Submissions from 2016

Queensland Academy of Sport, Jane Hunt

Regional Development Officer, North Queensland – proposed plan, Jane Hunt

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Sponsorship Triathlon Queensland, Jane Hunt

Sporting Facilities, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Association of Queensland magazine inaugural edition paste up and related documents, Jane Hunt

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Triathlon Australia Administrative Documents, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Australia planning weekend 2001, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Australia technical and event policy, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland Administrative Documents, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland AGM Reports 1997, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland AGM Reports 1998, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland events, Jane Hunt

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Triathlon Queensland minutes 1990-92, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland minutes 1997-98, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland minutes 1999-2000, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland minutes 2001-02, Jane Hunt

Triathlon Queensland technical issues, Jane Hunt

Crocodiles, fancy dress and zebra rock souvenirs: Triathlon the Katherine way, Jane E. Hunt

Modeling firm heterogeneity in corporate social performance and financial performance, Lars Isaksson and Arch Woodside

Meta-analysis of breast cancer mortality benefit and overdiagnosis adjusted for adherence: Improving information on the effects of attending screening mammography, Gemma Jacklyn, Paul P. Glasziou, Petra Macaskill, and Alexandra Barratt

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The efficacy and legality of drones in modern warfare, Lise Kanner

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The institution of intercourse: Andrea Dworkin on the Biblical foundations of violence against women, Julie Kelso

Choice of governance structure and earnings quality, Pamela Kent, Richard Anthony Kent, James Routledge, and Jenny Stewart

Remuneration committees, shareholder dissent on CEO pay and the CEO pay-performance link, Pamela Kent, Kim Kercher, and James Routledge

When in London, it's a burger and neapolitan ice cream for you: Rejoinder to "identifying research topic development in business and management education research using legitimation code theory"., Amy L. Kenworthy and George Hrivnak

Evolution of smart devices and human movement apps: Recommendations for use in sports science education and practice, Justin Keogh, Hugo Espinosa, and Josphine Grigg

Improving sport science students’ practical skills and employment prospects: Is the answer in your smartphone?, Justin W. Keogh

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In silico investigation into the interactions between murine 5-HT3 receptor and the principle active compounds of ginger (Zingiber officinale)., Anna E. Lohning, Wolfgang Marx, and Liz Isenring

Formes de l’autorégulation de la vie sociale des joueurs intensifs de Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs)/Forms of self-regulation of social life in Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs), Pascaline Lorentz and Jeffrey E. Brand PhD

2-Oxo-1,2-dihydropyridinyl-3-yl amide-based GPa inhibitors: Design, synthesis and structure-activity relationship study, Wendy Loughlin, Ian Jenkins, David N. Karis, Stephanie Schweiker, and Peter C. Healy

Error management: Implications for construction, Peter E.D. Love and Jim Smith

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Cryptarithms: A Non-Programming Approach Using Excel, Keith Luoma

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Cultural heritage in role-playing video games: A map of approaches, Jakub Majewski

Enhancing postgraduate learning with intensive mode teaching, Sally Male, Stuart Crispin, Phil Hancock, Jeremy Leggoe, Caroline Baillie, Cara MacNish, Dev Ranmuthugala, and Firoz Alam

Seeking new directions in dispute resolution mechanisms: Do we need a revised mutual agreement procedure?, Michelle Markham

Cross-category indulgence: Why do some premium brands grow during recession?, Tanya Mark, Colette Southam, Jan Bulla, and Sergio Meza

Bitcoin: Where Two Worlds Collide, Russ Marshall

Malnutrition in the older Australian rural rehabilitation community : indentification, patient outcomes and the role of informal caregivers, Skye Marshall

Protein-energy malnutrition in the rehabilitation setting: Evidence to improve identification, Skye Marshall

The nutrition and food-related roles, experiences and support needs of female family carers of malnourished older rehabilitation patients., Skye Marshall, Dianne P. Reidlinger, Adrienne Young, and Elizabeth Isenring