Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the Bond Business School (formerly the Faculty of Business).


Documents from 2011

Factors affecting the extent of Monday blues: Evidence from a meta-analysis, Charles S. Areni, Mitchell Burger, and Natalina Zlatevska

A guide to Islamic banking, Mohamed Ariff

Banking products - Ethical issues of equitable returns to savings, Mohamed Ariff

Ethics-based financial transactions: An assessment of Islamic banking, Mohamed Ariff

Performance of Islamic banks and conventional banks, Mohamed Ariff, Mohammad K. Badar, Shamsher M., and Taufiq Hassan

Accounting earnings response coefficient: An extension to banking shares in Asia Pacific countries, Mohamed Ariff and Cheng Fan Fah

Money supply endogeneity and bank stock returns, Z. E. Badarudin, M. Ariff, and A. M. Khalid

Firm ownership and productivity: A study of family and non-family SMEs, Frank Barbera and Ken Moores

Impact of family involvement on productivity, Frank Barbera and Ken Moores

Applying dynamic information principles to higher education systems: Design perspective, Jeff Barker and Khaled A. Sabry

Australia: The challenge of father-daughter succession in family business: A case study from the land Down Under, Mary Barrett and Ken Moores

Gender diversity and family firm governance: Towards a research agenda, Mary Barrett and Ken Moores

A practical, distribution-free approach to the classical newsboy inventory stocking problem for highly right-skewed but otherwise unknown demand distributions, Sukanto Bhattacharya, Renato Martins Alas, and Kuldeep Kumar


Optimal hedge ratio with moving least squares - An empirical study using Indian single stock futures data, Sukanto Bhattacharya, Harminder Singh, and Renato Martins Alas

The impact of immigration on Australian-born workers: An assessment using the national labour market approach, Melissa Bond and Noel Gaston

Sustainability: The missing ingredient in strategy, Ingrid Bonn and Josie Fisher

Trends and lags in the use of ecotourism terminology in the scholarly and popular press, Ralf Buckley and Claudia Ollenburg

Interdependencies between people and information systems in organizations, Alan Burton-Jones and Andrew Burton-Jones

An AHP method for evaluating usability of electronic government portals, Dae-Ho Byun and Gavin Finnie

Evaluating usability, user satisfaction and intention to revisit for successful e-government websites, Dae-Ho Byun and Gavin Finnie


Development strategy by design - The future of strategy, James Carlopio

Wildlife Enforcement Monitoring System (WEMS): A solution to support compliance of Multilateral Environmental Agreements, Remi Chandran, Padmanabhan Krishnan, and Khoi Ngyuen

Board gender diversity and emphasis of matter going concern audit opinions, Ellie Chapple, Pamela Kent, and James Routledge

Applying use cases to describe the role of standards in e-health information systems, Emma Chavez, Gavin Finnie, and Padmanabhan Krishnan

A real time multiagent information systems architecture for actively monitoring chronic diseases, Emma Chavez-Mora and Gavin Finnie


The decision to internally generate or outsource risk management activities, Jacqueline Christensen and Pamela Kent

The decision to outsource risk management activities, Jacqueline Christensen and Pamela Kent

Are corporate governance recommendations relevant for small companies?, Jacqueline Christensen, Pamela Kent, James Routledge, and Jenny Stewart

Exploring distributed leadership in the small business context, Jason Cope, Steve Kempster, and Ken Parry


Consumer generated media in hospitality and tourism: Travellers' likes and their concerns about the latest innovation in hospitality marketing, Carmen Cox, Stephen Burgess, Carmine Sellitto, and Jeremy Buultjens

Best practice marketing for regional tourism destinations, Carmen Cox and Meredith Wray

Stewardship behaviour as governance in family businesses, Justin B. Craig, Clay Dibrell, and Donald Neubaum

Stewardship climate scale: Measurement and an assessment of reliability and validity, Justin B. Craig, Clay Dibrell, Donald O. Neubaum, and Christopher H. Thomas

The Belcher family gain legitimacy in a new industry: Sailing into the unknown, Justin B. Craig, Wayne Irava, and Ken Moores

The Deague family: Learning entrepreneurship through osmosis, Justin B. Craig, Wayne Irava, and Ken Moores

Twin brothers in arms learn the family business, Justin B. Craig, Wayne Irava, and Ken Moores

How managerial attitudes toward the natural environment affect market orientation and innovation, Clay Dibrell, Justin B. Craig, and Eric N. Hansen

Strategic planning and flexibility: Governance control mechanisms in family and non-family firms, Clay Dibrell, Justin Craig, and Donald O. Neubaum


Empires of the mind: Cross cultural cooperative business education, Keith Duncan, Simone Kelly, and Raymond McNamara

Public regulatory reform and management earnings forecasts in a low private litigation environment, Keitha Dunstan, Gerry Gallery, and Thu Phuong Truong


The effect of IFRS adoption and investor protection on earnings quality around the world, Keitha Dunstan, Muhammad Houqe, Wares Karim, and Tony van Zijl


The influence of board gender diversity on the value of NZX listed firms and its association with growth options, Keitha Dunstan, Trish Keeper, Thu Phuong Truong, and Tony van Zijl


The influence of corporate governance on management earnings forecast, Keitha Dunstan and Thu Phuong Truong

Family business internationalisation: What we know from 20 years of research, Manuel Eberhard

Internationalisation of family businesses: The salience of personal and professional networks, Manuel Eberhard


Service-learning with government organizations: Challenges, benefits, and paper trails, Wayne Fallon and Amy Kenworthy

Catching up or pulling away: Intra-industry trade, productivity gaps and heterogeneous firms, Rod Falvey, David Greenaway, and Zhihong Yu

The theory of trade policy and reform, Rodney Falvey and Udo Kreickemeier

Islamic organizational leadership within a Western society: The problematic role of external context, Nezar Faris and Ken Parry

Personnel/human resource psychology, Cynthia D. Fisher

Personnel/human resource psychology, Cynthia D. Fisher


Micro job design: Affective reactions to real-time task characteristics, Cynthia D. Fisher and March L. To

Appraisals, goal orientations, and emotions while working, Cynthia Fisher, Amirali Minibashian, Robert E. Wood, and Nadin Beckmann

Business sustainability and undergraduate management education: An Australian study, Josie Fisher and Ingrid Bonn

Intrapreneurship in multi-generational family businesses, Robert P. Garrett, Clay Dibrell, and Justin Craig

The inverse domino effect: Are economic reforms contagious?, Martin Gassebner, Noel Gaston, and Michael J. Lamla

International migration, Noel Gaston and Doug Nelson

Bridging trade theory and labour econometrics: The effects of international migration, Noel Gaston and Douglas R. Nelson


Secondary design: A case of community participation, Matt Germonprez and Dirk Hovorka


Secondary design: A case of behavioral design science research, Matt Germonprez, Dirk Hovorka, and Uri Gal

An ethnographic account of leadership, power and change, Ray Gordon

Leadership and power, Ray Gordon

A multi-level model of global decision-making: Developing a composite global frame-of-reference, Michael Harvey, David Griffith, Tim Kiessling, and Miriam Moeller

Globalization and the inward flow of immigrants: Issues associated with the inpatriation of global managers, Michael Harvey, Tim Kiessling, and Miriam Moeller

Assessing the role of the self-concept on the destructive impact of obsessive–compulsive disorder in managers, Michael Harvey, Miriam Moeller, and Alex Williams

Improving the probabilities of success of expatriate managers in the global organisation of the 21st century, Michael Harvey, Nancy Napier, and Miriam Moeller

Developing effective global relationships through staffing with inpatriate managers: The role of interpersonal trust, Michael Harvey, B. Sebastian Reiche, and Miriam Moeller

Sociomateriality and IS Identity, Nik R. Hassan and Dirk S. Hovorka

Family ownership and the value-relevance of earnings and book value, Tim Hasso and Keith Duncan


The effect of the ban on short selling on market efficiency and volatility, Uwe Helmes, Julia Henker, and Thomas Henker


Survivorship bias and alternative explanations of momentum effect, Julia Henker, Thomas Henker, and Thanh Duc Huynh

Sticky prices and time to equilibrium: Evidence from Asia-Pacific trade-related economies, Catherine S. F. Ho and M. Ariff


Three cheers for new beers: Marketing insights from the birth of boutique brewing in Australia, Stephen S. Holden

Auditor tactics in negotiations: A research note, Janice Hollindale, Pamela Kent, and Ray McNamara

Corporate governance and the quality of green house gas emission disclosures, Janice Hollindale, Pamela Kent, and James Routledge

Reflecting, tinkering, and tailoring: Implications for theories of information system design, Dirk Hovorka and Matt Germonprez


Towards an informativity account of design research, Dirk S. Hovorka and Matt Germonprez


Explicating the how of service-learning: A proposal for the use of Schwartz's value theory, George Hrivnak and Amy Kenworthy


Gather 'round the experiential fire!, George Hrivnak, Amy Kenworthy, Ruth Axelrod, Stephen Ralph Axley, Bill Ferris, Jeanie M. Forray, Jennifer S. A. Leigh, Tim McMahon, Margie Parikh, and Peter Brown Vaill

Multi-perspective performance reporting systems, continuous improvement systems and organisational performance, Errol R. Iselin, John Sands, and Lokman Mia


The effect of corporate governance variables on share price: A comparison of “A Class” and “B Class” shares in the People's Republic of China, Kevin Jih, Simone Kelly, and Ray McNamara

Grounded theory and leadership research: A critical realist perspective, Stephen Kempster and Ken W. Parry

The decision to outsource management advisory services, Pamela Kent


Voluntary employee disclosures in Australian annual reports applying Ullmann’s stakeholder theory, Pamela Kent, Carolyn Windsor, and Tamara Zunker


Taking service-learning to the next level: The 'one goal, one community: Moving beyond bullying and empowering for life' initiative, Amy Kenworthy


A service-learning framework for enacting social change: Engaging 30,000+ people in an international anti-bullying program in less than one year, Amy Kenworthy, Sarah Benson, Jeffrey Brand, and George Hrivnak


The service-learning scholarship antinome: Our research is focused on educating students yet we neglect the education literature, Amy Kenworthy and George Hrivnak


Contextual assessment of women empowerment and its determinants: Evidence from Pakistan, Safdar Ullah Khan and Rabia Awan

Political instability and inflation in Pakistan, Safdar Ullah Khan and Omar Farooq Saqib

International acquisitions: Retention of a target firm's key top personnel for social capital, Timothy S. Kiessling and Burcu Simsek


Access regulation and infrastructure investment in the mobile telecommunications industry, Jihwan Kim, Yunhee Kim, Noel Gaston, Romain Lestage, Yeonbae Kim, and David Flacher

A note on the relationship between graphs and information protocols, Jeffrey J. Kline and Shravan Luckraz

Applying security assurance techniques to a mobile phone application: An initial approach, Padmanabhan Krishnan, Sergej Hafner, and Andreas Zeiser

A domain specific IT service management approach for small & medium enterprises, Philipp Küller, Marcus Vogt, Dieter Hertweck, and Mariusz Grabowski

Process spillovers and growth: A comment on the existence of a stable closed-loop Nash equilibrium, Shravan Luckraz

R&D games in a Cournot duopoly with isoelastic demand functions: A comment, Shravan Luckraz


Micro and macro determinants of financial distress, Ray McNamara, Keith Duncan, and Simone Kelly


Can the financialised atmosphere be effectively regulated and accounted for?, Patty McNicholas and Carolyn Windsor

The BP gulf oil spill: Failed regulatory and corporate governance systems analysed through a regulatory capitalist lens, Patty McNicholas and Carolyn Windsor

Spreadsheet conditional formatting illuminates investigations into modular arithmetic, David Miller and Stephen Sugden