Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the Faculty of Business.


Documents from 2011

Leadership and power, Ray Gordon

A multi-level model of global decision-making: Developing a composite global frame-of-reference, Michael Harvey, David Griffith, Tim Kiessling, and Miriam Moeller

Globalization and the inward flow of immigrants: Issues associated with the inpatriation of global managers, Michael Harvey, Tim Kiessling, and Miriam Moeller

Assessing the role of the self-concept on the destructive impact of obsessive–compulsive disorder in managers, Michael Harvey, Miriam Moeller, and Alex Williams

Improving the probabilities of success of expatriate managers in the global organisation of the 21st century, Michael Harvey, Nancy Napier, and Miriam Moeller

Developing effective global relationships through staffing with inpatriate managers: The role of interpersonal trust, Michael Harvey, B. Sebastian Reiche, and Miriam Moeller

Sociomateriality and IS Identity, Nik R. Hassan and Dirk S. Hovorka

Family ownership and the value-relevance of earnings and book value, Tim Hasso and Keith Duncan


The effect of the ban on short selling on market efficiency and volatility, Uwe Helmes, Julia Henker, and Thomas Henker


Survivorship bias and alternative explanations of momentum effect, Julia Henker, Thomas Henker, and Thanh Duc Huynh

Sticky prices and time to equilibrium: Evidence from Asia-Pacific trade-related economies, Catherine S. F. Ho and M. Ariff


Three cheers for new beers: Marketing insights from the birth of boutique brewing in Australia, Stephen S. Holden

Auditor tactics in negotiations: A research note, Janice Hollindale, Pamela Kent, and Ray McNamara

Corporate governance and the quality of green house gas emission disclosures, Janice Hollindale, Pamela Kent, and James Routledge

Reflecting, tinkering, and tailoring: Implications for theories of information system design, Dirk Hovorka and Matt Germonprez


Towards an informativity account of design research, Dirk S. Hovorka and Matt Germonprez


Explicating the how of service-learning: A proposal for the use of Schwartz's value theory, George Hrivnak and Amy Kenworthy


Gather 'round the experiential fire!, George Hrivnak, Amy Kenworthy, Ruth Axelrod, Stephen Ralph Axley, Bill Ferris, Jeanie M. Forray, Jennifer S. A. Leigh, Tim McMahon, Margie Parikh, and Peter Brown Vaill

Multi-perspective performance reporting systems, continuous improvement systems and organisational performance, Errol R. Iselin, John Sands, and Lokman Mia


The effect of corporate governance variables on share price: A comparison of “A Class” and “B Class” shares in the People's Republic of China, Kevin Jih, Simone Kelly, and Ray McNamara

Grounded theory and leadership research: A critical realist perspective, Stephen Kempster and Ken W. Parry

The decision to outsource management advisory services, Pamela Kent


Voluntary employee disclosures in Australian annual reports applying Ullmann’s stakeholder theory, Pamela Kent, Carolyn Windsor, and Tamara Zunker


Taking service-learning to the next level: The 'one goal, one community: Moving beyond bullying and empowering for life' initiative, Amy Kenworthy


A service-learning framework for enacting social change: Engaging 30,000+ people in an international anti-bullying program in less than one year, Amy Kenworthy, Sarah Benson, Jeffrey Brand, and George Hrivnak


The service-learning scholarship antinome: Our research is focused on educating students yet we neglect the education literature, Amy Kenworthy and George Hrivnak


Contextual assessment of women empowerment and its determinants: Evidence from Pakistan, Safdar Ullah Khan and Rabia Awan

Political instability and inflation in Pakistan, Safdar Ullah Khan and Omar Farooq Saqib

International acquisitions: Retention of a target firm's key top personnel for social capital, Timothy S. Kiessling and Burcu Simsek


Access regulation and infrastructure investment in the mobile telecommunications industry, Jihwan Kim, Yunhee Kim, Noel Gaston, Romain Lestage, Yeonbae Kim, and David Flacher

A note on the relationship between graphs and information protocols, Jeffrey J. Kline and Shravan Luckraz

Applying security assurance techniques to a mobile phone application: An initial approach, Padmanabhan Krishnan, Sergej Hafner, and Andreas Zeiser

A domain specific IT service management approach for small & medium enterprises, Philip Küller, Marcus Vogt, Dieter Hertweck, and Mariusz Grabowski

Process spillovers and growth: A comment on the existence of a stable closed-loop Nash equilibrium, Shravan Luckraz

R&D games in a Cournot duopoly with isoelastic demand functions: A comment, Shravan Luckraz


Micro and macro determinants of financial distress, Ray McNamara, Keith Duncan, and Simone Kelly


Can the financialised atmosphere be effectively regulated and accounted for?, Patty McNicholas and Carolyn Windsor

The BP gulf oil spill: Failed regulatory and corporate governance systems analysed through a regulatory capitalist lens, Patty McNicholas and Carolyn Windsor

Spreadsheet conditional formatting illuminates investigations into modular arithmetic, David Miller and Stephen Sugden

Role of teaching ethics in higher education, Sanjay Mishra and Kuldeep Kumar

Inpatriate marketing managers: Issues associated with staffing global marketing positions, Miriam Moeller and Michael Harvey

Differential evolution for RFID antenna design: A comparison with ant colony optimisation, James Montgomery, Marcus Randall, and Andrew Lewis

Research beginnings: Researching family business in Australia, Ken Moores

Paradoxes and pathways to learning family business leadership, Ken Moores and Mary Barrett

Evidence of assurance enhancing the quality of voluntary environmental disclosures: an empirical analysis, Robyn Moroney, Carolyn Windsor, and Yong Ting Aw

In-store music and aroma influences on shopper behavior and satisfaction, Michael Morrison, Sarah Gan, Chris Dubelaar, and Harmen Oppewal

Exploring the link between emotional intelligence and workplace anti-social behaviors, Jane Murray and Sara Branch

Not your average end of semester revision session!, Jane Murray and C. Melissa Fender

Which farmers turn to tourism? A continental-scale analysis, Claudia Ollenburg and Ralf Buckley

Leadership and organization theory, Ken W. Parry

Does trading of retail investors cause the January effect?, Debapriya Jojo Paul and Julia Henker


Events gone bad: Ramifications and theoretical reasonings, Robin Pentecost, Mark T. Spence, and Sudhir Kale

Differential evolution for a constrained combinatorial optimisation problem, Marcus Randall


An investigation of voluntary corporate greenhouse gas emissions reporting in a market governance system: Australian evidence, Michaela Rankin, Carolyn Windsor, and Dina Wahyuni

A travel cost model of local residents' beach recreation values on the Gold Coast, Michael Raybould, Neil Lazarow, David Anning, Dan Ware, and Boyd Dirk Blackwell

Does providing more prompts in visitor expenditure surveys result in higher reported expenditure?, Mike Raybould and Liz Fredline

Aligning operant resources for global performance: An assessment of supply chain human resource management, R. Glenn Richey Jr., Chadwick B. Hilton, Michael G. Harvey, Lauren Skinner Beitelspacher, Mert Tokman, and Miriam Moeller

Where's the 'H' in CAUTHE research? An analysis of conference proceedings (1993 - 2010), Elizabeth Roberts

An integrated education planning model for strategic decisions using system dynamics, Mridula Sahay and Kuldeep Kumar

Total quality management in higher education, Mridula Sahay and Kuldeep Kumar

A method for measuring destructive leadership and identifying types of destructive leaders in organizations, James B. Shaw, Anthony Erickson, and Michael Harvey

Follower perceptions of the emotional intelligence of change leaders: A qualitative study, Roy Smollan and Ken Parry


Is guilt driving the optimism bias in sequential choice? Three alternative explanations, Anirban Som

Spreadsheets and Bulgarian goats, Stephen Sugden


The slumbarumba jumbuck problem, Stephen Sugden

A study of Schumpterian (radical) vs. Kirznerian (incremental) innovations in knowledge intensive industries, Cory Taylor Cromer, Clay Dibrell, and Justin B. Craig

Negative productivity spillovers and socially responsible investment: The case of FDI in China, Xiaowen Tian

Socially responsible FDI: a challenge to TNCs in China, Xiaowen Tian

Cross-region FDI productivity spillovers in transition economies: Evidence from China, Xiaowen Tian, Vai Io Lo, Shuanglin Lin, and Shunfeng Song


When does negative mood boost creativity: A trait activation perspective, March L. To and Cynthia Fisher

An analysis of a communication training program for Chinese managers, Elizabeth A. Tuleja and Elizabeth Roberts

Trading foreign currency using artificial neural network strategies, Bruce Vanstone and Gavin Finnie


Optimizing ICT portfolios in emergency management: A modular alignment approach, Marcus Vogt, Kieth Hales, and Dieter Hertweck

Strategic ICT alignment in uncertain environments: An empirical study in emergency management organizations, Marcus Vogt, Dieter Hertweck, and Kieth Hales


Adapting IT governance frameworks using domain specific requirements methods: Examples from small and medium enterprises & emergency management, Marcus Vogt, Philipp Küller, Dieter Hertweck, and Kieth Hales

Is a wide beach more valuable? -The impact of the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypass Project on nearby property, Dan Ware, David Anning, Michael Raybould, Neil Lazarow, and Rodger B. Tomlinson


Inventory valuation, company value, and the uncertainty principle, Catherine Whelan, Simone Kelly, Ray McNamara, and Jasper Verkleij


The value relevance of enterprise resource planning information, Jayantha Wickramasinghe and Raymond McNamara

BP greenwash spoiled by Gulf oil spill: A critical analysis of US compromised regulation and BP's governance that predisposed the oil spill, Carolyn Windsor and Patty McNicholas


Employee retention: Job embeddedness in the hospitality industry, Laurina Yam and Mike Raybould


DDNFS: A distributed digital notary file system, Alexander Zangerl

Flock detection based duty cycle scheduling in mobile wireless sensor networks, Xiaoguang Zhang and Zheng da Wu


Increasing serving size increases amount consumed: Catch-22., Natalina Zlatevska, Chris Dubelaar, and Stephen S. Holden

Documents from 2010


Globalization and economic integration: Winners and losers in the Asia-Pacific

Information, intelligence and resource advantage: A multi-market multi-theoretic call for research, Frank G. Adams, R. Glenn Richey Jr., Michael G. Harvey, and Chadwick B. Hilton


Corporate governance, risk assessment and cost of debt, Husam Aldamen, Keith Duncan, and Ray McNamara

Co-deterministic relationship between ownership concentration and corporate performance: Evidence from an emerging economy, Omar Al Farooque, Tony van Zijl, Keitha Dunstan, and Akm Waresul Karim


What factors discriminate developed and emerging capital markets?, Guoma Alrgibi, Mohamed Ariff, and Louis Murray


The development of national advisory standards for the professional practice of HR in Australian universities, Chris Andrews and Richard Boddington

GFC: Origin, consequence and cost, Mohamed Ariff and Ahmed Khalid

Creativity as mood regulation, Neal M. Ashkanasy, Cynthia Fisher, and Patricia A. Rowe


Dividend drop ratios and tax theory: An intraday analysis under different tax and price quoting regimes, Vyas Balasubramaniam, William Bertin, Thomas Henker, and Laurie Prather

Re-examining the dividend drop ratios with dividend capture trading, Vyas Balasubramaniam, William Bertin, Thomas Henker, and Laurie Prather


Keeping the magic: New educator award winners discuss creativity and challenges in mid-career, Joy Beatty, Amy L. Kenworthy, Jennifer S.A. Leigh, Suzanne de Janasz, Charles J. Fornaciari, Jane V. Wheeler, and Kirsty K. Spence

An analysis of Australian exchange traded options and warrants, Will J. Bertin, Paul Fowler, David Michayluk, and Laurie Prather


An ANN-based auditor decision support system using Benford's Law, Sukanto Bhattacharya, Dongming Xu, and Kuldeep Kumar


A classification scheme for analysing web 2.0 tourism websites, Scott Bingley, Stephen Burgess, Carmen Sellitto, Carmen Cox, and Jeremy Buultjens

Strategy by design: A process of strategy innovation, James Carlopio

Emancipating the powerless through knowledge of accounting and related disciplines, Janne Chung and Carolyn Windsor


Managerial tools & internet the sources of competitive advantage of firms, Mirjana Cicak, Marina Dabic, and Timothy S. Kiessling