The CRN-AESS funding has provided an opportunity for Bond University to take the lead in a world-class research project, attracting the resources and support of larger, research-intensive organisations. The Centre for Health and Human Performance grant provides a ‘game changing’ opportunity for Bond to gain world-class research experience, build research capacity, generate high quality publications and apply for competitive funding with world-class co-investigators.

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Assessing thermoregulatory deficits of trained individuals with a spinal cord injury exercising in the heat
Genetics, exercise and nutrition interactions based at the University of Sydney
The genetics of exercise-induced injuries involving tendon and bone
The injured athlete: Genetic profiling of skeletal muscle atrophy with limb immobilisation
Physique traits, muscle performance and health status of natural bodybuilders and powerlifters
Predicting the variability of response to high intensity interval training
Skeletal muscle overload, atrophy and regeneration in rats selectively bred for divergent responses to exercise training
Targeting metabolic and vascular health with high intensity exercise training in type 2 diabetes