Documents from 2016


Two roads, one destination: a journey of discovery, Karen Joc, Peta J. Hopkins, Jessie Donaghey, and Wendy Abbott

Submissions from 2015


Teaching sustainability in a six star green building, Rick Best

Joint initiatives: Using a pro bono teaching clinic to prepare law students for legal practice and promote community service, Francina Cantatore


Communication and relationship building in cross-cultural project management: An Australia - UAE study, Sabina Cerimagic, Jim Smith, and Jorge Ochoa

Beijing’s Formidable Strategy in the South China Sea Games, Nancy Wei Chunjuan

‘Peripheral Vision’: The Relationship among the PRC’s Power Projection, Interpretations of History, and Sense of Threat, Elizabeth S. Dahl

China’s Asia Pacific Dream – Towards a Space Silk Road?, Malcolm R. Davis


Thinking through Srivijaya: Polycentric networks in traditional Southeast Asia, Rosita Dellios and R. James Ferguson


A Social Network based framework for assessing risks and vulnerability in built environment, Hemanta Doloi, Robert Crawford, Craig Langston, and Low Sui Pheng


Predicting financial distress: A comparison of survival analysis and decision tree techniques, Adrian Gepp and Kuldeep Kumar

Immersion in ESL culture: Oral output through acting, Chamkaur Gill

Technology as a vehicle for domestic and sexual violence against women, Terry Goldsworthy and Matthew Raj

India’s naval presence in the South China Sea: clashes of strategies or a new dawn of cooperation in Southeast Asia?, Ulises Granados

The Silk Road Revisited? Locating the Regional Nationalities in the ‘China Dream’, Anna Hayes


Enhancing graduate employability of the 21st century learner, Shelley Kinash and Linda Crane

Emerging China-led Regionalism and Soft Balancing, Alica Kizekova and Laura Anca Parepa

Prototyping of composite structural envelopes through CNC and robotic fabrication, Chris Knapp and Jonathan Nelson


Resolution of complex composite envelopes through generative computation and digital fabrication, Chris Knapp and Jonathan Nelson

Specification of mixed bilinear time series models, Kuldeep Kumar and Ping Zhang

A new framework for evaluating public-private partnerships, Junxiao Liu, Peter Love, Jim Smith, and Michael Regan


Australian soldier load carriage: From Gallipoli to Afghanistan, Rob Orr

A comparison of work health and safety incidents and injuries in part-time and full-time Australian army personnel, Rob Orr, Rodney Pope, and Dylan MacDonald

Chasing the Dragon Down the Silk Road, Shelley Parkinson

A qualitative analysis of women who have undergone a multi-stage psychotherapy and hypnotherapy intervention to manage psychological stress while undergoing in-vitro fertilisation: What were their experiences and outcomes?, Alan Patching

Middle Power Hybridising and China, Jonathan H. Ping


Managing risks arising from mismatches between physical conditioning & tactical task requirements, Rodney Pope


Incidence rates of reported work health & safety incidents & injuries in part-time & full-time Australian Army personnel, Rodney Pope, Dylan MacDonald, and Rob Orr


Better infrastructure procurement for public private partnerships: An Australian perspective, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter Love

Project finance for public private partnerships: Evidence from Australia, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter E.D. Love


A new model of clinical placement in the Solomon Islands, Jane W. Smith, Peter Jones, and James Fink

A concise specification language for trace monitoring, Kostyantyn Vorobyov, Padmanabhan Krishnan, and Phil Stocks

Documents from 2014


The perfect storm: The convergence of social, mobile and photo technologies in libraries, Wendy Abbott, Jessie Donaghey, Joanna Hare, and Peta J. Hopkins

Assessing differences in emotion recognition, non-verbal memory and verbal memory between young, middle and older adults., Victoria Alexander, Richard E. Hicks, and Mark Bahr


Troubled Waters in the East China Sea - China's ADIZ 中国防空识别区, Oana Burcu


Maintaining competitive tourism advantage with reference to the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Shelley Burgin and Nigel Hardiman


Unintended de-marketing manages visitor demand in Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Shelley Burgin and Nigel Hardiman

Cooperation and Competition in Chinese and Japanese Construction of their Maritime Power Identities, Gaye Christoffersen

Preventive Diplomacy in East Asia: Is it Enough to Manage Great Power Relations?, Elizabeth S. Dahl


A Regional Security Complex Account of the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands Conflict 以地区安全复合体理论解读钓鱼岛/尖阁诸岛冲突, Lukas Karl Danner


U.S. Involvement in the Sino-Japanese Diaoyu/Senkaku Conflict: Finding Solutions for Stability in the East China Sea 美国介入中日钓鱼岛/尖阁诸岛冲突:求解中国东海稳定困局, Ulises Granados

Fragmentation and consolidation of dark order books, Julia Henker, Thomas Henker, and Jay Majtyka

Public law in a comparative and inter-disciplinary paradigm, Danielle Ireland-Piper

Regulating extraterritoriality: New frontiers in public law, Danielle Ireland-Piper

Sino-American Transitions: Language, Identity and Information, Chris Janiec

The SCO as the Zone of Shared Understanding: Recent developments and future prospects, Alica Kizekova


Theorising film-to-game adaptation, Scott J. Knight

Strategic Interaction in an Era of Complex and Deep Interdependence, Thomas D. Lairson


Theory identity: A machine-learning approach, Kai R. Larsen, Dirk Hovorka, Jevin West, James Birt, James R. Pfaff, Trevor W. Chambers, Zebula R. Sampedro, Nick Zager, and Bruce Vanstone

Is the China Dream a Regional Nightmare?, Shelley Parkinson

Paradigm’s End: Domestic Reforms and Grand Narratives, Jonathan H. Ping


Using a peer supervision and mentoring model in the supervision of final year medical students placements in the Solomon Islands, Janie D. Smith

Leaving a Legacy? A peer supervision and mentoring model used by final year medical students placements in the Solomon Islands., Janie D. Smith, Peter Jones, and James Fink

Using cultural immersion in a first year undergraduate medical program in Australia., Janie D. Smith and Shannon Springer

Using a peer supervision and mentoring model in the supervision of final year medical student placements in the Solomon Islands, Janie Smith, Peter Jones, and James Fink


Ethically ambiguous negotiation tactics (EANTs): What are the rules behind the rules?, John Wade

Dependency-topic-affects-sentiment-LDA model for sentiment analysis, Shunshun Yin, Jun Han, Yu Huang, and Kuldeep Kumar

Documents from 2013

A framework for creating active and healthy communities: A case study of the Gold Coast, Bhishna Bajracharya, Linda Too, and Isara Khanjanasthiti

Comparing project costs internationally: Methodology and data issues, Rick Best

Cultural distance and its effects on cross-cultural training, Sabrina Cerimagic and Jim Smith

The US-China-Japan Trilateral Dialogue: Motives, Functions and Results, Gaye Christoffersen

Impetus to BRICS Development: A Chinese Perspective, Yue Cui


Process Matters: Conflict Resolution Insights for the South China Sea Dispute 过程很重要:对化解南中国南海争端的见解, Elizabeth S. Dahl


US American ‘Japan Bashing’ in the 1980s and Today’s ‘China Threat’: Is History Repeating Itself? 20世纪80年代美国对日本的“抨击”与今天的“中国威胁”:历史是否重演?, Elizabeth S. Dahl


Arms Races, Security Dilemmas and Territorial Disputes in the East and South China Seas 軍備競賽、 安全困境與在東部和南中國海的領土爭端, Malcolm R. Davis

European and other arms sales to the local parties, and UN and other restrictions on arms to areas of tension, David Fouquet


The Semantics of Cyber Warfare 网络战的语义, Jason Fritz

Risk factors for acute and chronic injury in recreational and competitive surfers, James Furness, Wayne Hing, Joe Walsh, Jeremy Sheppard, and Mike Climstein

Perfectionism, personality, parenting criticism and the unemployed, Richard Hicks and Veronica Midon

Forensic knowledge: Improving public and professional perceptions of DNA evidence, Robyn Lincoln, Joy Cameron-Dow, and Madeleine Jarrett-Luck

BRICS as a geopolitical entity, Victoria V. Panova


The Islands of the South China Sea 南中国海诸岛, Shelley Parkinson


The Mercantilist Motive for Territorial War 领土争夺战背后的重商主义动机, Jonathan H. Ping


The Path to Harmonious Regionalism 通往和谐地区主义的途径, Jonathan H. Ping

Australian bid cost benchmarking of public private partnerships, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter Love

Financing mechanisms for public private partnerships: Australian experience, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter Love

Factors influencing final account settlement in construction projects, Chun-Pong Sing, Peter Love, Jim Smith, and Chi-Ming Tam


Sino-British Relations in 1950: Fracturing a Fragile Relationship 1950年的中英关系:脆弱关系的分崩离析, Tracy Steele

Taiwan in the 1960s and 1970s: Lost Opportunity for Independence?, Tracy Steele


Momentum investing and the GFC: The case of the S&P/ASX100, Bruce J. Vanstone and Tobias Hahn

Japan and South Korea: A ‘virtual’ strategic partnership, Thomas Wilkins

Submissions from 2012

The Function of Trilateralism in the Asia-Pacific Regime Complex, Gaye Christoffersen


What does Harmonious Regionalism mean? 和谐地区主义的含义?, Rosita Dellios


United States’ New Leverage in the South China Sea? Current Trends amid a New Asia-Pacific Strategy 美国在南海的新影响力?亚太新战略中的当前趋势, Ulises Granados


Realized idiosyncratic volatility and retail investors, Julia Henker, Thomas Henker, and Deborah Tan

Voluntary disclosure of GHG emission information, Janice Hollindale, Pamela Kent, and Carolyn Windsor


A Civic Pivot? A Proposed Alternative to the Obama Administration’s Pivot to Asia 民事轴心?:奥巴马政府亚洲轴心的另一种选择, Wenshan Jia

Voluntary Disclosure of GHG Emission Information by Australian Companies, Athol Kent, Pamela Kent, Janice Hollindale, and Carolyn Windsor

Beyond Borders: East Asian Models of Regional Identity and Organization in a Globalized World, Brett McCormick

The South China Sea Issue and East Asian Security, Yuanzhe Ren


Corporate governance and the quality of green house gas emission disclosures, James Routledge


1862: The Superpower, the United States, and the War that Didn’t Happen (Why America and China Are Not Destined To Fight — Unless They Forget Everything) 超级大国、美国和没有爆发的战争, Michael Vlahos

Water and Regional Security in Asia: Challenges for China, Elizabeth Wishnick


当前中国外交面临的机遇与挑战 Challenges facing China's foreign policy, Liqun Zhu

Submissions from 2011

East Asian Maritime Incidents During 2010: Impetus to Greater Institutionalization, Gaye Christoffersen

Perspectives on the Roles and Functions of Attorneys-General and Solicitors-General, Iain Field and Patrick Keyzer

Pakistan-China Relations after Bin Laden, Timothy Hoyt

China's Foreign Policy Process, Eric A. Hyer

China's Relations with India, Jonathan H. Ping

The Multi-level Regional and Trans-regional Cooperative Framework in East Asia, Hao Su

United States Priorities for Multilateral Regional Institutions (Obama Administration), Hongxia (Victoria) Wei