Secondary design: A case of community participation

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Germonprez, M., & Hovorka, D. (2011). Secondary design: A case of community participation. Paper presented at the Family Business Australia (FBA): Family business research & education symposium, Perth, Australia.

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2011 HERDC submission. FoR code: 150101

© Copyright Matt Germonprez & Dirk Hovorka, 2011


Online communities often rely on the loyalty and time of community members to donate energy and expertise in processes of secondary design. The focus of this paper is regarding a breakdown in the processes of secondary design at such an online community. We follow a case of change at an established online community, Digg.com. Changes in technology components by Digg administration and the effects this has had on the Digg community members affected how members contributed to processes of secondary design. This case warrants investigation as organizations are increasingly attempting to leverage online communities in the design and development of systems. The case contributes to theorizing about secondary design and communities of practice.

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