Submissions from 2013

Overview of perceptions of German wine tourism from the winery perspective, Jasmine Koch, Andrew Martin, and Robert Nash

No more flying on autopilot: The flipped classroom, Ron Kordyban and Shelley Kinash

Market Neutral Portfolio Selection: A Pedagogic Illustration, Clarence C. Y. Kwan

Assessing and presenting summaries of evidence in Cochrane Reviews, Miranda W. Langendam, Elie A. Akl, Philipp Dahm, Paul Glasziou, Gordon Guyatt, and Holger J. Schunemann

Development of generic key performance indicators for PMBOK® using a 3D project integration model, Craig Langston

‘They will tell me if there is a problem’: Limited discussion between health professionals, older adults and their caregivers on falls prevention during and after hospitalization, Deng-Ching Angela Lee, Fiona McDermott, Tammy Hoffmann, and Terry P. Haines

Cardiovascular risk scores: qualitative study of how primary care practitioners understand and use them, Su May Liew, Clair Blacklock, Jenny Hislop, Paul Glasziou, and David Mant

The nature and extent of violence against bus drivers, Robyn Lincoln

Naming and shaming of indigenous youth in the justice system: An exploratory study of the impact in the Northern Territory, Robyn Lincoln and Duncan Chappell

The Law of One Price and Arbitrage on China's Dual-listings, Lixian Liu and Timofei Bogomolov

Macular regeneration, Qin Liu

Synthesis and evaluation of C8- substituted 4.5-spiro lactams as Glycogen Phosphorylase a inhibitors, Wendy Loughlin, Stephanie Schweiker, Ian Jenkins, and Luke Henderson

Promotion of the employment of persons with disabilities in Japan, the United States, and China: Carrot, stick, or both?, Vai Io Lo

Canonical vine copulas in the context of modern portfolio management: Are they worth it?, Rand Kwong Yew Low, Jamie Alcock, Robert Faff, and Tim Brailsford

On innovation cycles in a finite discrete R & D game, Shravan Luckraz

An exploratory investigation amongst Australian mothers regarding pharmacies and opportunities for nutrition promotion, Judith Maher, Roger Hughes, Claire Anderson, and John Lowe

Multilateral advance pricing agreements - A multifaceted approach to a global conundrum?, Michelle Markham

Small business entity tax concessions: Through the eyes of the practitioner, Stephen Marsden, Kerrie Sadiq, and Timothy Wilkins

Changes in insulin resistance and HbA1c are related to exercise-mediated changes in body composition in older adults with type 2 diabetes: Interim outcomes from the GREAT2DO Trial., Y. Mavros, S. Kay, K. A. Anderberg, M. Baker, Y. Wang, R. Zhao, J. Meiklejohn, MIke Climstein, Anthony John O'Sullivan, N. de Vos, Bernhard T. Baune, S. N. Blair, D. Simar, K. Rooney, N. Singh, and M. A. Fiatarone Singh

Self-monitoring in hypertension: a web-based survey of primary care physicians, Richard J. McManus, S Wood, Emma P. Bray, Paul P. Glasziou, Andrew Hayden, Carl J. Heneghan, Jonathon Mant, Paul Padfield, John F. Potter, and F.D.Richard Hobbs

Modeling credit risk: An application of the rough set methodology, Reyes Samaniego Medina and Maria Jose Vazquez Cueto

Transitioning from Transit Oriented Development to Development Oriented Transit : a Case Study of the Gold Coast Light Rail Project, David Mepham

Arguments for an international tax base, Enrico Mercuri

The impact of country-of-origin on the acceptance of foreign subsidiaries in host countries: An examination of the 'liability-of-foreignness', Miriam Moeller, Michael Harvey, David Griffith, and Glenn Richey

Preexercise high and low glycemic index meals and cycling performance in untrained females: Randomized, cross-over trial of efficacy, Laura Moore, Hannah Szpalek, and Lars McNaughton

Problem gambling among international and domestic university students in Australia: Who is at risk?, Susan M. Moore, Anna C. Thomas, Sudhir Kale, Mark Spence, Natalina Zlatevska, Petra K. Staiger, Joseph Graffam, and Michael Kyrios

Contractile activity of the bladder urothelium and lamina propria, Christian Moro and Russ Chess-Williams

Expanding disease definitions in guidelines and expert panel ties to industry: A cross-sectional study of common conditions in the United State, Ray Moynihan, Georga Cooke, Jenny A. Doust, Lisa Bero, Suzanne R. Hill, and Paul P. Glasziou

The chronic kidney disease controversy, Ray Moynihan, Richard Glassock, and Jenny A. Doust

Moving beyond the ping-pong table: Sports diplomacy in the modern diplomatic environment, Stuart Murray

Sports diplomacy, Stuart Murray

Sports diplomacy in the Australian context: A case study of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Stuart Murray

The renaissance of diplomatic theory, Stuart Murray

Mapping the relationship between international sport and diplomacy, Stuart Murray and Geoffrey Allen Pigman

Leverage, maturities of debt and stock performance, Tristan Nguyen and Alexander Schüßler

The liability-sanction relationship: A case study in the effectiveness of the corporate regulatory regime, Maria Nicolae

Urinary alkalisation for uncomplicated urinary tract infection (protocol), Dermot B. O'Kane, Sameer Dave, Neel Gore, Farhaan Patel, Tammy Hoffmann, and Chris Del Mar

Naming young offenders: Implications of research for reform, Jodie O'Leary

Fitness for Trial Among Juvenile Offenders in Queensland, Jodie O'Leary, Suzie O'Toole, Bruce Watt, Kathleen Reynolds, and Rachael Hinton

Soldier occupational load carriage – A narrative review of associated injuries, Robin M. Orr, Rodney Pope, Venerina Johnston, and Julia Coyle

Soldier self-reported reductions in task performance associated with operational load carriage, Rob Orr, Rodney Pope, Venerina Johnston, and Julia Coyle

Injuries common to tactical personnel (A multidisciplinary review), Rob Orr and Michael Stierli

The impact of a structured reconditioning program on the physical attributes and attitudes of injured police officers: A pilot study, Rob Orr, Michael Stierli, Matteo L. Amabile, and Benjamin Wilkes

Financial transaction and fiduciary obligation: Ethics, economics or commingled commitment?, S. Romila Palliam, Lee G. Caldwell, and Dilip K. Ghosh

Bank mergers and competition in Japan, Kang H. Park

Perceived barriers, benefits and motives for physical activity: two primary-care physical activity prescription programs, Asmita Patel, Grant M. Schofield, Gregory S. Kolt, and Justin Keogh

The entangled triangle of Nepal, India and China, Dharmesh Patel

Autoinflation for hearing loss associated with otitis media with effusion, Rafael Perera, Paul Glasziou, Carl J. Heneghan, Julie McLellan, and Ian Williamson

Evaluating the effectiveness of enhancing resilience in human service professionals using a retreat-based Mindfulness with Metta Training Program: A randomised control trial, Aileen M. Pidgeon, Lucas Ford, and Frances Klaassen

Mindfulness, empowerment and feminist identity development as protective factors against women developing body image dissatisfaction, Aileen M. Pidgeon and Elyse McNeil

China's relations with India’s neighbours: From threat avoidance to alternative development opportunity, Jonathan H. Ping

Liberalizing Nirvana: an analysis of the consequences of common pool resource deregulation for the sustainability of Fiji's surf tourism industry, Jess Ponting and Danny O'Brien

The adenosine A2A receptor — Myocardial protectant and coronary target in endotoxemia, Melissa E. Reichelt, Kevin Ashton, Xing Lin Tan, S Jamal Mustafa, Catherine Ledent, Lea M D Delbridge, Tammy A. Hofmann, John Patrick Headrick, and R Ray Morrison

The effectiveness of post-operative rehabiliation following partial meniscectomy of the knee, Duncan Reid, Jana Rydwanski, Wayne F. Hing, and Steve White

Contractual structures and payoff patterns of Sukūk securities, Meysam Safari

The Statutory Derivative Action in Malaysia, Mohammad Rizal Salim and Deborah Gurdial Kaur

High-Density High-Rise Low-Income Housing : an Appropriate City Planning Solution for Colombo, Sri Lanka?, Thushara Samaratunga

Are the demons sleeping or have they been banished? Europe 1913 versus Europe 2013, Drew Sandstrom

Cognitive assessment across the continuum of care: The importance of occupational performance-based assessment for individuals post-stroke and traumatic brain injury, Danielle Sansonetti and Tammy Hoffmann

Marketing the adventure: Utilizing the aspects of risk/fear/thrill to target the youth traveller segment, Fabian Schlegelmilch and Claudia Ollenburg

Critical Appraisal of 'Patent Illegaility' as a Ground for Setting Aside an Arbitral Award in India, Tania Sebastian and Garima Budhiraja Arya

Responses in Vascular Function to Exercise in Women Aged 65-74 Years with Type 2 Diabetes, Kevin Serre

Differences in neurobiological pathways of four "clinical content" subtypes of depression, Christopher Sharpley and Vicki Bitsika

Do patient-reported androgen-deprivation therapy side effects predict anxiety and depression among prostate cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy? Implications for psychosocial therapy interventions, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David Christie

Innovation in Education, Debborah Smith, Jeffrey Brand, and Shelley Kinash

The dangers of normal, Jane W. Smith

Does Australia really need mandatory data breach notification laws - and if so, what kind?, Sara Smyth

Gambling on gambling: Financial implications of raising bet limits and table differentials, Mark Spence, Stephen Sugden, and Sudhir Kale

Contract law in aid channels, Elizabeth C. Spencer

Yours, mine, and ours: the development, management and protection of intellectual property in third sector organisations, Elizabeth C. Spencer and Francina Cantatore

An exploration of the legal meaning of franchising, Elizabeth Crawford Spencer

Antibiotics for bronchiolitis in children, Geoffrey K.P. Spurling, Jenny A. Doust, Chris Del Mar, and Lars Eriksson

Use of complementary therapies by registered psychologists: a comparison of Australian, UK and American professionals, Peta Stapleton

Psychological contributions to eating in overweight and obese adults: the role of love attitudes and attachment, Peta B. Stapleton Dr and Eleanor Mackay

Individual intervention using EFT or cognitive behaviour therapy for depression in adults, Peta B. Stapleton Dr, Terri Sheldon, and Brett Porter

Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) versus cognitive behavioural therapy for food cravings in overweight and obese adults, Peta Stapleton, Terri Sheldon, and Brett Porter

Developing customised CRM projects: The role of industry norms, organisational context and customer expectations on CRM implementation, Marion Steel, Chris Dubelaar, and Michael Ewing

An enriched multimedia eBook application to facilitate learning of anatomy, Allan Stirling and James Birt

Mainstreaming Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Adversarial Paradigm - Incommensurability and the Possibility of a Shared Disciplinary Matrix, Nigel Stobbs

Letters & Numbers in Excel: fostering student engagement in some fundamental concepts of mathematics & computing, Steve Sugden and Phil A. Stocks

Improving accessibility to research findings in law: Uniform summary statements, Dan Svantesson

Privacy in the context of piracy: The forgotten issue in the hunt for online copyright pirates., Dan Svantesson

What is 'law', if the 'law' is not something that 'is'? A modest contribution to a major question, Dan Svantesson

A 'layered approach' to the extraterritorality of data privacy laws, Dan J B Svantesson

Financial instability, uncertainty and bank lending behavior, Dr.Vighneswara Swamy

Identification of Multiple Sclerosis genetic markers leading to clinical benefits to affected patients, Lotti Tajouri, Don Staines, Sonya Marshall, and Ekua Brenu

Wrestling with giants - a critical account of supermarket power and competition laws in Australia and United Kingdom, Madeline Taylor

Parent-child interaction therapy: A manualized intervention for the therapeutic child welfare sector, Rae Thomas and Amy D. Herschell

Cross cultural double talk: Communication challenges within edu-tourism, Suzie Ting and Marie-Claire Patron

Within-person relationships between mood and creativity, March L. To, Cynthia Fisher, Neal M. Ashkanasy, and Patricia A. Rowe

Developing a sustainable campus through community engagement: An empirical study, Linda Too, Bhishna Bajracharya, and Isara Khanjanasthiti

Internal Audit Quality : a Multi-Stakeholder Analysis, Andrew J. Trotman

Retirement Housing and Medical Facilities : Preference, Proximity and Price, Baden U'Ren

The role of social capital and local institutions in coping with climate stresses: The case of Krapum Chhouk commune in rural Cambodia, Dany Va, Michael Regan, Ros Taplin, and Bhishna Bajracharya

Employee know-how, non-compete clauses and job mobility across civil and common law systems, William van Caenegem

Impacts of the Moreton Bay Marine Park rezoning on commercial fishermen, Casper van de Greer, Morena Mills, Vanessa M. Adams, Robert L. Pressey, and Daryl McPhee

How diversified is your equity portfolio?, Bruce Vanstone

Antibiotics for acute otitis media in children, Roderick P. Venekamp, S. Sanders, P. Glasziou, Chris del Mar, and Maroeska M. Rovers

An inherited wealth tax for Australia? The Henry Recommendation 25 for a bequests tax, Sylvia Villios

Body mass index for athletes participating in swimming at the World Masters' Games, J. Walsh, Mike Climstein, Ian Timothy Heazlewood, Jyrki Kettunen, Stephen Burke, Mark DeBeliso PhD, and Kent Adams