Submissions from 2015

Rob Pickard, Jane Hunt

Royal National Park Triathlon, Jane Hunt

School Championships, Jane Hunt

School Trailer Clinics, Jane Hunt

South Australian Events, Jane Hunt

South East Queensland (SEQ) Sport Development meetings, Jane Hunt

Sport and Recreation Development, Jane Hunt

Sri Chinmoy Events, Jane Hunt

St George and Sutherland Shire Role of Honour, Jane Hunt

Tasmanian Events, Jane Hunt

Training Camps, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Australia Selection, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland Equity Report, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland Meeting Minutes 1992, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland Meeting Minutes 1993, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland Racing Guide, Jane Hunt

Victorian Events Miscellaneous, Jane Hunt

Wangaratta Triathlon, Jane Hunt

Women in Triathlon, Jane Hunt

A randomised controlled trial of a blended learning education intervention for teaching evidence-based medicine, Dragan Ilic, Rusli Bin Nordin, Paul Glasziou, Julie Tilson, and Elmer Villanueva

Use of GRADE for assessment of evidence about prognosis: Rating confidence in estimates of event rates in broad categories of patients, Alfonsio Iorio, Frederick Spencer, Maicon Falavigna, Caroline Alba, Eddie Lang, Bernard Burnand, Thomas McGinn, Jill Hayden, Katrina Williams, Beverley Shea, Robert Wolff, Ton Kujpers, Pablo Perel, Per Vandvik, Paul Glasziou, Holger J. Schunemann, and Gordon Guyatt

Effect of 1-h moderate-intensity aerobic exercise on intramyocellular lipids in obese men before and after a lifestyle intervention, Stephanie Ipavec-Levasseur, Ilaria Croci, Stephane Choquette, Nuala Byrne, Gary Cowin, Trisha O'Moore-Sullivan, Johannes Prins, and Ingrid Hickman

Evolution of Chinese consumer protection: Through the lens of product quality laws, Mary Ip and Brenda Marshall

Comparison, Self-Direction and Creativity: Contextualising Public Law, Danielle Ireland-Piper

Which screening method is appropriate for older cancer patients at risk for malnutrition?, Liz Isenring and Marinos Elia

Systematic review of clinical practice guidelines recommendations about primary cardiovascular disease prevention for older adults, Jesse Jansen, Shannon Mckinn, Carissa Bonner, Les Irwig, Jenny Doust, Paul Glasziou, Brooke Nickel, Barbara van Munster, and Kirsten McCaffery

Reconceptualising Fear of Crime : Emergence of Crime Awareness, Madeleine Jarrett-Luck

Frontal alpha asymmetry as a pathway to behavioural withdrawal in depression: Research findings and issues, Emmanuel Jesulola, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, Linda L. Agnew, and Peter Wilson

Medical professionalism across cultures: A challenge for medicine and medical education, Vikram Jha, Michelle Mclean, Trevor Gibbs, and John Sanders

The B subunit of Escherichia coli heat-labile toxin alters the development and antigen-presenting capacity of dendritic cells, Jing Ji, Kristin Grifftiths, Peter Milburn, Timothy Hirst, and Helen O'Neill

The High Court, Kable and the constitutional validity of criminal property confisication laws: Attorney General (Northern Territory) v Emmerson, Peter Johnston

Enhanced urothelial ATP release and contraction following intravesical treatment with the cytotoxic drug, doxorubicin, Stanley Kang, Catherine M. McDermott, Stef Farr, and R. Chess-Williams

Recovery of urothelial mediator release but prolonged elevations in interleukin-8 and nitric oxide secretion following mitomycin C treatment, Sung-Hung Kang, Russ Chess-Williams, Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukie, and Catherine M. McDermott

Cytotoxic Drugs and their Effects on Bladder Function, Sung Hyun Kang

Effect of therapeutic massage on pain in patients with dementia, Yamini Kapoor and Rob Orr

Correlates between force and postural tremor in older individuals with essential tremor, Justin J. Kavanagh and Justin Keogh

Resistance training reduces force tremor and improves manual dexterity in older individuals with essential tremor, Justin J. Kavanagh, Jacob Wedderburn-Bishop, and Justin Keogh

Climate change and vicious circle of economic dependency and food crisis in poor countries, Masoud Kazem and Amir Kazem

The effect of growth hormone administration on the regulation of mitochondrial apoptosis in-vivo, James Keane, Lotti Tajouri, and Bon Gray

Factors influencing disclosures of statements of service performance of New Zealand local authorities, Prae Keerasuntonpong, Keitha Dunstan, and Bhagwan Khanna

What is the effect of a formalised trauma tertiary survey procedure on a missed injury rates in multi-trauma patients? Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial, Gerben Keijzers, Chris Del Mar, Leo M.G. Geeraedts Jr., Josh Byrnes, and Elaine Beller

Telehealth methods to deliver multifactorial dietary interventions in adults with chronic disease: A systematic review protocol, Jaimon Kelly, Dianne Reidlinger, Tammy Hoffmann, and Katrina Campbell

What is more likely to predict prejudicial attitudes towards overweight individuals: Gender, locus of control, or social dominance orientation?, Joanna Kelly and Peta Stapleton

The market premium for the option to close: Evidence from Australian gold mining firms, Simone Kelly

Irigaray’s Madonna, Julie Kelso

A stakeholder analysis of employee disclosures in annual reports, Pamela Kent and Tamara Zunker

Use of benchmarks in predicting earnings management?, Richard Kent and James Routledge

Benefits and Barriers of Cancer Practitioners Discussing Physical Activity with their Cancer Patients, Justin Keogh, Alicia Olsen, MIke Climstein, Sally Sargeant, and Lynette Jones

Prevalence and risk factors for low habitual walking speed in nursing home residents: An observational study, Justin Keogh, Hugh Senior, Elaine Beller, and Timothy Henwood

ACE and UCP2 gene polymorphisms and their association with baseline and exercise-related changes in the functional performance of older adults, Justin W. Keogh, Barry Palmer, Denise Taylor, and Andrew Kilding

Validation of bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy to measure total body water in resistance-trained males, Ava Kerr, Gary Slater, Nuala Byrne, and Janet Chaseling

Reliability of 2 different positioning protocols for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry measurement of body composition in healthy adults, Ava Kerr, Gary Slater, Nuala Byrne, and Alisa Nana

Screen production enquiry: a study of five Australian doctorates, Susan Kerrigan, Leo Berkeley, Sean Maher, Michael Sergi, and Alison Wotherspoon

Faith in the courts: The aggrieved faithful seeking standing in Australia, Henry Kha

Impact of economic cycles on mortality: The Australian context, Garry Khemka and Steven Roberts

Market orientation and CSR: Performance implications, Timothy Kiessling, Lars Isaksson, and Burze Yasar

Does digital scholarship through online lectures affect student learning?, Shelley Kinash, Diana Knight, and Matthew McLean

Student feedback: A learning and teaching performance indicator, Shelley Kinash, Vishen Naidu, Diana Knight, Madelaine Judd, Sid Nair, Sara Booth, Julie Fleming, Elizabeth Santhanam, Beatrice Tucker, and Marian Tulloch

Cognitive failures at work, mindfulness, and the Big Five, Karen D. Klockner and Richard Hicks

Cognitive failures at work, mindfulness, and the Big Five, Karen D. Klockner and Richard Hicks

Injuries and footwear (Part 1): Athletic shoe history and injuries in relation to foot arch height and training in boots, Jospeh Knapik, Rodney Pope, Rob Orr, and Tyson Grier

Training and support of sessional staff to improve quality of teaching and learning at universities, Gillian Knott, Linda Crane, Ian Heslop, and Beverley D. Glass

The Cognitive Distortions Questionnaire: Psychometric validation for an Australian population, Sharelle L. Kostoglou and Aileen M. Pidgeon

Civil liability of sports participants for sports-related injuries in the Czech Republic, Michal Kralik

Criminal liability of sports participants for sports-related injuries in the Czech Republic, Michal Kralik

Left ventricular global longitudinal strain is associated with cardiovascular risk factors and arterial stiffness in chronic kidney disease, Rathika Krishnasamy, Carmel Hawley, Tony Stanton, Elaine Pascoe, Katrina Campbell, Megan Rossi, William Petchey, Ken-Soon Tan, Kassia S. Beetham, Jeff Coombes, Rodel Leano, Brian Haluska, and Nicole Isbel

Green roof evaluation: A holistic ‘long life, loose fit, low energy’ approach, Craig Langston

Socratic Teaching & The Millennials: Has Socrates’ Care of the Self Become the Millennials’ Care of the Selfie?, Rob Layton

Money laundering offences: Out with certainty, in with discretion?, Mathew Leighton-Daly

Moving violations: A study of incivility and violence against urban bus drivers in Australia, Robyn Lincoln and Adrienne Gregory

Review of performance measurement: Implications for public–private partnerships, Junxiao Liu, Peter Love, Jim Smith, Michael Regan, and Ekambaram Palaneeswaran

State-preference pricing and volatility indices, Zhangxin F. Liu and Michael O'Neill

A transnational law subject in the Australian law curriculum, Vai lo Lo

Does the addition of RDW improve current ICU scoring systems?, Sarah Loveday, Leanne Sinclair, and Tony Badrick

Future proofing PPPs: Life-cycle performance measurement and Building Information Modelling, Peter E.D. Love, Junxiao Liu, Jane Matthews, Chun-pong Sing, and Jim Smith

Understanding the landscape of overruns in transport infrastructure projects, Peter E.D. Love, Jim Smith, Ian Simpson, Michael Regan, and Oluwole Olatunji

Anthropometric profile of powerlifters: differences as a function of bodyweight class and competitive success, M Lovera and Justin Keogh

Can the 'apology standoff' between China and Japan be resolved?, Darryl Lupton

The ethics of the VeriChip human implant, Michael Lupton

Business negotiations between American and Vietnamese businesses: The influence of proxemics and site setting on negotiation outcomes, Tuong-Minh Ly-Le

Government crisis assessment and reputation management: A case study of the Vietnam Health Minister's crises in 2013-2014, Tuong-Minh Ly-Le

Media assessment of Herbalife's crisis response: An approach to explain Vietnam's media transparency level, Tuong-Minh Ly-Le

Proxemics on business negotiation: What Americans should be aware of Vietnamese negotiation site settings, Tuong-Minh Ly-Le

Trait impulsivity predicts D-KEFS tower test performance in university students, Michael Lyvers, Vanessa Basch, Helen Duff, and Mark S. Edwards

Blood alcohol concentration is negatively associated with gambling money won on the iowa gambling task in naturalistic settings after controlling for trait impulsivity and alcohol tolerance, Michael Lyvers, Nicole Mathieson, and Mark S. Edwards

The measurement and interpretation of dietary protein distribution during a rugby preseason, Kristen Mackenzie, Gary Slater, Neil A. King, and Nuala Byrne

The effect of a whey protein supplement dose on satiety and food intake in resistance training athletes, Kristen Mackenzie-Shalders, Nuala Byrne, Gary Slater, and Neil King

Thinking Like an Expert Lawyer : Measuring Specialist Legal Expertise Through Think-Aloud Problem Solving and Verbal Protocol Analysis, Peter John Macmillan

Relationship Between Trait Anxiety, State Anxiety and Awareness in Processing of Threat, Katarzyna Majtyka

Strategic inpatriate acculturation: A stress perspective, Jane Maley, Miriam Moeller, and Michael Harvey

Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling of CD8+ T cells shows a distinct epigenetic signature to CD4+ T cells in multiple sclerosis patients, Vicki E. Maltby, Moira C. Graves, Rodney Lea, Miles Benton, Katherine A. Sanders, Lotti Tajouri, Rodney J. Scott, and Jeannette Lechner-Scott

Constitutional Dimensions of Sport in Greece, Konstantinos Margaritis

The influence of gender, anxiety and food cravings on alcohol use within a university population, Jaques Marissa and Peta Stapleton

A rose by any other name…? The OECD’S proposed revised definition of intangibles, Michelle Markham

Mandatory binding arbitration—is this a pathway to a more efficient map?, Michelle Markham

Malnutrition in geriatric rehabilitation: Prevalence, patient outcomes, and criterion validity of the scored patient-generated subjective global assessment and the mini nutritional assessment, Skye Marshall, Adrienne Young, Judith Bauer, and Elizabeth Isenring

Nutrition screening in geriatric rehabilitation: Criterion (concurrent and predictive) validity of the malnutrition screening tool and the mini nutritional assessment−short form, Skye Marshall, Adrienne Young, Judith Bauer, and Elizabeth Isenring

Pediatric deceased donation—A report of the transplantation society meeting in Geneva, Dominique E. Martin, Thomas A. Nakagawa, Marion J. Siebelink, Katrina A. Bramstedt, Joe Brierley, Fabienne Dobbels, James R. Rodrigue, Minnie Sarwal, Ron Shapiro, Beatriz Dominguez-Gil, Gabriel Danovitch, Stuart C. Sweet, Richard S. Trompeter, Farhat Moazam, Michael A. Bos, and Francis L. Delmonico

Is ginger beneficial for nausea and vomiting? An update of the literature, Wolfgang Marx, Nicole Kiss, and Liz Isenring

Chemotherapy-Induced nausea and vomiting: A narrative review to inform dietetics Practice, Wolfgang Marx, Nicole Kiss, Alexandra McCarthy, D McKavanagh, and Liz Isenring