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This series includes two collection periods:

  • ERA 2010 spans the period 1 January 2003 to 31 December 2008.
  • ERA 2012 spans the period 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2010.

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Journal Articles


The cowboy, the southern man and the man from Snowy River: The symbolic politics of property in Australia, the United States, and New Zealand, Anne Brower, John Page, Amanda Kennedy, and Paul Martin (2009)

Trust perceptions of online travel information by different content creators: Some social and legal implications, S Burgess, C Sellitto, J Cox, and J Buultjens (2009)


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Creating strategy by design, James Carlopio (2009)


An investigation of hindsight bias in nascent venture activity, G Cassar and J Craig (2009)


'Shhh ... We can't tell you': An update on the naming prohibition of young offenders, D Chappell and R Lincoln (2009)


Convicting the innocent: A critique of theories of wrongful convictions, E Colvin (2009)

In general, should excuses be broadly or narrowly construed? - Abusive relationships and violent responses: The reorientation of self-defense in Australia, E Colvin (2009)

Informed agreement to participate: Beginning the partnership with children in research, H Conroy and D Harcourt (2009)

Project management systems: Moving project management from an operational to a strategic discipline, T J. Cooke-Davies, L Crawford, and T G. Lechler (2009)


Garden leave, the right to work and restraints on trade, Amanda Coulthard (2009)

The role of user-generated content in tourists' travel planning behaviour, C Cox, S Burgess, C Sellitto, and J Buultjens (2009)


Pattern recognition and forensic identification: The presumption of scientific accuracy and other falsehoods, I R. Coyle, D Field, and P Wenderoth (2009)

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An exploratory study of innovation in Croatia after independence, M Dabic, T S. Kiessling, and V A. Matovac (2009)


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Making Web3D less scary: Toward easy-to-use Web3D e-learning content development tools for educators, Penny de Byl (2009)

Factors critical in overcoming the liability of newness: Highlighting the role family, C Dibrell, J B. Craig, K Moores, and A Johnson (2009)

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Quantum Meruit for services rendered in a three-party context: (Implied) contract, restitution, or unjust enrichment?, Joachim Dietrich (2009)


Trade, imitative ability and intellectual property rights, Rod Falvey, Neil Foster, and David Greenaway (2009)


Tariff reforms with rigid wages, Rod Falvey and Udo Kreickemeier (2009)

Reasoning by analogy in the law, J H. Farrar (2009)

The development of an appropriate regulatory response to the global financial crisis, J H. Farrar, L Parsons, and P Joubert (2009)


The impact of nursing numbers and skills mix on patient outcomes, Kim Forrester (2009)


The long-run determinants of Australian income inequality, N Gaston and G Rajaguru (2009)


Business failure prediction using decision trees, A Gepp, K Kumar, and S Bhattacharya (2009)


Rising to the challenge: Asian survivors of the quota expiry in global textiles and clothing trade, Umair Hafeez Ghori (2009)

Embedded ethics: Discourse and power in the New South Wales Police Service, R Gordon, S Clegg, and M Kornberger (2009)

Power, rationality and legitimacy in public organizations, R Gordon, M Kornberger, and S R. Clegg (2009)

Diffusing knowledge-based core competencies for leveraging innovation strategies: Modelling outsourcing to knowledge process organisations (KPOs) in pharmaceutical networks, S Gupta, A Woodside, C Dubelaar, and D Bradmore (2009)

Empowerment of individuals and realization of community agency: Applying action research to climate change responses in Australia, N Hall, R Taplin, and W Goldstein (2009)

Globalization and its impact on global managers' decision processes, M Harvey, R Fisher, R McPhail, and M Moeller (2009)

Mentoring global female managers in the global marketplace: Traditional, reverse, and recipricol mentoring, M Harvey, N McIntyre, J Thompson Heames, and M Moeller (2009)

Expatriate managers: A historical review, M Harvey and M Moeller (2009)

Interpreting dual career couples' family life-cycles: Identifying strategic windows of global career opportunity, M Harvey, N Napier, and M Moeller (2009)

Global dual-career exploration and the role of hope and curiosity during the process, M Harvey, M Novicevic, and J W. Breland (2009)

Bullying in the 21st century global organization: An ethical perspective, M Harvey, D Treadway, J Thompson Heames, and A Duke (2009)


Developments in pharmacists' disciplinary processes and outcomes, Laetitia Hattingh, Nerida Smith, Judy Searle, and Kim Forrester (2009)

The emerging legal concept of investment, M E. Hiscock (2009)


A test of purchasing power parity: Asia Pacific and Latin America, Catherine S. F. Ho and M. Ariff (2009)

Comparative law as an instrument in transnational law: The example of petroleum regulation, T Hunter (2009)

It's time: Petroleum policy change for sustainable development in the Australian offshore upstream petroleum sector, T Hunter (2009)

Judicial decision making in the high court in original jurisdiction: The ebb and flow of legal reasoning in Australian perspectice, T Hunter (2009)

Chapter 11 Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 (Qld): The answer to our prayers or the devil in disguise?, T Johnson (2009)


'Not wrong for long': The role and penetration of news wire agencies in the 24/7 news landscape, Jane Johnston and Susan Forde (2009)

Casino customers in Asian versus western gaming jurisdictions: Implications for western casino operators, S Kale and M Spence (2009)

Globalization, reterritorialization, and marketing, S Kale and N Zlatevska (2009)


Occupier perceptions of green workplace environment: The Australian experience, H Kato, L Too, and A Rask (2009)

Application of stakeholder theory to corporate environmental disclosures, P Kent and C Chan (2009)


Innate and discretionary accruals quality and corporate governance, P Kent, J Routledge, and J Stewart (2009)

Adventure racing and organizational behavior: Using eco challenge video clips to stimulate learning, A Kenworthy-U'ren and A Erickson (2009)


Attorney-General (Qld) v Lawrence [2008] QSC 230: The Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act - Are "the best available rehabilitative resources" available?, P Keyzer (2009)

The 'preventive detention' of serious sex offenders: Further consideration of the international human rights dimensions, P Keyzer (2009)

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Exploring knowledge management to organized performance outcomes in a transitional economy, T S. Kiessling, G R. Richey, J Meng, and M Dabic (2009)

Pedagogical sustainability of a rural school and its relationship with community, S Kinash and M Hoffmann (2009)

The inherent building energy-cost relationship: An analysis of thirty Melbourne case studies, Y L. Langston and C Langston (2009)

Congruence and divergence in transfer pricing in Australia and Japan: Intangibles and advance pricing agreements, M Markham (2009)


Persistence in Japanese language study and learners' cultural/linguistic backgrounds, M Matsumoto (2009)

Harmonising judicial approaches to determining the enforceability of foreign annulled awards, W Ma (2009)

Parallel proceedings and international commercial arbitration: The International Law Association's recommendations for arbitrators, W Ma (2009)

Recommendations on public policy in the enforcement of arbitral awards, W Ma (2009)

The Asia-Pacific partnership on clean development and climate: A retreat from the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities?, J McGee and R Taplin (2009)


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Video games and a culture of conflict, M Power (2009)


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Destructive leadership in family businesses: Modelling social exchange between generations, D Robinson, M Harvey, and M Yupitun (2009)

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Consequences of the interaction of standard form and relational contracting in franchising, E C. Spencer (2009)


Evaluating the performance of Indigenous sentencing courts, Nigel Stobbs and Geraldine Mackenzie (2009)

A comparison of the law of evidence, L Stuesser (2009)

A reflection on the Bond model of teaching, L Stuesser (2009)

Foreign bank efficiency in Australia: What makes a difference?, J E. Sturm and B Williams (2009)

Cross-border telemedicine: New area, same legal challenges?, D J. Svantesson (2009)


International ranking of law journals - Can it be done and at what cost?, D J. Svantesson (2009)


The choice of courts convention: How will it work in relation to the Internet and e-commerce?, D J. Svantesson (2009)

The right of reputation in the Internet era, D J. Svantesson (2009)

Expatriates of host-country origin: 'Coming home to test the waters', M Thite, V Srinivasan, M Harvey, and R Valk (2009)

FDI technology spillovers within and across industries: Evidence from China, X Tian and S Lin (2009)

Conviction and punishment: Free press and competitive election as deterrents to corruption, X Tian and V I. Lo (2009)