Submissions from 2016

Working with adult arsonists: Therapeutic process issues, Ryan Bell

LISREL analyses of the RIASEC model: Confirmatory and congeneric factor analyses of Holland's Self-Directed Search, Gregory J. Boyle and Sergio Fabris

Where next? Identifying firesetting research priorities, Geoffrey L. Dickens, Rebekah M. Doley, and Therese A. Gannon

Introduction: deliberate firesetting- an overview, Rebekah Doley, Geoffrey L. Dickens, and Therese A. Gannon

Suicide by self-immolation: Causal and contributing factors, Therese Ellis-Smith and Rebekah Doley

Female firesetters, Katarina Fritzon and Sarah Miller

Geographic profiling: Advances in arson investigation, Katarina Fritzon, Pekka Santtila, and Manne Laukkanen

Dealing with resistance to change by legal academics, Nick James

The internationalisation of legal education: General report for the Vienna Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law, 20–26 July 2014, Christophe Jamin and William van Caenegem

Public relations, the postcolonial other and the issue of asylum seekers, Jane Johnston

Understanding post-colonial India's culture: A juxtaposition of modern and traditional values, Trishita Kordyban, Richard Hicks, and Mark Bahr

Understanding the post-colonial India’s culture: A juxtaposition of modern and traditional values, Trishita Kordyban, Richard Hicks, and Mark Bahr

Evaluating stereotypes in counter-stereotypic occupations, Robert Nash

Strategic Management, Danny O'Brien and Ben Corbett

Transport: From cream cans and campers to city centres and commuters, Daniel O'Hare and Matthew Burke

Enforcing privacy across different jurisdictions, Dan Svantesson

Current directions of risk assessment in deliberate firesetters, Bruce Watt and Sabrina Ong

Arson survivors, Deborah Wilmoth and Kerrilee Hollows

Documents from 2015

Negotiating communties [sic]: Sustainable cultural surf tourism, Andrew C. Abel and Danny O'Brien

Popular participation in labour law: the new labour dispute resolution tribunal, Takashi Araki and Leon Wolff

The Pink Poodle, swimming pavilions and Miami Ice, Lynne Armitage and Shelley Burgin

Burnout among medical professionals: Prevalence, risk factors and how to combat the epidemic, Manit Arora

Planning for the Gold Coast: Processes, challenges and opportunities, Bhishna Bajracharya, Linda Too, Daniel O'Hare, and Isara Khanjanasthiti

International construction cost comparisons, Rick Best and Jim Meikle

The international comparison program and purchasing power parities for construction, Rick Best and Jim Meikle

Measures of affect dimensions, Gregory J. Boyle, Edward Helmes, Gerald Matthews, and Carroll E. Izard

Criteria for selection and evaluation of scales and measures, Gregory J. Boyle, Donald H. Saklofske, and Gerald Matthews

A genetic algorithm solver for pest management control in Island systems, Jana Brotankova, Marcus Randall, Andrew Lewis, Robert L. Pressey, and Amelia Wenger

'Getting up close and personal': Wildlife of the Gold Coast theme parks, Shelley Burgin

Rainbow lorikeets, possums and pythons: The wildlife of the Gold Coast, Shelley Burgin

Wildlife of the Gold Coast wetlands, Shelley Burgin and Daryl McPhee

Romancing the PPSA: Challenges for instructors in teaching and reconciling new concepts with traditional norms, Francina Cantatore and Ian Stevens

Overcoming victimhood: Stoicism, anti-stoicism and Le Fils, Damian Cox

Plato's paradox of leadership, Damian Cox and Peter Crook

How does crisis leadership influence effective crisis readiness (CR), Jennifer Cronin and Ken Parry

Toward authenticity or defeat: The jolting effect of layoff, Suzanne C. de Janasz and Amy L. Kenworthy

Hard choices: Defining Australia's national interest in an Asian century, John H. Farrar

National interest in an increasingly globalised world, John H. Farrar, Mary Hiscock, and Vai Io Lo

Measures of anger and hostility in adults, Ephrem Fernandez, Andrew Day, and Gregory J. Boyle

Offshore petroleum resource access and regulation in Canada, Kylie Fletcher

Defining Australian national interests in regulating foreign investments, Umair H. Ghori

Stopping the stalker: Victim responses to stalking, Terry Goldsworthy and Matthew Raj

In conclusion, something to chew on: Native plant foods of the Gold Coast, Simon Grigalius and Daryl McPhee

Finding a happier ending: The role of narrative in post traumatic meaning-making, Donna Henson

Shepparton preserving company: The tomato processing industry and the national interest, Mary Hiscock

Conclusion, Mary Hiscock and William van Caenegem

Confessions of a putative child molester, Stephen Holden

Preface, Stephen Holden, Marie-Claire Patron, and Ami Rokach

State of the environment, Tor Hundloe

The Gold Coast: A snapshot, Tor Hundloe

The Gold Coast before Cook named Mount Warning, Tor Hundloe

The impact on the Gold Coast's terrestrial environments, Tor Hundloe

A brief history of discovery, settlement and development, Tor Hundloe and Craig Page

Scottish cruise tourism, the strategic development of the sector and the factors effecting future growth, Emma Hunter, Andrew Martin, and Robert Nash

Responsible international citizenry in the Asian century: Why failure to meet international obligations adversely affects Australian national interests, Danielle Ireland-Piper

Through the looking glass: A proposal for national reform of Australia’s surrogacy legislation, Tammy Johnson

Achieving financial stability through financial market integration with Asia, Ahmed Khalid and Asif Saeed

The Barnacle: A bit like camping, but much, much better., Chris Knapp

Arclight, Chris Knapp, Andrew Kudless, and Jonathan Nelson

Performance measures for construction, Craig Langston

Refining the citiBLOC index, Craig Langston

Internationalization of the construction industry, Weisheng Lu, Huan Yang, and Craig Langston

Formal English education in Japan: What causes ‘unsuccessful’ English language learning?, Masanori Matsumoto

Motivational changes and their affecting factors among students from different cultural backgrounds, Masanori Matsumoto

The legacy of David Fleay, a pioneering Gold Coast conservationist, Bridgette McDougall

Marine environments of the Gold Coast: Out with the old, in with the new, Daryl McPhee

Setting the scene, Jim Meikle and Rick Best

Measuring and comparing construction activity internationally, Jim Meikle and Sephen Gruneberg

Evolution, not revolution: The digital divide in American and Australian contexts, Stuart Murray


Clinical data warehousing for evidence based decision making, Lekha Narra, Tony Sahama, and Peta Stapleton

Measures of empathy: Self-report, behavioral, and neuroscientific approaches, David Neumann, Raymond C.K. Chan, Gregory J. Boyle, Yi Wang, and H. Rae Westbury

'The way of the world', international economic law and national constitutions: Irish constitutional sovereignty and the Eurozone crisis, Darren O'Donovan

'Visions of a distant millennium'? The effectiveness of the UN Human Rights Petition System, Darren O'Donovan and Patrick Keyzer

The beaches, Craig Page and Tor Hundloe

Regulating Australia's financial stability in the national interest, Louise Parsons

Sticks and stones: Only skin deep after all!, Marie-Claire Patron

Students' loneliness during cross-cultural adjustments, Marie-Claire Patron

An evolutionary algorithm for deriving withdrawal rates in defined contribution schemes, Kerem Senel and Jason West


Developing a cultural immersion approach to teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and culture, Janie Smith, Shannon Springer, John Togno, Mary Martin, Bradley Murphy, and Christina Wolfe

Reducing the ecological footprint: The prospect for green energy, Sophie Telfar and Tor Hundloe

Geographical indications and indigenous intellectual property, William van Caenegem

Data characteristics for high-frequency trading systems, Bruce Vanstone and Tobias Hahn


Negotiating about power sharing and how to make decisions in the future, John Wade

Bilingualism in the classroom: European students in Australia, Beata Webb

When Japanese law goes pop, Leon Wolff

Introduction: who rules Japan?, Leon Wolff, Luke Nottage, and Kent Anderson

Submissions from 2014


South Asian regional cooperation: The India-Pakistan imperative, Samad Aftab

Decision-Making in Economics: Critical Lessons from Neurobiology, Renato Martins Alas, Kuldeep Kumar, Avik Mukherjee, Munirul H. Nabin, and Sukanto Bhattacharya

Similarities and differences in Islamic and conventional banking, Mohamed Ariff and Mervyn K. Lewis

Development needs of the Islamic banking industry, Mohamed Ariff, Mervyn K. Lewis, and Shamsher Mohamad

Issues in the risk and regulation of Islamic banking, Mohamed Ariff, Mervyn K. Lewis, and Shamsher Mohamad

A socio-economic profile of Muslim countries, Mohamed Ariff and Meysam Safari

Major Islamic banking products and markets: A preliminary analysis, Mohamed Ariff and Meysam Safari

The partial codification of contract law: Lessons from New Zealand, Rick Bigwood

Advocacy before an international arbitral tribunal, Lawrence Boo

Isolationism, democratisation and globalisation: Legal education in a developing country, Laurence Boulle

Joining the BRICs: The case of South Africa, Laurence Boulle and Jessie Chella

The Ethical Complexities of Transfusion-Free Medicine, Surgery and Research, Katrina A. Bramstedt

Mining Constructivism in the University: The case of creative mode, Jeffrey Brand, Penny de Byl, Scott J. Knight, and James Hooper

Humpty Dumpty and Risk assessment: A reply to Slobogin, Ian R. Coyle and Robert Halon