The Bond University Data Collections series consists of descriptions of a number research collections (some with data sets), and information on access conditions.
Links to Research Data Australia (RDA) and related publications are provided where available.
See the Bond University Research Data Management Toolkit for guidelines on all aspects of data management.


Submissions from 2015


Public opinions about overdiagnosis: A national community survey, Ray Moynihan, B Nickel, J Hersch, Elaine Beller, Jenny Doust, S Compton, Alexandra Barratt, L Bero, and Kirsten McCaffery

Submissions from 2014


The perfect storm: The convergence of social, mobile and photo technologies in libraries (data set), Wendy Abbott, Jessie Donaghey, Joanna Hare, and Peta J. Hopkins

Submissions from 2013


History of triathlon in Australia, Jane Hunt

The nature and extent of violence against bus drivers, Robyn Lincoln

Naming and shaming of indigenous youth in the justice system: An exploratory study of the impact in the Northern Territory, Robyn Lincoln and Duncan Chappell

Macular regeneration, Qin Liu

Contractile activity of the bladder urothelium and lamina propria, Christian Moro and Russ Chess-Williams

Contract law in aid channels, Elizabeth C. Spencer

Yours, mine, and ours: the development, management and protection of intellectual property in third sector organisations, Elizabeth C. Spencer and Francina Cantatore

Use of complementary therapies by registered psychologists: a comparison of Australian, UK and American professionals, Peta Stapleton

Psychological contributions to eating in overweight and obese adults: the role of love attitudes and attachment, Peta B. Stapleton Dr and Eleanor Mackay

Individual intervention using EFT or cognitive behaviour therapy for depression in adults, Peta B. Stapleton Dr, Terri Sheldon, and Brett Porter

Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) versus cognitive behavioural therapy for food cravings in overweight and obese adults, Peta Stapleton, Terri Sheldon, and Brett Porter

Identification of Multiple Sclerosis genetic markers leading to clinical benefits to affected patients, Lotti Tajouri, Don Staines, Sonya Marshall, and Ekua Brenu

Submissions from 2012

Videos and observational surveys on language learning through drama focussing on oral skills of ten non-English speaking background university students, Chamkaur Gill

Student evaluation of teaching and subjects in Australian universities, Shelley Kinash, Vishen Naidu, and Diana Knight

Generic skills development in undergraduate medical studies in a PBL programme, Michelle McLean, Gary Hamlin, and Linda Crane

Medical student professional identity formation, Michelle McLean, Patricia Johnson, and Sally Sargeant


Comparative academic performance using a Java Ultra-Lightweight Interpreter (JULI) for teaching introductory programming, Phil Stocks

Staff and student interviews on sustainable campus community engagement, Linda Too

Sustainable development policies in local governments, Ned Wales

Sustainable construction practices in South East Queensland, Ned Wales and Nicole Webb

Submissions from 2011

Results of a survey to develop an extension to the PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) Statement on good reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses, in the form of a checklist, to guide the writing of abstracts for systematic reviews., Elaine Beller

A meta-analysis of published research into what kinds of university teaching lead to improvements in learning, Shelley Kinash and Trishita Mathew

Results of a survey into what are good research questions in higher education, Shelley Kinash and Trishita Mathew

Franchise law and regulation: A collection of international resources, 1982-2011, Elizabeth C. Spencer

Submissions from 2010

Interventions in constitutional cases in the High Court 1976-2006, Patrick Keyzer

Adaptive reuse potential analysis for 50 case studies in Victoria, Craig Langston

Colour drawings of automobile speedometers from 1904-2007, Marilyn Mitchell

Submissions from 2009


Australia and New Zealand gamers research database, Jeffrey Brand

Submissions from 1996


Data from eight studies on evaluating brand extensions, Stephen Holden