Documents from 2008

Capital markets in Malaysia: Corporate finance, investment management, banking and corporate governance, Mohamed Ariff, Mohamad Shamsher, Hassan Taufiq, and Nassir Annuar Md

The law of globalisation, Laurence Boulle

Mediation: Skills and techniques, Laurence Boulle, Michael T. Colatrella Jr., and Anthony P. Picchioni

Challenges to multilateral trade: The impact of bilateral, preferential and regional agreements, Ross Buckley, Vai Io Lo, and Laurence Boulle

Developing management skills: A comprehensive guide for leaders, James Carlopio and Graham Andrewartha

Situational sponsorship of projects and programs: An empirical review, Lynn Crawford, Terry Cooke-Davies, Brian Hobbs, Les Labuschagne, Kaye Remington, and Ping Chen

Measuring globalisation: Gauging its consequences, Axel Dreher, Noel Gaston, and Pim Martens


Yulunga: Traditional indigenous games, Ken Edwards

Corporate governance: Theories, principles and practice, John H. Farrar

Internet and e-commerce law, Jay Forder and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying leadership, Brad Jackson and Ken W. Parry


Glimpses: a reflective look at life through a series of short stories., David Robinson

Something like slavery? : Queensland's Aboriginal child workers, 1842-1945, Shirleene Robinson

Teachers in blended learning environments: Case studies of ICT-enhanced blended learning in higher education, Gail S. Wilson

Five drops of blood, Paul Wilson and Dianne McInnes

Documents from 2007

The globalization of world politics: Case studies from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific

Offshore Processing of Asylum Seekers: The Search for Legitimate Parameters, Sam Blay, Jennifer Burn, and Patrick Keyzer

Principles of criminal law, Eric Colvin and Sanjeev Anand

Criminal law in Queensland and Western Australia, Eric Colvin and John McKechnie

Who killed Leanne Holland? one girl's murder and one man's injustice, Graeme Crowley and Paul Wilson


Contents and introduction of: Measuring Globalisation and its Consequences, Axel Dreher, Noel Gaston, and Pim Martens

Evidence law in Queensland, David Field

Dead bodies don't count: civilian casualties and the forgotten costs of the Iraq conflict, Richard Hil and Paul Wilson

Media relations: Issues and strategies, Jane Johnston

Culture and identity in study abroad contexts: after Australia, French without France, Marie-Claire Patron

The Journalist’s Guide to Media Law. Dealing with legal and ethical issues, Mark Pearson


The DaWei Laws, David Robinson

Intellectual property law and innovation, William van Caenegem

Documents from 2006

The Constitutional Systems of the Australian States and Territories , Gerard Carney

Clinical thinking: Evidence, communication and decision-making, Chris Del Mar, Jenny Doust, and Paul Glasziou

Intellectual property, William van Caenegem

The First Boat People, Steve Webb

China's Urban Health Care Reform: From State Protection to Individual Responsibility, Chack-Kie Wong, Vai Io Lo, and Kwong-leung Tang

Documents from 2005

Mediation: Principles, process, practice, Laurence Boulle

Issues in Australian crime and criminal justice, Duncan Chappell and Paul Wilson

Who Killed Leanne? An Investigation into a Murder and Miscarriage of Justice, Graeme Crowley and Paul Wilson

Law and investment in China: the legal and business environment after WTO accession, Vai Io Lo


Destiny: the reflections of a surfing professor, David Robinson

Alternative medicine: a new regulatory model, Michael Weir

Documents from 2004

International Confucian conference in commemoration of the 2550th anniversary of Confucius' birthday: Toward a global community, R. James Ferguson, Martin Lu, and Rosita Dellios

Intelligent techniques in e-commerce, Zhaohao Sun and Gavin Finnie

Documents from 2003

Justice in the Deep North: An historical perspective on crime and punishment in Queensland, Carole McCartney, Robyn Lincoln, and Paul Wilson

Documents from 2001

Stars under the Southern Cross: The untold stories of Queensland family businesses, Noel J. Lindsay and Justin B. Craig


Sources of News and Current Affairs, Mark Pearson, Jeffrey E. Brand, Deborah Archbold, and Halim Rane

Documents from 1999


Shiga Shigetaka (1863-1927): the forgotten enlightener, Masako Gavin

Documents from 1998

Konnichiwa from Australia, Masako Gavin and Masanori Matsumoto

Documents from 1997

"I hope he dies before me": caring for ageing children with intellectual disabilities and "against the odds": parents with intellectual disabilities, Patrick Keyzer, Terry Carney, and David Tait

Intellectual property law in Australia, William van Caenegem

Documents from 1988


Computer Mathematics using Pascal, 2nd Edition, Stephen J. Sugden and John Simmond