Documents from 2014

Public Sentinels: A Comparative Study of Australian Solicitors-General, Gabrielle Appleby, Patrick Keyzer, and John M. Williams

Authors, copyright, and publishing in the digital era, Francina Cantatore

China's strategic priorities, Jonathan H. Ping and Brett McCormick

China’s strategic priorities, Jonathan H. Ping and Brett McCormick

Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property Breach of Confidence, Misappropriation and Unfair Competition, William van Caenegem

Submissions from 2013


Discover: A Resource for People Planning for the Future. A DisabilityCare Australia, the National Disability Insurance Scheme Help Guide, Gail Casey, Veronica Jones, and Patrick Keyzer

Hanks Australian Constitutional Law: Materials and Commentary, Jennifer Clarke, Patrick Keyzer, and James Stellios

Globalisation, the Global Financial Crisis and the State, John H. Farrar and David G. Mayes

Evidence-Based Practice Across the Health Professions, Tammy Hoffmann, Sally Bennett, and Chris Del Mar

Preventive Detention: Asking the Fundamental Questions, Patrick Keyzer

Principles of Australian Constitutional Law, Patrick Keyzer


Assessment @ Bond, Shelley Kinash and Diana Knight


First Steps Towards Blended Learning @ Bond, Shelley Kinash, Diana Knight, and Ron Kordyban

Ong on specific performance, Denis Ong

Ong on Specific Performance, Denis Ong

Extraterritoriality in Data Privacy Law, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

Corridors to Extinction and the Australian Megafauna, Steve Webb

Practical professionalism in medicine: A global based workbook, Roger Worthington and Richard B. Hays

Style drift analysis of hedge funds, Lin Xu, Thomas Henker, and Julia Henker

Documents from 2012

Guidelines for Preventive Activities in General Practice, Evan Ackermann, Mark F. Harris, Karen Alexander, Meredith Arcus, Linda Bailey, John W. Bennett, Chris Del Mar, Jon Emery, Ben Ewald, Dan Ewald, Michael Fasher, John Furler, Faline Howes, Caroline Johnson, Beres Joyner, John Litt, Danielle Mazza, Dimity Pond, Jane W. Smith, and Tania Winzenberg

Regulatory Failure and the Global Financial Crisis: An Australian Perspective, Mohamed Ariff, John H. Farrar, and Ahmed M. Khalid

Mediation: Skills and Techniques second edition, Laurence Boulle and Nadja Alexander

Psychological Assessment Vol 1- 4, Gregory J. Boyle, Donald Saklofske, and Gerald Matthews

Construction item pricing: For more profit and less risk, David Cattell

Covell and Lupton: Principles of Remedies, 5th edition, Wayne Covell, Keith Lupton, and Jay Forder

Thinking through film: Doing philosophy, watching movies, Damian Cox and Michael P. Levine

Best Industry Outcomes, Lynn Crawford and Terry Cooke-Davies

Holistic game development with unity: An all-in-one guide to implementing game mechanics, art, design and programming, Penny de Byl

Global textiles and clothing trade: Trade policy perspectives, Umair H. Ghori

The Courts and the Media: Challenges in the Era of Digital and Social Media, Patrick Keyzer, Jane Johnston, and Mark Pearson

Clean energy law in Australia, Damien Lockie

Australian Land Law in Context, Ken Mackie, Elise Bennett Histed, and John Page

Advance pricing agreements: Past, present and future, Michelle Markham

Sex trafficking: The dark side of the Australian sex industry?, Dianne McInnes and Paul Wilson

Trust Law in Australia, 4th edition, Denis Ong

Trusts law in Australia, Denis Ong


The legacy of the baby boomers or the French social system? Issues of equality and brain drain, Marie-Claire Patron

Blogging and tweeting without getting sued: A global guide to the law for anyone writing online, Mark Pearson

Cheshire & Fifoot: Law of Contract, 10th edition, N. C. Sneddon, Rick Bigwood, and M. P. Ellinghaus

Private International Law and the Internet, 2nd edition, Dan J B Svantesson

Svantesson on the Law of Obligations, 3rd edition, Dan J B Svantesson


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning @ Bond, Kayleen Wood, Shelley Kinash, and Diana Knight

Documents from 2011

The foundations of Islamic banking: Theory, practice and education

Einführung in das australische Recht: Mit neuseeländischem Recht (Introduction to Australian law - with New Zealand law), Wolfgang Babeck

Uprising: The internet's unintended consequences, Marcus Breen

Perspectives on the Roles and Functions of Attorneys-General and Solicitors-General, Iain Field and Patrick Keyzer

Fishing for sustainability: Will your grandchildren have the option to eat seafood?, Tor Hundloe, Julian Morison, Kate Brooks, and Andrew Sullivan


Tutoring @ Bond, Shelley Kinash and Diana Knight


Learning @ Bond, Shelley Kinash, Diana Knight, Susan Macfarlane, and Joanne Wheeler


Chinese engagements: Regional issues with global implications, Brett McCormick and Jonathan H. Ping

Dangerous People: Policy, Prediction and Practice, Bernadette McSherry and Patrick Keyzer

Ong on equity, Denis S. K. Ong

Relational rights and responsibilities: Perspectives on contractual arrangements in franchising, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning @ Bond: Fostering Early Career Research, Kayleen Wood, Diana Knight, and Shelley Kinash

Documents from 2010


Globalization and economic integration: Winners and losers in the Asia-Pacific

The globalization of world politics: Case studies from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific

Mediator skills and techniques: Triangle of influence, Laurence Boulle and Miryana Nesic

Spinning the web: The influence of the internet on the reporting of crime and criminal justice in traditional media, Joy Cameron-Dow

Strategy by design: A process of strategy innovation, James Carlopio

Pathaid: The interpretation of common pathology tests and the pathological diagnosis of disease, Warwick Carter

Legal reasoning, John H. Farrar

Migrating close to home: New Zealand migrants' identity in Australia, Alison E. Green and Mary R. Power


Legal regulatory framework for the sustainable extraction of Australian offshore petroleum resources: A critical functional analysis, Tina Hunter

Open constitutional courts, Patrick Keyzer

Principles of Australian constitutional law, Patrick Keyzer


Teaching @ Bond, Shelley Kinash

Real property law in Queensland, Carmel MacDonald, Les McCrimmon, Anne Wallace, and Michael Weir

Principles of Sentencing, Geraldine Mackenzie, Nigel Stobbs, and Jodie O'Leary

Persistence in Japanese language study in universities in Australia: Why do university students drop out of the language courses?, Masanori Matsumoto

Erasing Iraq: The human costs of carnage, Michael Otterman, Richard Hil, and Paul Wilson

Directors' powers and duties in Vietnam, Jeremy S. Pearce

Speaking out: Stopping homophobic and transphobic abuse in Queensland, Shirleene Robinson and Alan Berman

The sport development processes in Australia: The attraction, retention/transition, and nurturing of sport participants and athletes, Popi Sotiriadou

The Regulation of Franchising in the New Global Economy, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer

Intellectual property law in Australia, William Van Caenegem

Designing stockmarket trading systems: With and without soft computing, Bruce Vanstone and Tobias Hahn

Prevention is better than cure: Eugenics in Queensland 1900-1950, Emily Wilson

Documents from 2009

Fixed income markets: Malaysia and Singapore, Mohamed Ariff, F. F. Cheng, and W. H. Neo

Bond markets in Malaysia and Singapore, Mohamed Ariff, Cheng Fan Fah, and Neoh Vee Heng

Women in family business leadership roles: Daughters on the stage, Mary Barrett and Ken Moores

Exploring the complexity of projects: Implications of complexity theory for project management practice, Svetlana J. K. Cicmil, Terry J. Cooke-Davies, Lynn H. Crawford, and Kurt A. Richardson

Hanks' Australian constitutional law - Materials and commentary, Jennifer Clarke, Patrick Keyzer, and James Stellios

Politics most unusual: Violence, sovereignty and democracy in the 'war on terror', Damian Cox, Michael Levine, and Saul Newman

A snapshot of serial arson in Australia, Rebekah M. Doley

Evidence-based practice across the health professions, Tammy Hoffmann, Sally Bennett, and Chris Del Mar

Predators: Killers without a conscience, Amanda Howard and Paul Wilson

The planet of the thinking animal: Surviving the 21st century, Tor Hundloe

Community engagement in contemporary legal education: Pro bono, clinical education and service-learning, Patrick Keyzer, Amy Kenworthy, and Gail S. Wilson

Biologically-inspired optimisation methods, Andrew Lewis, Sanaz Mostaghim, and Marcus Randall

Commercial law in Australia, Vai Io Lo

Law for foreign business and investment in China, Vai Io Lo and Xiaowen Tian

Crisis command: Strategies for managing corporate crises, Hamish McLean and Mary Power

Sex offenders and preventive detention: Politics, policy and practice, Bernadette McSherry and Patrick Keyzer

Diary of a French girl: Surviving intercultural encounters, Marie-Claire Patron

Problem solving with Delphi, Stephen John Sugden

Svantesson on the law of obligations, Dan Svantesson

Feature writing (telling the story), Stephen Tanner, Molly Kasinger, and Nick Richardson

Intellectual and industrial property law, William Van Caenegem

SonomaWORKS a community health and welfare program evaluation: Moving people from welfare dependence to employment and independence, Peter Ned Wales

Documents from 2008

The globalization of world politics: Case studies from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific