Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the Bond Business School (formerly the Faculty of Business).


Documents from 2013

Do fund flow-return relations depend on the type of investor? A research note., Jacquelyn E. Humphrey, Karen L. Benson, and Tim Brailsford

Equity tension and new public management policy development and implementation in the water industry, Christopher Hunt, John Staunton, and Keitha Dunstan

Earnings quality and the adoption of IFRS- based accounting standards: Evidence from an emerging market, Wan Adibah Wan Ismail, Khairul Anuar Kamarudin, Tony van Zijl, and Keitha Dunstan


A diagnosis of inherent problems in enhancing service quality through internal marketing and organizational identification in Macau and Singapore Casinos, Sudhir Kale and Sangita De

A diagnosis of inherent problems in enhancing service quality through internal marketing and organizational identification in Macau and Singapore casinos, Sudhir H. Kale and Sangita De

Assessment of reliability and validity of the Gambling Related Cognitions Scale (GRCS), Sudhir H. Kale and Chris Dubelaar

Attaining legitimacy by employee information in annual reports, Pamela Kent and Tamara Zunker

Overview of perceptions of German wine tourism from the winery perspective, Jasmine Koch, Andrew Martin, and Robert Nash

Enforcement of privacy requirements, Padmanabhan Krishnan and Kostyantyn Vorobyov

Beach, sun and surf tourism, Neil Lazarow, Michael Raybould, and David Anning

Canonical vine copulas in the context of modern portfolio management: Are they worth it?, Rand Kwong Yew Low, Jamie Alcock, Robert Faff, and Tim Brailsford

On innovation cycles in a finite discrete R & D game, Shravan Luckraz

The impact of country-of-origin on the acceptance of foreign subsidiaries in host countries: An examination of the 'liability-of-foreignness', Miriam Moeller, Michael Harvey, David Griffith, and Glenn Richey


Problem gambling among international and domestic university students in Australia: Who is at risk?, Susan M. Moore, Anna C. Thomas, Sudhir Kale, Mark Spence, Natalina Zlatevska, Petra K. Staiger, Joseph Graffam, and Michael Kyrios

Optimal diet selection and the compliance problem: a technical note, Munirul H. Nabinl, Sukanto Bhattacharya, and Kuldeep Kumar

Private placement, share prices, volume and financial crisis: An emerging market study, M. Normazia, Taufiq Hassan, Mohamed Ariff, and M. Shamsher


Multiple local neighbourhood search for extremal optimisation, Marcus Randall


Beach and surf tourism and recreation in Australia: Vulnerability and adaptation, Michael Raybould, David Anning, Dan Ware, and Neil Lazarow


Do debt markets price sukuk and conventional bonds differently?, Meysam Safari, Mohamed Ariff, and Shamsher M.

Marketing the adventure: Utilizing the aspects of risk/fear/thrill to target the youth traveller segment, Fabian Schlegelmilch and Claudia Ollenburg


Gambling on gambling: Financial implications of raising bet limits and table differentials, Mark Spence, Stephen Sugden, and Sudhir Kale

Internship design and its impact on student satisfaction and intrinsic motivation, Paul Stansbie, Robert Nash, and Kristen Jack

Developing customised CRM projects: The role of industry norms, organisational context and customer expectations on CRM implementation, Marion Steel, Chris Dubelaar, and Michael Ewing

An enriched multimedia eBook application to facilitate learning of anatomy, Allan Stirling and James Birt

Fostering creativity in healthcare: Healthcare workers as agents of creativity, March L. To, Neal M. Ashkanasy, and Cynthia D. Fisher

Dead Cat Bounce [Radio Interview], Bruce Vanstone


How diversified is your equity portfolio?, Bruce Vanstone


Momentum investing and the GFC: The case of the S&P/ASX100, Bruce J. Vanstone and Tobias Hahn


A dynamic approach to locating memory leaks, Kostyantyn Vorobyov, Padmanabhan Krishnan, and Phil A. Stocks

Beach and surf tourism and recreation in Australia: Vulnerability and adaptation, Dan Ware, Michael Raybould, Neil Lazarow, and David Anning

Income volatility of Indonesian banks after the Asian Financial Crisis, Barry Williams


The impact of non interest income on bank risk in Australia, Barry Williams


The chicken or the egg? The trade-off between bank fee income and net interest margins, Barry Williams and Gulasekaran Rajaguru

A note on adverse selection from thoroughbred wagering - further evidence in Australia, Robert Wrathall

Style drift analysis of hedge funds, Lin Xu, Thomas Henker, and Julia Henker

Documents from 2012


Computational intelligence and decision making: A multidisciplinary review, Renato Martins Alas, Sukanto Bhattacharya, and Kuldeep Kumar


Risk and reward - is it all in our heads? A short history of neuroeconomics, Renato Martins Alas, Kuldeep Kumar, M Nabin, and Sukanto Bhattacharya


What does volume reveal: A study of the Indian Single Stock Futures Market, Renato Martins Alas, Harminder Singh, and Sukanto Bhattacharya


Corporate governance and access to interest bearing debt, Husam Aldamen and Keith Duncan


Does adopting good corporate governance enhance accruals quality during the Global Financial Crisis?, Husam Aldamen and Keith Duncan


Does adopting good corporate governance impact the cost of intermediated and non-intermediated debt?, Husam Aldamen and Keith Duncan


Audit committee characteristics and firm performance during the global financial crisis, Husam Aldamen, Keith Duncan, Simone Kelly, Ray McNamara, and Stephan Nagel


Governance-default risk relationship and the demand for intermediated and non-intermediated debt, Husam Aldamen, Keith Duncan, and Safdar Ullah Khan


Behavioural responses to beach erosion and climate change, David Anning, Michael Raybould, Dan Ware, and Neil Lazarow

The origin of the global financial crisis: An alternative view, Mohamed Ariff

Money supply, interest rate, liquidity and share prices: A test of their linkage, Mohamed Ariff, Tin-fah Chung, and M Shamsher

Regulatory Failure and the Global Financial Crisis: An Australian Perspective, Mohamed Ariff, John H. Farrar, and Ahmed M. Khalid

Prospects and challenges of developing sukuk Islamic debt markets around the world, Mohamed Ariff, Munawar Iqbal, and Shamsher Mohamad

Panel data approach to identity factors correlated with equity market risk premiums in developed and emerging markets, Mohamed Ariff and Vijaya B. Marisetty

Are sukuk securities the same as conventional bonds?, Mohamed Ariff and Meysam Safari

Sukuk securities, their definitions, classification and pricing issues, Mohamed Ariff, Meysam Safari, and Shamsher Mohamad

Origination, issuance, marketing and listing of sukuk securities, Mohamed Ariff and Mohamad Shamsher


Exogenous or endogenous money supply: Evidence from Australia, Zatul E. Badarudin, Ahmed Khalid, and Mohamed Ariff

Firm size and technical efficiency: A study of family and non-family SMEs, Frank Barbera

Emerging market mutual funds: Recent trends in performance, expenses, composition and growth, Will J. Bertin, Laurie Prather, and Li-Anne Woo

A mathematical model for estimation of fibre, Abhijit Bhattacharya and Kuldeep Kumar


Recognition and resolution of 'comprehension uncertainty' in AI, Sukanto Bhattacharya and Kuldeep Kumar


The impact of terrorism on global equity market integration, Chris Bilson, Tim Brailsford, Aiden Hallett, and Jing Shi

Unemployment and the Global Financial Crisis: Who suffered most and why?, Melissa Bond and Noel Gaston

Teaching strategic thinking in management education, Ingrid Bonn

Supporting secure information flow: An engineering approach, Shane Bracher and Padmanabhan Krishnan


The historical equity risk premium in Australia: Post-GFC and 128 years of data, Tim Brailsford, John C. Handley, and Krishnan Maheswaran

Workplace bullying: What can be done to prevent and manage it?, Sara Branch, Jane Murray, and Sheryl Ramsey

Car decals as a new data source for self-drive tourists, Ralf Buckley and Claudia Ollenburg


Market environment, assortment policy, and performance of small retailers, Jack Cadeaux and Chris Dubelaar

Does weak intellectual property rights protection deter investment in R&D? Evidence from the tea industry in China, Neil Campbell, Kainan Huang, and Shravan Luckraz


The development of a social psychological model of strategy implementation, James Carlopio and Michael Harvey

A key to prosperity in hypercompetitive markets: Organizational 'hyperflexibility', James Carlopio, Tim Kiessling, and Michael Harvey


Incentives for prior period error corrections under IAS 8, Amanda Carol and Pamela Kent


A comparison of the power of the discrete Kolmorgorov-Smirnov and Chi-Square Goodness of Fit tests, Janet Chaseling, Michael Steele, Neil Smart, and Cameron P. Hurst

Empowerment through knowledge of accounting and related disciplines: Participatory action research in an African village, Janne O Y Chung and Carolyn Windsor


Money supply, interest rate, liquidity and share prices: A test of their linkage using panel data of G-7 countries, Tin-fah Chung, Mohamed Ariff, and Shamsher M.


Accounting for ethics in action: Problems with localised constructions of legitimacy, Stewart R. Clegg and Ray Gordon


The consumer experience of holidays booked via Daily Deal promotions: An online content analysis of traveller reviews, Carmen Cox

The distinctiveness, design, and direction of family business research: Insights from management luminaries, Justin Craig and Carlo Salvato

Trading market access for technology? Tax incentives, foreign direct investment and productivity spillovers in China, Ziliang Deng, Rod Falvey, and Adam Blake

Natural environment, market orientation, and firm innovativeness: An organizational life cycle perspective, Clay Dibrell, Justin Craig, and Eric Hansen


Effective corporate monitoring: Independence, motivation and means, Lyndal Drennan, Simone Kelly, Ray McNamara, and Michelle Martin


The effect of synchronous and asynchronous participation on students' performance in online accounting courses, Keith Duncan, A. L. Kenworthy, and Ray McNamara


Trade liberalization, economic crises, and growth, Rod Falvey, Neil Foster, and David Greenaway


Competitive and harmonised R&D policies for international R&D alliances involving asymmetric firms, Rodney Falvey and Khemarat Talerngsri Teerasuwannajak


Using experience sampling methodology in organizational behavior, Cynthia D. Fisher and March L. To


Business failure prediction using statistical techniques: A review, Adrian Gepp and Kuldeep Kumar

A multi-objective external optimisation approach applied to RFID antenna design, Pedro Gomez-Meneses, Marcus Randall, and Andrew Lewis

Aligning strategic orientation with local market conditions: Implications for subsidiary knowledge management, David A. Griffith, Timothy Kiessling, and Marina Dabic

Aligning expatriate managers’ expectations with complex global assignments, Michael Harvey, M. Ronald Buckley, Glenn Richey, Miriam Moeller, and Milorad M. Novicevic

Managerial self-concept in a global context: An integral component of cross-cultural competencies, Michael Harvey, Nancy McIntyre, Miriam Moeller, and Hugh Sloan III


Family ownership and discretionary accruals quality, Tim Hasso and Keith Duncan

Attention deficit/hyperactive disorder as an entrepreneurial “marker” among family business members: A social learning perspective, Mario Hayek and Michael Harvey

How the Australian ban on short selling during the GFC affected market quality and volitility, Uwe Helmes, Julia Henker, and Thomas Henker


The vanishing abnormal returns of momentum strategies and ‘front-running’ momentum strategies, Julia Henker, Thomas Henker, Robert Huynh, and Martin Martens


Realized idiosyncratic volatility and retail investors, Julia Henker, Thomas Henker, and Deborah Tan

Retail investors exonerated: The case of the January effect, Julia Henker and Debapriya J. Paul

Multi-objective particle swarm optimisation for molecular transition state search, Jan Hettenhausen, Andrew Lewis, Stephen Chen, Marcus Randall, and Rene Fournier

Time to equilibrium in exchange rates: G-10 and Eastern European economies, Catherine Ho and Mohamed Ariff

Voluntary disclosure of GHG emission information, Janice Hollindale, Pamela Kent, and Carolyn Windsor

Reply to discussion of "The effect of IFRS adoption and investor protection on earnings quality around the world.", Muhammad Nurul Houqe, Tony van Zijl, Keitha Dunstan, and A.K.M. Waresul Karim

Information systems in environmental sustainability: Of cannibals and forks, Dirk Hovorka, Nancy Auerbach, and Elaine Labajo

The consequences of educational specialty and nationality faultlines for project teams, Yuan Jiang, Susan E. Jackson, James B. Shaw, and Yunhyung Chung

Understanding teenage poker gambling: Policy and consumer behaviour implications, Sudhir Kale and Natalina Zlatevska