Submissions from 2013

James Cook University MBBS graduate intentions and intern destinations: A comparative study with other Queensland and Australian medical schools, Tarun Sen Gupta, Richard Murray, Richard Hays, and Torres Woolley

GRADE guidelines: 11. making an overall rating of confidence in effect estimates for a single outcome and for all outcomes, G. H. Guyatt, Andrew D. Oxman, Shahnaz Sultan, Jan Brozek, P. Glasziou, Pablo Alonso-Coello, David Atkins, Regina Kunz, Victor Montori, Roman Jaeschke, David Rind, Philipp Dahm, Elie A. Akl, Joerg Meerpohl, Gunn E. Vist, Elise Berliner, Susan Norris, Yngve Falck-Ytter, and Holger J. Schunemann

GRADE guidelines: 12. Preparing summary of findings tables-binary outcomes, Gordon Guyatt, Andrew D. Oxman, Nancy Santesso, M. Helfand, Gunn E. Vist, Regina Kunz, J. L. Brozek, Susan Norris, Joerg Meerpohl, Benjamin Djulbegovic, P. Alonso-Coello, Piet Post, Jason Busse, P. Glasziou, Robin Christensen, and Holger J. Schunemann

Option Pricing Using Artificial Neural Networks : an Australian Perspective, Tobias Hahn

Cost effectiveness of patient education for the prevention of falls in hospital: Economic evaluation from a randomized controlled trial, Terry P. Haines, Anne-Marie Hill, Keith D. Hill, Sandra G. Brauer, Tammy Hoffmann, Christopher Etherton-Beer, and Steven McPhail

Endurance and fatigue characteristics of the neck muscles in patients with cervical radiculopathy, Marie Halvorsen, Allan Abbott, Anneli Peolsson, and Asa Dedering

The Transition to Retirement Provisions: A Critical Analysis and a Consideration of Policy Alternatives, Rami Hanegbi

World heritage area listing of the Greater Blue Mountains - Did it make a difference to visitation?, Nigel Hardiman and Shelley Burgin

Preventive evidence into practice (PEP) study: implementation of guidelines to prevent primary vascular disease in general practice protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial, Mark F. Harris, Jane Lloyd, John Litt, Mieke L. van Driel, Danielle Mazza, Grant Russell, Jane W. Smith, Chris Del Mar, Elizabeth Denny-Wilson, Sharon Parker, Yordanka Krastev, Upali W. Jayasinghe, Richard Taylor, Nick Zwar, Jinty Wilson, Helen Bolger-Harris, and Justine Waters

A Study of Uncertainty and Risk Management Practice Related to Perceived Project Complexity, Craig Michael Harvett

Aligning global organization human capital needs and global supply-chain strategies, Michael Harvey, Ron Fisher, Ruth McPhail, and Miriam Moeller

The selection of a dean in an academic environment: Are we getting what we deserve?, Michael G. Harvey, James B. Shaw, Ruth McPhail, and Anthony Erickson

The "Dominos" that need to fall into place for a reunification of Korea: Making sense of a United Korea, Michael Harvey, Timothy Kiessling, and Miriam Moeller

Valuation of family firms: The limitations of accounting information, Tim Hasso and Keith Duncan

Effects of visit-to-visit variability in systolic blood pressure on macro vascular and micro vascular complications in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: The advance trial, Jun Hata, Hisatomi Arima, Peter Rothwell, Mark Woodward, Sophia Zoungas, Craig Anderson, Anushka Patel, Bruce Neal, P. Glasziou, Pavel Hamet, Giuseppe Mancia, Neil Poulter, Bryan Williams, Stephen MacMahon, and John Chalmers

Reference interval studies: what is the maximum number of samples recommended?, Robert C. Hawkins and Tony Badrick

Utilisation of the healthcare system for authentic early experience placements, Richard Hays

Cardiovascular adenosine receptors: Expression, actions and interactions, John Patrick Headrick, Kevin Ashton, Roselyn B. Rose'Meyer, and Jason N. Peart

Choosing Between Mainstream and Complementary Treatments in Menopause : the Role of Media, Advertising and Women's Perceptions, Mindy Jo Hegg

Interactive multi-objective particle swarm optimisation using decision space interaction, Jan Hettenhausen, Andrew Lewis, Marcus Randall, and Timoleon Kipouros

Resilience, optimism, hope, and self-efficacy in handling the Global Financial Crisis: Experiences of employees in a multinational industrial organisation operating in Europe, Asia and the United States, Richard E. Hicks and Eva Knies

Acute response to hydrotherapy after a simulated game of rugby, Trevor Higgins, Melainie Cameron, and Mike Climstein

Evaluation of hydrotherapy, using passive tests and power tests, for recovery across a cyclic week of competitive rugby union, Trevor Higgins, Mike Climstein, and Melainie Cameron

Circumstances of falls and falls-related injuries in a cohort of older patients following hospital discharge, Anne-Marie Hill, Tammy Hoffmann, and Terry P. Haines

Global, local and glocal schools: the role of comparative law and the impact of globalisation, Mary E. Hiscock

Economic freedom, macroeconomic fundamentals and foreign direct investment in fast emerging BRICS and Malaysia, Catherine S.F. Ho, Noryati Ahmad, and Hayati Mohd Dahan

Patients' expectations of acute low back pain management: Implications for evidence uptake, Tammy C. Hoffmann, Chris B. Del Mar, Jenny Strong, and Juliana Mai

Poor description of non-pharmacological interventions: analysis of consecutive sample of randomised trials, Tammy Hoffmann, Chrissy Erueti, and Paul P. Glasziou

Stroke care in Australia: Why is it stil the poor cousin of health care?, Tammy Hoffmann and Robert I. Lindley

Public health marketing: Is it good and is it good for everyone?, Stephen S. Holden and Damian Cox

Perspectives on emergence in information systems research, Dirk Hovorka and Matt Germonprez

Don’t ignore the iceberg: Timely revelation of justification in DSR, Dirk S. Hovorka and Jan Pries-Heje

Can understanding mechanisms solve the problem of extrapolating from study to target populations (the problem of 'external validity')?, Jeremy Howick, P. Glasziou, and Jeffrey K. Aronson

Problems with using mechanisms to solve the problem of extrapolation, Jeremy Howick, Paul P. Glasziou, and Jeffrey K. Aronson

Response of mature meniscal tissue to a single injurious compression and interleukin-1 in vitro, M Hufeland, M Schünke, Alan J. Grodzinsky, J Imgenberg, and Bodo Kurz

Aspirational competency expectations for public health nutritionists in Australia: A consensus study, Roger Hughes, Andrea Begley, and Heather Yeatman

Do fund flow-return relations depend on the type of investor? A research note, Jacquelyn E. Humphrey, Karen L. Benson, and Tim Brailsford

Do fund flow-return relations depend on the type of investor? A research note., Jacquelyn E. Humphrey, Karen L. Benson, and Tim Brailsford

Patient satisfaction with nutrition services amongst cancer patients treated with autologous stem cell transplantation: A comparison of usual and extended care, Y C. Hung`, Judith Bauer, P Horsley, and Elizabeth Isenring

Developing physical capability standards that are predictive of success on special forces selection courses, Andrew P. Hunt, Rob Orr, and Daniel C. Billing

Equity tension and new public management policy development and implementation in the water industry, Christopher Hunt, John Staunton, and Keitha Dunstan

History of triathlon in Australia, Jane Hunt

Determining the role of debt in the economy and a new approach for solving sovereign debt crises, Munawar Iqbal

Islamic finance: An attractive new way of financial intermediation, Munawar Iqbal

Development through sport: Fans and critics, Danielle Ireland-Piper

Prosecutions of extraterritorial criminal conduct and the abuse of rights doctrine, Danielle Ireland-Piper

Nutritional counseling and nutritional supplements: a cornerstone of multidisciplinary cancer care for cachectic patients, Elizabeth Isenring and Laisa Teleni

Earnings quality and the adoption of IFRS- based accounting standards: Evidence from an emerging market, Wan Adibah Wan Ismail, Khairul Anuar Kamarudin, Tony van Zijl, and Keitha Dunstan

'How dare you tell me how to teach!': Resistance to educationalism within Australian law schools, Nick James

Simulated surgical workshops enhance medical school students' preparation for clinical rotation, Patricia Johnson, Christine Sly, and Patrick H. Warnke

Equipping students for the real world: Using scaffolding experimental approach to teach the skill of legal drafting, Tammy Johnson and Francina Cantatore

Breaking from tradition: developing localised discourses in an emerging global discipline, Jane Johnston

Shifting patterns in Australian newspaper writing styles: Results of a longitudinal study, Jane Johnston and Caroline Graham

Communicating justice : A comparison of courts and police use of contemporary media, Jane Johnston and Alyce McGovern

Public relations literature and scholarship in Australia: A brief history of change and diversification, Jane Johnston and Jim McNamara

A diagnosis of inherent problems in enhancing service quality through internal marketing and organizational identification in Macau and Singapore Casinos, Sudhir Kale and Sangita De

A diagnosis of inherent problems in enhancing service quality through internal marketing and organizational identification in Macau and Singapore casinos, Sudhir H. Kale and Sangita De

Assessment of reliability and validity of the Gambling Related Cognitions Scale (GRCS), Sudhir H. Kale and Chris Dubelaar

Induction of inflammatory cytokines and alteration of urothelial ATP, acetylcholine and prostaglandin E2 release by doxorubicin, Sung-Hung Kang, Russ Chess-Williams, Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukie, and Catherine M. McDermott

Building Approvals as a Leading Indicator of Property Sector Investment, Harry M. Karamujic

Clinical research priorities in emergency medicine, Gerben Keijzers, Ogilvie Thom, David Taylor, and Jonathan Knott

Attaining legitimacy by employee information in annual reports, Pamela Kent and Tamara Zunker

Propensity of Australian Firms to Manage their Earnings Around Recognised Benchmarks, Richard Kent

Quantitative assessment of quality of life in New Zealand prostate cancer survivors: the effect of androgen deprivation therapy, Justin Keogh, C U. Krägeloh, D Shepherd, C Ryan, S Osborne, J Masters, and R D. MacLeod

Perceptions of physically active men with prostate cancer on the role of physical activity in maintaining their quality of life: Possible influence of androgen deprivation therapy, Justin Keogh, Asmita Patel, Roderick D. MacLeod, and Jonathan Masters

Perceived barriers and facilitators to physical activity in men with prostate cancer: Possible influence of androgen deprivation therapy, J. W. L. Keogh, Asmita Patel, R D. MacLeod, and J Masters

A Study of Board Remuneration Committees : Structure and Effectiveness, Kim Kercher

The courts and social media: What do judges and court workers think?, Patrick Keyzer, Jane Johnston, Mark Pearson, Sharon Rodrick, and Anne Wallace

The preventive detention of 'dangerous' sex offenders in Australia: Perspectives at the coalface, Patrick Keyzer and Bernadette McSherry

The preventive detention of 'dangerous' sex offenders in Australia: Perspectives at the coalface, Patrick Keyzer and Bernadette McSherry

Monitoring salivary melatonin concentrations in children with sleep disorders using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry, Sohil A. Khan, Rani George, Bruce Charles, Paul Taylor, Helen Heussler, David Cooper, Treasure McGuire, David Pache, and Ross Norris

University student experiences of mobile learning: One year beyond commencement, Shelley Kinash, Jeffrey Brand, Trishita Mathew, and Ron Kordyban

Overview of perceptions of German wine tourism from the winery perspective, Jasmine Koch, Andrew Martin, and Robert Nash

No more flying on autopilot: The flipped classroom, Ron Kordyban and Shelley Kinash

Enforcement of privacy requirements, Padmanabhan Krishnan and Kostyantyn Vorobyov

Market Neutral Portfolio Selection: A Pedagogic Illustration, Clarence C. Y. Kwan

Assessing and presenting summaries of evidence in Cochrane Reviews, Miranda W. Langendam, Elie A. Akl, Philipp Dahm, Paul Glasziou, Gordon Guyatt, and Holger J. Schunemann

Development of generic key performance indicators for PMBOK® using a 3D project integration model, Craig Langston

The impact of criterion weights in facilities management decision making: An Australian case study, Craig Langston

The application of ARP modelling to adaptive reuse projects in Hong Kong, Craig Langston, Esther Hui-Kwan Yung, and Edwin Hon-Wan Chan

Political drive to screen for pre-dementia: Not evidence based and ignores the harms of diagnosis, David Le Couteur, Jenny A. Doust, Helen Creasey, and Carol Brayne

‘They will tell me if there is a problem’: Limited discussion between health professionals, older adults and their caregivers on falls prevention during and after hospitalization, Deng-Ching Angela Lee, Fiona McDermott, Tammy Hoffmann, and Terry P. Haines

Cardiovascular risk scores: qualitative study of how primary care practitioners understand and use them, Su May Liew, Clair Blacklock, Jenny Hislop, Paul Glasziou, and David Mant

The nature and extent of violence against bus drivers, Robyn Lincoln

Naming and shaming of indigenous youth in the justice system: An exploratory study of the impact in the Northern Territory, Robyn Lincoln and Duncan Chappell

Clinical score and rapid antigen detection test to guide antiobiotic use for sore throats: Randomised controlled trial of PRISM (primary care streptoccal management), Paul Little, F.D.Richard Hobbs, Michael Moore, David Mant, Ian Williamson, Cliodna McNulty, Ying Edith Cheng, Geraldine Leydon, Richard J. McManus, Joanne Kelly, Jane Barnett, Paul Glasziou, and Mark Mullee

Do SmartSite antireflux valves limit the flow rate of 0.9% normal saline through intravenous cannulas?, David Liu and Gerben B. Keijzers

The Law of One Price and Arbitrage on China's Dual-listings, Lixian Liu and Timofei Bogomolov

Macular regeneration, Qin Liu

Synthesis and evaluation of C8- substituted 4.5-spiro lactams as Glycogen Phosphorylase a inhibitors, Wendy Loughlin, Stephanie Schweiker, Ian Jenkins, and Luke Henderson

Promotion of the employment of persons with disabilities in Japan, the United States, and China: Carrot, stick, or both?, Vai Io Lo

Canonical vine copulas in the context of modern portfolio management: Are they worth it?, Rand Kwong Yew Low, Jamie Alcock, Robert Faff, and Tim Brailsford

On innovation cycles in a finite discrete R & D game, Shravan Luckraz

Can ethics survive the onslaught of science?, Michael Lupton

Mood, mood regulation expectancies and frontal systems functioning in current smokers versus never-smokers in China and Australia, Michael Lyvers, Cassandra Carlopio, Vicole Bothma, and Mark S. Edwards

Trait mindfulness in relation to emotional self-regulation and executive function, Michael Lyvers, Chloe Makin, Evan Toms, Fred A. Thorberg, and Christina Samios

An exploratory investigation amongst Australian mothers regarding pharmacies and opportunities for nutrition promotion, Judith Maher, Roger Hughes, Claire Anderson, and John Lowe

Advance pricing arrangements: Are Australia's recent reforms relevant to Canada?, Michelle Markham

Multilateral advance pricing agreements - A multifaceted approach to a global conundrum?, Michelle Markham

Small business entity tax concessions: Through the eyes of the practitioner, Stephen Marsden, Kerrie Sadiq, and Timothy Wilkins