Documents from 2011

Australian experience of culturally diverse university classrooms, Beata Malczewska-Webb

Talent management in Law Firms- Evolution, revelation, revolution or business as usual?, Susan Manch and Terri Mottershead

Resilience in university students: Academic success, recollected parental style, and coping strategies, Abby McCann and Richard Hicks

Conclusion, Brett McCormick and Jonathan H. Ping

Introduction, Brett McCormick and Jonathan H. Ping

Sexual asphyxia, Michael McGrath and Brent E. Turvey

The management of recreational fisheries, Daryl McPhee

Spreadsheet conditional formatting illuminates investigations into modular arithmetic, David Miller and Stephen Sugden

Role of teaching ethics in higher education, Sanjay Mishra and Kuldeep Kumar

Pacific countries in the WTO: Accession and accommodation, the reality of WTO accession, Andrew D. Mitchell and Joanne Wallis

Research beginnings: Researching family business in Australia, Ken Moores

Australian defence force transformation: The hardened and networked army, Stuart Murray

Propaganda or diplomacy? 'Selling' brand Australia, Stuart Murray

Rebranding China on the olympic stage, Stuart Murray

The pariah state of global society: North Korea, Stuart Murray

The plight of the Kimberley: Jobs or culture?, Stuart Murray

Reconceptualising property: Towards a sustainable paradigm for property, John Page

Leadership and organization theory, Ken W. Parry


The Chinese development model: International development and hegemony, Jonathan H. Ping

Birthing and re-birthing Down Under: from ARM-A to AMIRCI, Marie Porter and Julie Kelso

An integrated education planning model for strategic decisions using system dynamics, Mridula Sahay and Kuldeep Kumar

Total quality management in higher education, Mridula Sahay and Kuldeep Kumar

Introduction, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer

Integrating skills into the study of law, Lee Stuesser

Special Witnesses, Lee Stuesser

Written Submissions, Lee Stuesser


Mechanism of autoimmunity in pregnancy - The good and the bad, Lotti Tajouri, Ekua W. Brenu, Donald R. Staines, and Sonya M. Marshall-Gradisnik

Mobilisation with movement in the management of swimmer's shoulder, Pamela Teys and Bill Vicenzino

Indigenous knowledges, birds that have 'spoken' and science, Sonia Tidemann, Sharon Chirgwin, and J. Ross Sinclair

Aboriginal stories: The riches and colour of Australian birds, Sonia Tidemann and Tim Whiteside

A history of criminal profiling, Brent E. Turvey

An introduction to crime scene analysis, Brent E. Turvey

Domestic homicide, Brent E. Turvey

Ethics and the criminal profiler, Brent E. Turvey

Fire and explosives: behavioral aspects, Brent E. Turvey

Inferring offender characteristics, Brent E. Turvey

Mass murder, Brent E. Turvey

Psychopathy and sadism: interpreting psychopathic and sadistic behavior in the crime scene, Brent E. Turvey

Serial cases: investigating pattern crimes, Brent E. Turvey

Sex crimes, Brent E. Turvey

Case linkage: offender modus operandi and signature, Brent E. Turvey and Jodi Freeman

Crime scene characteristics, Brent E. Turvey and Jodi Freeman

Forensic victimology, Brent E. Turvey and Jodi Freeman

Introduction to terrorism: understanding and interviewing terrorists, Brent E. Turvey, Majeed Khader, Jansen Ang, Eunice Tan, and Jeffrey Chin

False reports, Brent E. Turvey and Michael McGrath

Goods and consumer issues, Michael Weir

Restricted acts and protected titles, Michael Weir

Wither covenants in Queensland in the name of sustainability?, Michael Weir

'Homosexual health hazards': Public discourse on homosexuality and medicine in Australia, 1973-1984, Emily Wilson

Legal translation, Leon Wolff

ADR Ethics: Regulating disclosure in mediation, Bobette Wolski

Documents from 2010

Social identity and moral judgement: The impact of political affiliation on the evaluation of government policy, Lisa Abel and Matthew Hornsey

Australia, Lynne A. Armitage

Creativity as mood regulation, Neal M. Ashkanasy, Cynthia Fisher, and Patricia A. Rowe

Stakeholder perspectives of organisational reputation, Mark Bahr, Jeni Warburton, Yolanda van Gellecum, and Margaret Shapiro

Green transit oriented development and subtropical design, Bhishna Bajracharya, Daniel O'Hare, and Jason Byrne


The next generation demand network in quick response systems: Intelligent products, packet switching and dynamic information, Jeffrey Barker and Gavin Finnie

Developing advocacy in physiotheraphy students: Working with our Tanzanian colleagues, Mara Bennett

Internationalisation of decision-making - Arbitration, Lawrence Boo

International arbitration and competing dispute resolution options, Laurence Boulle

Current research in personality traits and individual differences, Gregory J. Boyle

Capstone project readies multimedia and game students for client focused success, Jeffrey E. Brand, Jan Jervis, and Sandra Thwaites

The immune system in chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis, Ekua W. Brenu, Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik, and Donald R. Staines

Forensic osteology, Christopher A. Briggs, Denise Donlon, and Walter B. Wood

Recall and recognition of in-game advertising: Effects of environment, ad positioning and difficulty, Koos C. M. Buijten, Claudia E. Pellengahr, and Penny de Byl

Constitutional milestones from 1867 to 2009, Gerard Carney

Damned lying politicians: Integrity and truth in politics, Damian Cox and Michael Levine

The role of the PMO, Lynn Crawford

The PRC’s governance diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region, Rosita Dellios

Information needs, asking questions and some basics of research studies, Chris Del Mar and Tammy Hoffmann

Integrating research and curriculum design: An event study in introductory accounting, Keith Duncan, Simone Kelly, and Ray McNamara

Forensic victimology, Claire Ferguson, Wayne A. Petherick, and Brent E. Turvey

The nature and role of expert forensic testimony, David Field

Human resource consulting by beginners: Applying knowledge in the real world, Cynthia Fisher and James B. Shaw

The scorecard on contract formation and enforceability issues in web transactions, Jay Forder

Arson, Katarina Fritzon

Personality and social risk factors for driving offences, Katarina Fritzon, Carla Ferrari, and Laura Fleming

Functional consistency in female forensic psychiatric patients: An action system theory approach, Katarina Fritzon and Sarah Miller

Recent developments in the literature on foreign direct investment and labour markets, Noel Gaston

Globalization and integration in the Asia-Pacific: Prospects and risks, Noel Gaston and Ahmed Khalid


Introduction, Noel Gaston and Ahmed M. Khalid

The criminal investigator, Terry Goldsworthy

Introduction: Context and background to Australian research in personality and individual differences, Richard Hicks

The internationalisation of law: Introductory and personal thoughts for the Symposium, Mary Hiscock


Epilogue, Mary E. Hiscock and William van Caenegem

Conflict of laws, Mary Hiscock and Winnie J. Ma

Questions about the effects of interventions: Examples of appraisals from different health professions, Tammy Hoffmann, John W. Bennett, Mark R. Elkins, Craig Lockwood, Angela Morgan, Sharon Sanders, Alan Spencer, Luis Vitetta, and Caroline Wright

Introduction to evidence-based practice, Tammy Hoffmann, Sally Bennett, and Chris Del Mar

The generative potential of participatory geographic information systems, Dirk Hovorka and Nancy A. Auerbach

Generation Y: Perspectives of quality in youth adventure travel experiences in an Australian backpacker context, Gayle Jennings, Carl Cater, Young-Sook Lee, Claudia Ollenburg, Amanda Ayling, and Brooke Lunny

BioSMART: An integrated programme to enhance graduate skills in biomedical science, Peter J. Johnson, Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik, Kevin Ashton, John Leggett, Russ Chess-Williams, and Debra Henly

From novice to expert: Building professional acumen through tertiary education programs, Clive M. Jones

Origination and the holy mark of the Motherless Body: Pilate's absent navel in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon, Julie Kelso

Service-based consulting projects: Real world, real time, real pressure learning in negotiation, Amy L. Kenworthy, George A. Hrivnak, and Jane Murray

Labor market transitions for female workers in Japan: The role of global competition, Tomoko Kishi and Noel Gaston

Introduction, Robyn Lincoln and Shirleene Robinson

When the penalty was death, Robyn Lincoln and Shirleene Robinson

The internationalisation of legal education: A road increasingly travelled, Vai Io Lo

Regulating nanotechnology in South Africa, Michael Lupton

Personality and task performance, Trishita Mathew and Richard Hicks