Submissions from 2014

The impact of load carriage on the marksmanship of the tactical police officer: A pilot study, Patrick D. Carbone, Simon D. Carlton, Michael Stierli, and Robin M. Orr

The impact of occupational load carriage on the mobility of the tactical police officer, Simon D. Carlton, Patrick D. Carbone, M. Stierli, and Rob Orr

The impact of occupational load carriage on carrier mobility: A critical review of the literature, Simon D. Carlton and Rob Orr

Shoulder pain and dysfunction in young surf lifesavers, Josh Carter, Nick Marshall, and Allan Abbott

Effectiveness of paediatric asthma clinical pathways: A narrative systematic review, Kee-Hsin Chan, Chiehfen Chen, Hsueh-Erh Liu, Pei-Chuan Tzeng, and Paul Glasziou

ATP during early bladder stretch is important for urgency in detrusor overactivity patients, Ying Cheng, Kylie Mansfield, Wendy Allen, Russ Chess-Williams, Elizabeth Burcher, and Kate Moore

Research Review: Exercise can be so demanding, Michael Climstein and Joe Walsh

Research Review: Effect of supervised, periodized exercise training versus self-direct training, Mike Climstein and Joe Walsh

Research Review: Getting high for fitness, Mike Climstein and Joe Walsh

Building eco-social capacity to meet environmental crisis: A model accommodating perspectives of Western Sydney community groups, Tom Colley, Shelley Burgin, and Brenda Dobia

Treaty structure and public interest regulation in international economic law, Bradly J. Condon

Designing for better building adaptability: A comparison of adaptSTAR and ARP models, Sheila Conejos, Craig Langston, and Jim Smith

Vale, Saul Fridman, Jim Corkery

Reflections in a mirror, Damian Cox

Integrity, Damian Cox, Marguerite La Caze, and Michael Levine

Shared decision making for acute respiratory infections in primary care (protocol), Peter Coxeter, Tammy Hoffmann, and Chris Del Mar

Opening up a can of worms: How do decision-makers decide when witnesses are telling the truth?, Ian R. Coyle and Donald Thomson

Reproducibility of fatmax and fat oxidation rates during exercise in recreationally trained males, Ilaria Croci, Fabio Borrani, Nuala Byrne, Rachel Wood, Ingrid Hickman, Xavier Chenevie` re, and David Malatesta

Fat oxidation over a range of exercise intensities: fitness versus fatness, Ilaria Croci, Ingrid Hickman, Rachel Wood, Fabio Borrani, Graeme Macdonald, and Nuala Byrne

The cost of policital donation reform: a burden on the implied freedom of political communication - unions NSW and others v State of New South Wales, Domenico Cucinotta

The fight for the right to make donations to political parties: Unions NSW v NSW (2013) HCA 58, Domenico Cucinotta

Doping in Sport: Landis, Contador, Armstrong and the Tour de France, Chris Davies

Association between body fatness and measures of muscular endurance among part-time swat officers, J Dawes, Rob Orr, Craig Elder, and Carolyn Rockwell

World Masters Games: North American Participant Medical and Health History Survey, Mark DeBeliso, Joe Walsh, Michael Climstein, Ian T. Heazlewood, Jyrki Kettunen, Trish Sevene, and Kent Adams

A brief overview of Chinese and Confucian studies in Australia, Rosita Dellios

Evaluation of a curriculum initiative designed to enhance the research training of dietetics graduates, Ben Desbrow, Michael Leveritt, Michelle Palmer, and Roger Hughes

Authorisation as accessorial liability: The overlooked role of knowledge, Joachim Dietrich

Train the trainers: Maintaining standards to minimise injuries and avoiding legal liability in the fitness industry, Joachim Dietrich, Patrick Keyzer, Ian R. Coyle, Kevin Norton, Betul Sekendiz, Veronica Jones, and Caroline Finch

Critical junctures: regulatory failures, Ireland's administrative state and the Office of the Ombudsman, Fiona Donson and Darren O'Donovan

Evaluating stroke patients' awareness of risk factors and readiness to change stroke risk-related behaviors in a randomized controlled trial., Sally Eames, Tammy Hoffmann, and Nichola Phillips

Attentional biases in processing emotional facial expressions: Effects of state anxiety, trait anxiety and awareness, Mark Edwards

Effects of trait anxiety and situational stress on attentional shifting are buffered by working memory capacity, Mark Edwards, Phillipa Moore, James Champion, and Elizabeth Edwards

Best practices and lessons learnt from RTD-Denver's West Light Rail Project, John Elias

Antibiotics for bronchiolitis in children under two years of age, Rebecca Farley, Geoffrey K.P. Spurling, Lars Eriksson, and Chris Del Mar

Optimal strategies for identifying kidney disease in diabetes: properties of screening tests, progression of renal dysfunction and impact of treatment- systematic review and modelling of progression and cost-effectiveness, Andrew J. Farmer, Richard Stevens, Jennifer Hirst, Tom Lung, Jason Oke, Philip Clarke, Andrew Neil, Paul Glasziou, David Dunger, Helen Colhourn, Christopher Pugh, Germaine Wong, Rafael Perera, and Brian Shine

Piercing the corporate veil in favour of creditors and pooling of groups - a comparative study, John Farrar

Doctrinal incoherence and complex variables in piercing the corporate veil cases, John H. Farrar

Getting away with murder: An examination of detected homicides staged as suicides, Claire Ferguson and Wayne Petherick

In mourning of bereavement damages, Iain Field

An empirical investigation of the role of camaraderie, cause, competency, and participation motives in the development of attachment to a charity sport event, Kevin Filo, Daniel Funk, and Danny O'Brien

A Pedagogic Demonstration of Attenuation of Correlation Due to Measurement Error, Christopher R. Fisher

A Pedagogic Exploration of Researcher Degrees of Freedom, Christopher R. Fisher

Using Spreadsheets to Teach Signal Detection Theory, Christopher R. Fisher

Perception and responses to different forms of aqua-based exercise among older adults with osteoarthritis, Alison Fisken, Deborah L. Waters, Wayne Hing, Michael Steele, and Justin Keogh

ERK1/2 activation modulates pyocyanin-induced toxicity in A549 respiratory epithelial cells, Amanda Forbes, Andrew K. Davey, Anthony V. Perkins, Gary D. Grant, Amelia J. McFarland, and Catherine M. McDermott

Relative and absolute reliability of functional performance measures for adults with dementia living in residential aged care., Benjamin Fox, Timothy Henwood, Christine Neville, and Justin Keogh

The practice of quality in assuring learning in higher education, Erica French, Jane Summers, Shelley Kinash, Romy Lawson, Tracey Taylor, James Herbert, Eveline Fallshaw, and Cathy Hall

Intracranial subdural empyema: A 10-Year case series, Heath French, Nathan Schaefer, Gerben Keijzers, David Barison, and Sarah Olson

Retrospective Analysis of Chronic Injuries in Recreational and Competitive Surfers: Injury Location, Type, and Mechanism, James Furness, Wayne Hing, Allan Abbott, Joe Walsh, Jeremy Sheppard, and Mike Climstein

Common harms from amoxicillin: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled trials for any indication, Malcolm Gillies, Anggi Ranakusuma, Tammy Hoffmann, Sarah Thorning, Treasure McGuire, and Chris del Mar

Criteria for monitoring tests were described: validity, responsiveness, detectability of long-term change, and practicality, Paul Glasziou, Les Irwig, Adrienne Kirby, Andrew Tonkin, and John Simes

Which lipid measurement should we monitor? An analysis of the LIPID study, Paul Glasziou, Les Irwig, Adrienne Kirby, Andrew Tonkin, and R J. Simes

The role of employers' organisations and trade unions in the development of climate change policy : a European perspective, Peter J. Glynn

The effect of angiotensin converting enzyme genotype on aerobic capacity following high intensity interval training, Nicole Goddard, Matthew Baker, Tim Higgins, and Christian Cobbold

Stopping the stalker: Victim responses to stalking, Terry Goldsworthy and Matthew Raj

The long arm of the law: an examination of the utility of police post-separation discipline processes., Terry Goldsworthy and Sara Trainor

The clinical features, management and prognosis of primary and secondary indolent lymphoma of the bone: A retrospective study of the international extranodal lymphoma study group (IELSG #14 study), Silvia Govi, David Christie, Carlo Messina, Marta Bruno-Ventre, Elias Medina, David Porter, John Radford, Dae Heo, Yeon Park, Giovanni Martinelli, Emma Taylor, Helen Lucraft, Veronika Ballova, Emmanuele Zucca, Mary Gospodarowicz, and Andres Ferreri

The clinical features, management and prognosis of primary and secondary indolent lymphoma of the bone: A retrospective study of the international extranodal lymphoma study group (IELSG #14 study), Silvia Govi, David R.H. Christie, Silvia Mappa, Emerenziana Marturano, Marta Bruno-Ventre, Carlo Messina, Elias Medina, David Porter, John Radford, Dae Heo, Yeon Park, Barbara Pro, Jayasingham Jayamohan, Nick Pavlakis, Emmanuele Zucca, Mary Gospodarowicz, and Andres Ferreri

An analysis of the opportunities for brand business development within the Chinese social media landscape, Natasha Graham

Searching for randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews on exercise: A descriptive study, Antonio Jose Grande, Tammy Hoffmann, and Paul Glasziou

Evaluation of Autism-Related Health Information on the Web, Nicole Grant, Sylvia Rodger, and Tammy Hoffmann

Methylation differences at the HLA-DRB1 locus in CD4+ T-cells are associated with multiple sclerosis, M Graves, Miles Benton, Rodney Lea, Michael Boyle, Lotti Tajouri, Donia MacArtney-Coxson, R Scott, and Jeannette Lechner-Scott

Custodians of the game: Ethical considerations for football governing bodies in regulating concussion management, Annette Greenhow and Jocelyn East

Development of Improved Methods for Low Template DNA Analysis, Kelly S. Grisedale

Non-Neuronal ATP : Regulation of Release and Action in the Bladder, Luke Alexander Grundy

Endurance and fatigue characteristics in the neck muscles during sub-maximal isometric test in patients with cervical radiculopathy, Marie Halvorsen, Allan Abbott, Anneli Peolsson, and Asa Dedering

The relationship between risk propensity, risk perception and risk-taking behaviour in an emerging market, Fazelina Sahul Hamid, Gary John Rangel, Fauziah M. Taib, and Ramayah Thurasamy

Employment Barriers and Support Needs of People Living with Psychosis, Margaret E. Hampson

Responding to the challenge of problem sexual behaviour by young people in Queensland: An opinion, Scott Harden, Michelle Phillips, Stephen Stathis, Kerry Geritz, Tasneem Hasan, Mike Spiller, Bruce Watt, and Angela Allen

Full medical program fees and medical student career intention, Richard Hays, Kathleen Lockhart, Ed Teo, Janie Smith, and David Waynforth

Ability of existing malnutrition screening tools to identify risk of starvation, sarcopenia and cachexia : A systematic review, Erin Healy, Alison Yaxley, Elizabeth Isenring, Elaine Bannerman, and Michelle Miller

Retail investor preferences and the idiosyncratic volatility puzzle, Julia Henker, Thomas Henker, and Deborah Tan

Wrangling Space: the incoherence of a long-distance life, Donna Henson

Assessing sarcopenic prevalence and risk factors in residential aged care: Methodology and feasibility, Timothy Henwood, Justin Keogh, Natasha Reid, Will Jordan, and Hugh Senior

Organisational engagement and its driving forces: A case study in a retail travel organisation with international outreach, Richard Hicks, G. O'Reilly, and Mark Bahr

Heterogeneous responses of personalised high intensity interval training on type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease risk in young healthy adults, Tim Higgins, Matthew Baker, Shelley A. Evans, Rachel A. Adams, and Christian Cobbold

Childhood obesity in asia: The value of accurate body composition methodology, Andrew Hills, Najat Mokhtar, Sharon Brownie, and Nuala Byrne

Trade and Development: An incremental relationship, Mary Hiscock

How far have we really come? Civil and political rights in Queensland, Harry Hobbs and Andrew Trotter

Predicting food cravings: A piece of cake or a hard nut to crack?, Karen Hodgson and Peta Stapleton

Brief training of student clinicians in shared decision making: A single-blind randomized controlled trial, Tammy Hoffmann, Sally Bennett, Clare Tomsett, and Chris del Mar

Brief training of student clinicians in shared decision making: A single-blind randomised controlled trial (in press), Tammy Hoffmann, S. Bennett, C Tonsett, and Chris Del Mar

The connection between evidence-based medicine and shared decision making, Tammy C. Hoffmann, Victor Montori, and Chris del Mar

Patients expectation of the benefits and harms of treatments, screening, and tests: a systematic review, Tammy Hoffmann and Chris del Mar

Reporting of interventions in randomised trials: An audit of journal instructions to authors, Tammy Hoffmann, Thomas English, and Paul P. Glasziou

Better reporting of interventions: Template for intervention description and replication (TIDieR) checklist and guide, Tammy Hoffmann, Paul Glasziou, Isabelle Boutron, Ruairidh Milne, Rafael Perera, David Moher, Douglas G. Altman, Virginia Barbour, Helen Macdonald, Marie Johnston, Sarah Lamb, Mary Dixon-Woods, Peter McCulloch, Jeremy Wyatt, An-Wen Chan Phelan, and Susan Michie

Shared decision making: What do clinicians need to know and why should they bother?, Tammy Hoffmann, France Légaré, Magenta Simmons, Kevin McNamara, Kirsten McCaffery, Lyndal J. Trevena, Ben Hudson, Paul Glasziou, and Chris del Mar

Cross-sectional analysis of the reporting of continuous outcome measures and clinical significance of results in randomized trials of non-pharmacological interventions, Tammy Hoffmann, Sarah Thomas, Paul Ng Hung Shin, and Paul Glasziou

Social networking and identity theft in the digital society, Eric Holm

The significance of mandatory data breach warnings to identity crime, Eric Holm and Geraldine Mackenzie

Acute exercise and gastric emptying: A meta-analysis and implications for appetite control, Katy Horner, Matthew Schubert, Ben Desbrow, Nuala Byrne, and Neil King

Lean construction, Jonathan Howell

Current and future use of point-of-care tests in primary care: An international survey in Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA, Jeremy Howick, Jochen Cals, Caroline Jones, Christopher P. Price, Annette Pluddermann, Carl J. Heneghan, Marjolein Berger, Frank Buntix, John Hickner, Wilson Pace, Tony Badrick, Ann Van den Bruel, Caroline Laurence, Henk Van Weert, Evie Van Severen, Adriana Parrella, and Matthew J. Thompson

The hot flush beliefs and behaviour scale for men (HFBBS-Men) undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, M. S. Hunter, Christopher F. Sharpley, E. Stefanopoulou, O. Yousaf, Vicki Bitsika, and David Christie

Revenue effects of practice nurse-led care for chronic diseases, Richard Iles, Diann S. Eley, Desley Hegney, Elizabeth Patterson, Jacqui Young, Chris Del Mar, Robyn L. Synnott, and Paul Scuffham

Development and validation of the ACE tool: Assessing medical trainees' competency in evidence based medicine, Dragan Ilic, Rusli Bin Nordin, Paul Glasziou, Julie Tilson, and Elmer Villanueva

Implementation of a blended learning approach to teaching evidence based practice: A protocol for a mixed methods study, Dragan Ilic, Rusli Bin Nordin, Paul Glasziou, Julie Tilson, and Elmer Villanueva

Estrogen reduces mechanical injury-related cell death and proteoglycan degradation in mature articular cartilage independent of the presence of the superficial zone tissue, J Imgenberg, Bernd Rolauffs, Alan J. Grodzinsky, M Schünke, and Bodo Kurz

The Enrica Lexie and St. Antony: A voyage into jurisdictional conflict, Danielle Ireland-Piper

Is there a 'Right' to sport?, Danielle Ireland-Piper and Kim Weinert