacKenzie, Glenn Salkeld, and P. Glasziou

Cognitive assessment across the continuum of care: The importance of occupational performance-based assessment for individuals post-stroke and traumatic brain injury, Danielle Sansonetti and Tammy Hoffmann


Prader-willi syndrome: Care of adults in general practice, Elly Scheermeyer

Response to growth hormone treatment in prader-willi syndrome: Auxological criteria versus genetic diagnosis, Elly Scheermeyer, Ian P. Hughes, Mark F. Harris, Geoff Ambler, Patricia Crock, Charles Verge, Maria Craig, Phillip Bergman, George Werther, Mieke van Driel, Peter Davies, and Catherine Choong


The dangers of normal, Jane W. Smith


A national study into the rural and remote pharmacist workforce, Janie Smith, Col White, Louise Roufeil, Craig Veitch, Lisa Pont, Bhavini Patel, Kristine Battye, Karen Luetsch, and Christine Mitchell

Elite sport culture and policy interrelationships: The case of sprint canoe in Australia, Popi Sotiriadou, Lisa Gowthorp, and Veerle De Bosscher

Dietary habits are related to outcomes in patients with advanced heart failure awaiting heart transplantation, Heike Spaderna, Daniela Zahn, Johanna Pretsch, Sonja Connor, Armin Zitterman, Stefanie Schulze Schleithoff, Katrina A. Bramstedt, Jacqueline Smits, and Gerdi Weiner


Antibiotics for bronchiolitis in children, Geoffrey K.P. Spurling, Jenny A. Doust, Chris Del Mar, and Lars Eriksson

An enriched multimedia eBook application to facilitate learning of anatomy, Allan Stirling and James Birt

Gene expression pattern characterises development of multiple sclerosis, Lotti Tajouri, Ekua Brenu, Kevin Ashton, Don R. Staines, and Sonja Marshall-Gradisnik

Clinical outcomes of vitamin D deficiency and supplementation in cancer patients, Laisa Teleni, Jacqueline Baker, Bogda Koczwara, Michael Kimlin, Euan Walpole, Kathy Tsai, and Elizabeth Isenring

Parent-child interaction therapy: A manualized intervention for the therapeutic child welfare sector, Rae Thomas and Amy D. Herschell


Attention-deficit/hyperactivity Disorder: Are we helping or harming?, Rae Thomas, Geoffrey Mitchell, and Laura Batstra

Practitioners’ views and use of evidence-based treatment: Positive attitudes but missed opportunities in children’s services, Rae Thomas, Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck, and Mark Chaffin


Phasic contractions in urinary bladder from juvenile versus adult pigs, Bahareh Vahabi, Donna Sellers, Domika Bijos, and Marcus Drake

Antibiotics for acute otitis media in children, Roderick P. Venekamp, S. Sanders, P. Glasziou, Chris del Mar, and Maroeska M. Rovers

Body mass index for athletes participating in swimming at the World Masters' Games, J. Walsh, Mike Climstein, Ian Timothy Heazlewood, Jyrki Kettunen, Stephen Burke, Mark DeBeliso PhD, and Kent Adams


Master athletes: No evidence of increased incidence of injury in football code athletes, Joe Walsh, Mike Climstein, Ian T. Heazlewood, Mark DeBeliso, Jyrki Kettunen, Trish G. Sevene, and Kent J. Adams

Primordium of an artificial Bruch's membrane made of nanofibers for engineering of retinal pigment epithelium cell monolayers, Patrick H. Warnke, Mohammad Alamein, Stuart Skabo, Sebastien Stephens, Robert Bourke, Peter Heiner, and Qin Liu

A clinically-feasible protocol for using human platelet lysate and mesenchymal stem cells in regenerative therapies, Patrick H. Warnke, Andreas Humpe, Dirk Strunk, Sebastien Stephens, Frauke Warnke, Jorge Wiltfang, Katharina Schallmoser, Mohammad Alamein, Robert Bourke, Peter Heiner, and Qin Liu

The ongoing battle against multi-resistant strains: In-vitro inhibition of hospital-acquired MRSA, VRE, pseudomonas, ESBL E. coli and klebsiella species in the presence of plant-derived antiseptic oils, Patrick H. Warnke, Alexander Lott, Eugene Sherry, Jörg Wiltfang, and Rainer Podschun

Antimicrobial Peptide coating of dental implants: biocompatibility assessment of recombinant human Beta defensin-2 for human cells, Patrick H. Warnke, Eske Voss, Paul A. J. Russo, Sebastien Stephens, Michael Kleine, Hendrik Terheyden, and Qin Liu

Evolutionary perspectives on father involvement, David Waynforth

Overweight and obesity alters the cumulative transverse strain in the Achilles tendon immediately following exercise, Scott Wearing, Sue L. Hooper, Nicole Grigg, Gregory Nolan, and James Smeathers

The acute transverse strain response of the patellar tendon to quadriceps exercise., Scott Wearing, Sue L. Hooper, Craig Purdam, Nicole Grigg, Jill Cook, Nicole Grigg, Simon Locke, and James Smeathers

Agreement between temporal and spatial gait parameters from an instrumented walkway and treadmill system at matched walking speed, Scott Wearing, Lloyd Reed, and Stephen R. Urry


Hypoxic training: Clinical benefits on cardiometabolic risk factors, Justin Wee and Michael Climstein

The reliability and validity of physiotherapist visual rating of dynamic pelvis and knee alignment in young athletes, C. Whatman, Patricia A. Hume, and Wayne Hing

Practical professionalism in medicine: A global based workbook, Roger Worthington and Richard B. Hays

The lived experience of physically active older prostate cancer survivors on androgen deprivation therapy, Valerie Wright-St Clair, Wanda Malcolm, and Justin Keogh

Authentic early experience in medical education: a socio-cultural analysis identifying important variables in learning interactions within workplaces, Sarah Yardley, Caragh Brosnan, Jane Richardson, and Richard Hays

Anticipated coping with interpersonal stressors: Links with the emotional reactions of sadness, anger, and fear, Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck, Ellen J. Skinner, Helen Morris, and Rae Thomas

Maternal emotional distress, abuse risk, and children’s symptoms: Child gender as a moderator of parent sensitivity as a mediator, Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck, Rae Thomas, Kym Hendrickson, Elbina Avdagic, Haley Webb, and Leanne McGregor

Documents from 2012

Guidelines for Preventive Activities in General Practice, Evan Ackermann, Mark F. Harris, Karen Alexander, Meredith Arcus, Linda Bailey, John W. Bennett, Chris Del Mar, Jon Emery, Ben Ewald, Dan Ewald, Michael Fasher, John Furler, Faline Howes, Caroline Johnson, Beres Joyner, John Litt, Danielle Mazza, Dimity Pond, Jane W. Smith, and Tania Winzenberg

Nutritional status and dietary intake of acute care patients: Results from the nutrition care day survey 2010, Ekta Agarwal, Maree Ferguson, Merrilyn Banks, Judith Bauer, Judith Capra, and Elizabeth Isenring


The Compass Model to plan faculty development programs, Medical Education Development, Mohamed Mostafa Al-Eraky and Michelle McLean


Characterization of the differences in strength and power between different levels of competition in rugby union athletes, Christos K. Argus, Nicholas D. Gill, and Justin Keogh


Effects of two contrast training programs on jump performance in rugby union players during a competition phase, Christos K. Argus, Nicholas D. Gill, Justin W. L. Keogh, Michael R. McGuigan, and Will G. Hopkins

The importance of understanding variation, Tony Badrick

Addressing laboratory workforce issues in Australia, Tony Badrick and Andrew St John

A search for obligatory paternal alleles in a DNA database to find an alleged rapist in a fatherless paternity case, Mark Barash, Ayeleth Reshef, Lev Voskoboinik, Ashira Zamir, Ron Gafny, and Uzi Motro

Mobility has a non-linear association with falls risk among people in residential aged care: An observational study, Anna L. Barker, Jennifer Nitz, Nancy Low Choy, and Terry P. Haines

Mobility has a non-linear association with falls risk among people in residential aged care: An observational study, Anna L. Barker, Jennifer Nitz, Nancy Low Choy, and Terry P. Haines

Endocultivation: Metabolism during heterotopic osteoinduction in vivo—monitoring with fiber optic detection devices, Benedicta Elisabeth Beck-Broichsitter, David W. Christofzik, Frank Daschner, Reinhard Knöchel, Ralf Smeets, Patrick H. Warnke, Jörg Wiltfang, and Stephan T. Becker