Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the Bond Business School (formerly the Faculty of Business).


Documents from 2012


Incentives for prior period error corrections under IAS 8, Amanda Carol and Pamela Kent


A comparison of the power of the discrete Kolmorgorov-Smirnov and Chi-Square Goodness of Fit tests, Janet Chaseling, Michael Steele, Neil Smart, and Cameron P. Hurst

Empowerment through knowledge of accounting and related disciplines: Participatory action research in an African village, Janne O Y Chung and Carolyn Windsor


Money supply, interest rate, liquidity and share prices: A test of their linkage using panel data of G-7 countries, Tin-fah Chung, Mohamed Ariff, and Shamsher M.


Accounting for ethics in action: Problems with localised constructions of legitimacy, Stewart R. Clegg and Ray Gordon


The consumer experience of holidays booked via Daily Deal promotions: An online content analysis of traveller reviews, Carmen Cox

The distinctiveness, design, and direction of family business research: Insights from management luminaries, Justin Craig and Carlo Salvato

Trading market access for technology? Tax incentives, foreign direct investment and productivity spillovers in China, Ziliang Deng, Rod Falvey, and Adam Blake

Natural environment, market orientation, and firm innovativeness: An organizational life cycle perspective, Clay Dibrell, Justin Craig, and Eric Hansen


Effective corporate monitoring: Independence, motivation and means, Lyndal Drennan, Simone Kelly, Ray McNamara, and Michelle Martin


The effect of synchronous and asynchronous participation on students' performance in online accounting courses, Keith Duncan, A. L. Kenworthy, and Ray McNamara


Trade liberalization, economic crises, and growth, Rod Falvey, Neil Foster, and David Greenaway


Competitive and harmonised R&D policies for international R&D alliances involving asymmetric firms, Rodney Falvey and Khemarat Talerngsri Teerasuwannajak


Using experience sampling methodology in organizational behavior, Cynthia D. Fisher and March L. To


Business failure prediction using statistical techniques: A review, Adrian Gepp and Kuldeep Kumar

A multi-objective external optimisation approach applied to RFID antenna design, Pedro Gomez-Meneses, Marcus Randall, and Andrew Lewis

Aligning strategic orientation with local market conditions: Implications for subsidiary knowledge management, David A. Griffith, Timothy Kiessling, and Marina Dabic

Aligning expatriate managers’ expectations with complex global assignments, Michael Harvey, M. Ronald Buckley, Glenn Richey, Miriam Moeller, and Milorad M. Novicevic

Managerial self-concept in a global context: An integral component of cross-cultural competencies, Michael Harvey, Nancy McIntyre, Miriam Moeller, and Hugh Sloan III


Family ownership and discretionary accruals quality, Tim Hasso and Keith Duncan

Attention deficit/hyperactive disorder as an entrepreneurial “marker” among family business members: A social learning perspective, Mario Hayek and Michael Harvey

How the Australian ban on short selling during the GFC affected market quality and volitility, Uwe Helmes, Julia Henker, and Thomas Henker


The vanishing abnormal returns of momentum strategies and ‘front-running’ momentum strategies, Julia Henker, Thomas Henker, Robert Huynh, and Martin Martens


Realized idiosyncratic volatility and retail investors, Julia Henker, Thomas Henker, and Deborah Tan

Retail investors exonerated: The case of the January effect, Julia Henker and Debapriya J. Paul

Multi-objective particle swarm optimisation for molecular transition state search, Jan Hettenhausen, Andrew Lewis, Stephen Chen, Marcus Randall, and Rene Fournier

Time to equilibrium in exchange rates: G-10 and Eastern European economies, Catherine Ho and Mohamed Ariff

Voluntary disclosure of GHG emission information, Janice Hollindale, Pamela Kent, and Carolyn Windsor

Reply to discussion of "The effect of IFRS adoption and investor protection on earnings quality around the world.", Muhammad Nurul Houqe, Tony van Zijl, Keitha Dunstan, and A.K.M. Waresul Karim

Information systems in environmental sustainability: Of cannibals and forks, Dirk Hovorka, Nancy Auerbach, and Elaine Labajo

The consequences of educational specialty and nationality faultlines for project teams, Yuan Jiang, Susan E. Jackson, James B. Shaw, and Yunhyung Chung

Understanding teenage poker gambling: Policy and consumer behaviour implications, Sudhir Kale and Natalina Zlatevska


A certification process for android applications, Harsha K. Kalutarage, Padmanabhan Krishnan, and Siraj Shaikh

Voluntary Disclosure of GHG Emission Information by Australian Companies, Athol Kent, Pamela Kent, Janice Hollindale, and Carolyn Windsor


Determinants of voluntary board remuneration committee formation and composition, Pamela Kent, Kim Kercher, and James Routledge

Do sweat It: Using a fitness session as an introduction to research on the relationship between physical and mental states, A. L. Kenworthy and George Hrivnak

The ripple effect of positive change: Raising awareness of cyberbullying through a community-based service-learning project, Amy Kenworthy, Jeffrey Brand, and Dee Bartrum

Cost consequences to the economy and finance, Ahmed Khalid

Supply-chain corporate venturing through acquisition: Key management team retention, Timothy Kiessling, Michael Harvey, and Miriam Moeller

Developing a reputation for incorruptibility in a corrupt environment, J Jude Kline and Neil Campbell

Family firms and entrepreneurship: Contradiction or synonym?, Sascha Kraus, Justin A. Craig, Clay Dibrell, and Stefan Mark

Effectiveness of random testing of embedded systems., Padmanabhan Krishnan, R Venkatesh, Prasad Bokil, Tukaram Muske, and Vijay Suman


Board gender diversity and going concern audit options, Larelle Law Chapple, Pamela Kent, and James Routledge

A multi-agent framework for distributed busines systems, Alexander P.J. Loebbert and Gavin Finnie

Power in organizations: Good versus evil, Arthur D. Martinez, Gerald R. Ferris, Michael Harvey, and Miriam Moeller

Staffing the global organization: “Cultural nomads”, Ruth McPhail, Ron Fisher, Michael Harvey, and Miriam Moeller

A case for information security awareness (ISA) programmes to protect global information, innovation and knowledge resources, Roberto J. Mejias and Michael Harvey

Aspects of elementary number theory illustrated in the spreadsheet environment, David Miller and Steve Sugden


The psychosocial influences on participation rates within secondary school physical education, Stephen Morrison and Robert Nash

Leadership and motivational challenges in the Australian IT sector, Jane Murray


An exploratory study of the performance of microfinancing institutions using the balanced scorecard approach, Gemunu Nanayakkara and Errol Iselin

Balancing natural environmental concerns of internal and external stakeholders in family and non-family businesses, Donald O. Neubaum, Clay Dibrell, and Justin A. Craig

The effect of IFRS adoption and investor protection on earnings quality around the world, Muhammad Nural Houqe, Tony van Zijl, Keitha Dunstan, and A. K. M. Waresul Karim

Establishing context for software agents in pervasive healthcare systems, Cedric Perrot, Gavin Finnie, and Iain Morrison

The distortional effects of temporal aggregation on Granger causality, Gulasekaran Rajaguru and Tilak Abeysinghe

Beach and surf tourism and recreation in Australia: Vulnerability and adaptation, Michael Raybould, David Anning, Dan Ware, and Neil Lazarow

Estimating consumer surplus values for beach recreation in Australia using travel cost methods, Michael Raybould, David Anning, Dan Ware, and Neil Lazarow

An investigation of measurement error in visitor expenditure surveys, Mike Raybould and Liz Fredline


Corporate governance and the quality of green house gas emission disclosures, James Routledge

Insolvency administration as a strategic response to financial distress, James Routledge and David Morrison

Using the pairwise comparison method to assess competitive priorities within a supply chain, Hannu Saarijärvi, Hannu Kuusela, and Mark Spence


Dividend tax cuts in the United States and single-tier tax regime in Malaysia: Share price reactions to tax policy changes, Aslam Selamat, Mohamed Ariff, and Mohamad Shamsher


A framework for analysing driver interactions with semi-autonomous vehicles, Siraj Shaikh and Padmanabhan Krishnan

The association between audit committee multiple-directorships, tenure, and financial misstatements, Vineeta D. Sharma and Errol Iselin

The opposing effects of goal commitment and goal progress on self-regulation, Anirban Som, Chris Dubelaar, and Rafi M. M. I. Chowdhury

The joint effects of choice assortment and regulatory focus on choice behaviour, Anirban Som and Yih Hwai Lee

Crowdsourcing and consumer insights, Mark Spence and Robin D. Pentecost


An ultra-lightweight Java interpreter for bridging CS1, Phil Stocks


Crunch time: How did the students perform?, Steve Sugden and Mike Steele


Prognostic value of semi-quantitative bacteruria counts in the diagnosis of group B streptococcus urinary tract infection: a 4-year retrospective study in adult patients, Chee K. Tan, Kimberly B. Ulett, Michael Steele, William H. Benjamin, and Glenn C. Ulett

International business research amid accelerated globalisation: An editorial, Xiaowen Tian

A strategic management approach to Guanxi in China, Xiaowen Tian, Moxi Song, and Ran Tian

Socially responsible foreign direct investment: A challenge to TNCs in emerging markets, Xiaowen Tian, Moxi Song, and Ran Tian


Within-person relationships between mood and creativity, March L. To, Cynthia Fisher, Neal M. Ashkanasy, and Patricia A. Rowe

"TOXIC" workplaces: The negative interface between the physical and social environments, Linda Too and Michael G. Harvey

Ctcompare: Code clone detection using hashed token sequences, Warren Toomey

Creating trading systems with fundamental variables and neural networks: The Aby case study, Bruce Vanstone, Gavin Finnie, and Tobias Hahn

Combining static analysis and constraint solving for automatic test case generation, Kostyantyn Vorobyov and Padmanabhan Krishnan


A low-overhead, value-tracking approach to information flow security, Kostyantyn Vorobyov, Padmanabhan Krishnan, and Phil Stocks


The implementation and evaluation of a new learning space: A pilot study, Gail Wilson and Marcus Randall


The effect of gender and parental role on auditor's profesional career advancement in a gender egalitarian context: Danish evidence, Carolyn Windsor


Auditor independence and client economic power: Qualitative evidence and propositions involving auditors’ emotions and moral reasoning, Carolyn Windsor and Marie Kavanagh

A meta analysis of unit size and its influence on consumption volume, Natalina Zlatevska, Chris Dubelaar, and Stephen Holden

Small size, big bite: A reassessment and reversal of the dieter's paradox, Natalina Zlatevska and Stephen Holden

Do violent social cause advertisements promote social change? An examination of implicit associations, Natalina Zlatevska and Mark Spence

Personal consumption norms and their influence on consumption volume, Natalina Zlatevska and Mark Spence

Documents from 2011

The foundations of Islamic banking: Theory, practice and education

A Gaussian test for unit roots with an application to great ratios, Tilak Abeysinghe and Gulasekaran Rajaguru

Discrete phase-locked loop systems and spreadsheets, Sergei Abramovich, Elena Kudryashova, Gennady A. Leonov, and Stephen Sugden

Performance of family firms during the global financial crisis: Does governance matter?, Husam Aldamen, Keith Duncan, Simone Kelly, and Ray McNamara

The impact of strategic alignment perspectives on IT projects: Analysis and discussions, Abdullah Al-Hatmi and Kieth Hales


Financial constraints, the distribution of wealth and international trade, Emmanuel Amissah, Spiros Bougheas, and Rodney Falvey

Five short exercises for groups, Rae Andre, Amy Kenworthy, and Roger Putzel

The dollars and sense of coastal valuation in Australia, David Anning, Geoff Withycombe, Dale Dominey-Howes, and Michael Raybould

Factors affecting the extent of Monday blues: Evidence from a meta-analysis, Charles S. Areni, Mitchell Burger, and Natalina Zlatevska

A guide to Islamic banking, Mohamed Ariff

Banking products - Ethical issues of equitable returns to savings, Mohamed Ariff

Ethics-based financial transactions: An assessment of Islamic banking, Mohamed Ariff

Performance of Islamic banks and conventional banks, Mohamed Ariff, Mohammad K. Badar, Shamsher M., and Taufiq Hassan

Accounting earnings response coefficient: An extension to banking shares in Asia Pacific countries, Mohamed Ariff and Cheng Fan Fah