Submissions from 2015

Conditional allocations to real estate: An antidote to sequencing risk in defined contribution retirement plans, Michael E. Drew, Adam Walk, and Jason West

The union of European football association’s club licensing and financial fair play regulations - are they working?, Neil Dunbar

Children at risk of an eating disorder : early identification and assessment of children and intervention strategies for children and their carers, Justine L. Ebenreuter

Anxiety and Cognitive Performance : a Test of Attentional Control Theory, Elizabeth Edwards

Cognitive trait anxiety, situational stress, and mental effort predict shifting efficiency: Implications for attentional control theory, Elizabeth Edwards, Mark S. Edwards, and Michael Lyvers

Building skills, knowledge and confidence in eating and exercise behavior change: Brief motivational interviewing training for healthcare providers, Elizabeth Edwards, Peta Stapleton, Kelly Williams, and Lauren Ball

Effects of trait anxiety and situational stress on attentional shifting are buffered by working memory capacity, Mark Edwards, Phillipa Moore, James Champion, and Elizabeth Edwards

Destructive leadership: Causes, consequences and countermeasures, Anthony Erickson, James B. Shaw, Jane Murray, and Sara Branch

On the use of inertial sensors in educational engagement activities, Hugo Espinosa, Jim Lee, Justin Keogh, Josphine Grigg, and Daniel James

Pioneer volunteers: the role identity of continuous volunteers at sport events, Sheranne Fairley, Christine B. Green, Danny O'Brien, and Laurence Chalip

Arson-associated homicide in Australia: A five year follow-up, Claire Ferguson, Rebekah M. Doley, Bruce D. Watt, Mathew Lyneham, and Janet Payne

Gnosticism: The wise sister of Christianity, R James Ferguson

Embracing the "two-body problem": The case of partnered academics, Cynthia Fisher

Perceived benefits, motives, and barriers to aqua-based exercise among older adults with and without osteoarthritis, Alison Fisken, Justin Keogh, Deborah L. Waters, and Wayne Hing

Perceptions towards aqua-based exercise among older adults with osteoarthritis who have discontinued participation in this exercise mode, Alison Fisken, Deborah L. Waters, Wayne Hing, and Justin Keogh

Comparative effects of 2 aqua exercise programs on physical function, balance, and perceived quality of life in older adults with osteoarthritis, Alison Fisken, Deborah L. Waters, Wayne Hing, Michael Steele, and Justin Keogh

Public use and perceptions of emergency departments: A population survey, Gerry Fitzgerald, Ghasem Tooloo, Peter Aitkin, Gerben Keijzers, and Paul Scuffham

Modulation of sensory and pain perception with successive non-invasive brain stimulation, Brookes Gregory Folmli

Special section cluster on responsible management education: Nurturing an emerging PRME ethos, Jeanie M. Forray, Jennifer S.A. Leigh, and Amy L. Kenworthy

Three gaseous neurotransmitters, nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulphide, are involved in the neurogenic relaxation responses of the porcine internal anal sphincter, Oladayo Fosaire, Kylie A. Mills, Donna Sellers, and Russ Chess-Williams

The psychometric viability of measures of functional performance commonly employed for older adults with dementia: A systematic review of measurement properties protocol, Benjamin Fox, Timothy Henwood, Christine Neville, Justin Keogh, and Brent Hodgkinson

Conference report on the 4th World Buddist Forum in China: Exploring the value of Buddhism in modern times, Vivian Fung

Musculoskeletal and physiological profile of elite and recreational surfers : injuries and sports specific screening, James Furness

Trunk mobility in the sagittal and horizontal planes: Clinical methods to quantify movement in an elite male surfing population, James Furness, Mike Climstein, Jeremy Sheppard, Allan Abbott, and Wayne Hing

Acute injuries in recreational and competitive surfers: Incidence, severity, location, type and mechanism, James Furness, Wayne Hing, Joe Walsh, Allan Abbott, Jeremy Sheppard, and Michael Climstein

Assessment of shoulder active range of motion in prone versus supine: a reliability and concurrent validity study, James Furness, Scott Johnstone, Wayne Hing, Allan D. Abbott, and Michael Climstein

The existing division of corporate decision - making power in the UK, USA and Europe: A comparative perspective, Shida Galletti

A Markov-switching structural vector autoregressive model of boom and bust in the Australian labour market, Noel Gaston and Gulasekaran Rajaguru

An epic mess: ‘Exhaustible natural resources’ and the future of export restraints after the china -rare earths decision, Umair H. Ghori

What motivates young people to attend music festivals and what role do peer pressure and alcohol consumption play in attendance?, Kerryn Gill, Claudia Ollenburg, and Robert Nash

An investigation into the enhancement of sea-spray exposed, Sharni Goldstone, S Francis, and Sarah Gardner

Divination: Using Excel to explore ethnomathematics, Cristina Gomez, Hannah Oppenheim, and Osman Yurekli

An interdisciplinary approach in identifying the legitimate regulator of anti-doping in sport: The case of the Australian Football League, Lisa Gowthorp, Annette Greenhow, and Danny O'Brien

Journalism Students Working as Investigative Reporter: A Case Study in Authentic Assessment for Engagement & Employability, Caroline Graham

Exercise versus no exercise for the occurrence, severity and duration of acute respiratory infections (Review), Antonio Jose Grande, J. W. L. Keogh, Tammy Hoffmann, Elaine Beller, and Chris Del Mar

Intervention decision-making processes and information preferences of parents of children with autism spectrum disorders, N Grant, S Rodger, and Tammy Hoffmann

The role of equipment, the physical environment and training practices in customer safety within fitness facilities: The perspectives of fitness industry employees, Shannon E. Gray, Patrick Keyzer, Kevin Norton, Joachim Dietrich, Betul Sekendiz, Ian Coyle, and Caroline F. Finch

Physiotherapeutic rehabilitation following lumbar total disc replacement: A retrospective study, Adeline Green, Philippa Gilbert, Matthew Scott-Young, and Allan Abbott

Performance analysis of the movement patterns and technical demands of international women's rugby sevens preparation training camps, Jesse Alexander Griffin

Psychological well-being and its relationships with active and passive procrastination, Emily Anne Habelrih and Richard Hicks

Depressive Symptoms and Adverse Outcomes from Hospitalization in Older Adults: Secondary Outcomes of a Trial of Falls Prevention Education, Terry P. Haines, Cylie Williams, Anne-Marie Hill, Steven McPhail, Keith Hill, Sandra G. Brauer, Tammy Hoffmann, and Christopher Etherton-Beer

A review of the bioactivity of coffee, caffeine and key coffee constituents on inflammatory responses linked to depression, Susan Hall, Ben Desbrow, Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukie, Andrew K. Davey, Devindar Arora, Catherine M. McDermott, Matthew Schubert, Anthony V. Perkins, Milton Kiefel, and Gary D. Grant

Exploring the effectiveness of motivational interviewing in re-engaging people diagnosed with severe psychiatric conditions in work, study, or community participation, Margaret E. Hampson, Richard E. Hicks, and Bruce Watt

Relationships among transformational and transactional leadership styles, role pressures, stress levels, and coping resources in senior Queensland catholic education executives, Lynette Ena Hand, Richard Hicks, and Mark Bahr

A Spreadsheet Simulation to Teach Concepts of Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem, Mark H. Haney

Antibiotic resistance: what can be done in primary care to alleviate the crisis?, Malene Hansen, Tammy Hoffmann, Amanda McCullough, Mieke van Driel, and Chris del Mar

Parents’ beliefs and knowledge about the management of acute otitis media: a qualitative study, Malene Hansen, Janine Howlett, Chris Del Mar, and Tammy Hoffmann

Adverse events in patients taking macrolide antibiotics versus placebo for any indication (Protocol), Malene Hansen, Sarah Thorning, Jeffrey K. Aronson, Elaine Beller, Paul Glasziou, Tammy Hoffmann, and Chris Del Mar

Library support for indigenous university students: Moving from the periphery to the mainstream, Joanna Hare and Wendy Abbott

Implementing guidelines to routinely prevent chronic vascular disease in primary care: The preventive evidence into practice cluster randomised controlled trial, Mark Fort Harris, Sharon Parker, John Litt, Mieke van Driel, Grant Russell, Danielle Mazza, Upali Jayasinghe, Chris del Mar, Jane Lloyd, Jane W. Smith, Nick Zwar, Richard Taylor, and Gawaine Powell Davies

The acute physiological responses to strongman training compared to traditional stength training, Nigel K. Harris, Colm Woulfe, Matthew Wood, Ashley Gluchowski, and Justin Keogh

Corticosteroids for the common cold (Review), Gail Hayward, Matthew J. Thompson, Chris Del Mar, Paul Glasziou, and Carl J. Heneghan

Physical and functional implications of aquatic exercise for nursing home residents with dementia, Timothy Henwood, Christine Neville, Chantelle Baguley, Karen Clifton, and Elizabeth Beattie

Psychological capital, employee engagement, and perceived performance in a multinational organisation, Richard E. Hicks and Eva M. Knies

Psychological capital, employee engagement, and perceived performance in a multinational organisation, Richard E. Hicks and Eva M. Knies

Psychological capital, adaptability, coping with change, and employee engagement in a multinational company, Richard E. Hicks and Eva-Maria Knies

Assessing stress at work across occupations and cultures using the occupational stress inventory revised, Richard Hicks, Ali Sabanci, and Mark Bahr

Can procrastination be effective? A study of white-collar employees and university students, Richard Hicks and James Storey

Psychological capital as mediator between adaptive perfectionism and academic procrastination, Richard Hicks and Fiona M. Y. Wu

Physical activity and health: “What is old is new again”, Andrew P. Hills, Steven J. Street, and Nuala Byrne

Tourism development and the backpacker market in highland Scotland, Natalie Hindle, Andrew Martin, and Robert Nash

Evaluation of brief interventions for managing depression and anxiety symptoms during early discharge period after stroke: a pilot randomized controlled trial, Tammy Hoffmann, Tamara Ownsworth, Sally Eames, and David Shum

'TIDieR-ing up’ the reporting of interventions in stroke research: the importance, Tammy Hoffmann and Marion Walker

What's in a name? The challenge of describing interventions in systematic reviews: analysis of a random sample of reviews of non-pharmacological stroke interventions, Tammy Hoffmann, Marion Walker, Peter Langhorne, Sally Eames, Emma Thomas, and Paul P. Glasziou

The partitioning paradox: The big bite around small packages, Stephen Holden and Natalina Zlatevska

Geo, audio, video, photo: How digital convergence in mobile devices facilitates participatory culture in libraries, Peta J. Hopkins, Joanna Hare, Jessie Donaghey, and Wendy Abbott

Corporate ethics and auditor choice – International evidence, Muhammad Nurul Houqe, Tony van Zijl, Keitha Dunstan, and A. K. M. Waresul Karim

Exercise training in CKD: Efficacy, adherence, and safety, Erin J. Howden, Jeff Coombes, Haakan Strand, Bettina Douglas, Katrina Campbell, and Nicole Isbel

Consensus on the core functions of the public health nutrition workforce in Australia, Roger Hughes, Andrea Begley, and Heather Yeatman

1993/1994 Triathlon Australia Handbook, Jane Hunt

3rd World Cup Triathlon, Gold Coast, Jane Hunt

Achievements and press releases, Jane Hunt

Articles of association, Jane Hunt

Athlete profiles and stories, Jane Hunt

Australian Endurathon Events, Jane Hunt

Australian Institute of Sport, Jane Hunt

Brett Sutton, Jane Hunt

Career results 1985 - 1989, Jane Hunt

Clinics and Seminars, Jane Hunt

Colin Stewart, Jane Hunt

Commonwealth Bank Triathlon Series, Jane Hunt

Constitution, Jane Hunt

Coral Coast XXXX Triathlon 1983, Jane Hunt

Coral Coast XXXX Triathlon 1985, Jane Hunt

Cronulla Triathlon Club Newsletter, Jane Hunt

Fire in the Valley Triathlon II, Jane Hunt

Gold Coast Great Race Triathlon 1987, Jane Hunt

Gold Coast Triathlon and Australian Triathlon Relay Championships (competitors) 1984, Jane Hunt

Gold Coast Triathlon and Australian Triathlon Relay Championships (entry form) 1984, Jane Hunt

Greg Welch, Jane Hunt

Hastings Events, Jane Hunt

Inaugural Gold Coast Triathlon 1983, Jane Hunt

Ironman events, Jane Hunt

Louise Bonham Profile 1986-1992, Jane Hunt

Louise Bonham Triathlon career results, Jane Hunt

Medals, Jane Hunt

Melbourne Events, Jane Hunt

Misc Booklet Pages Triangle, Jane Hunt

Miscellaneous, Jane Hunt

Miscellaneous, event results, Jane Hunt