Australian Journal of Clinical Education



For submission of the completed manuscript - follow these instructions.

The electronic file name should follow the format of “author-TITLE.doc” or docx. The TITLE may be abbreviated to the first few key words. When the paper is accepted for publication, following the review and corrections, if any, the author(s) will be asked to submit a final file in Microsoft Word for the purpose of editing and typesetting.


The AJCE Editorial Board is committed to publishing original contributions that offer readers a variety of clinical education topics to bridge theory and practices in different institutional environments.


Articles must be in English. The AJCE publishes original contributions, theoretical as well as empirical, in the fields of clinical education; practice-based teaching; clinical learning; practical experience; law clinic(s); legal clinic(s); medical training; clinical training; experiential learning; employability; work readiness; simulated learning; law; medicine; health sciences; health disciplines; nursing and other topics considered as relevant.

Manuscript Format

The title of the paper should be in Sentence Case. Section Headings should be justified left and be in bold. Each main Section Heading should be numbered in Arabic numerals. Each subheading should be justified to the left (and formatted in italics), and follow the alphabetical numbering by A, B, C, etc. Manuscript must be typed on one side of the A4 paper, double spaced and with a margin of 2.5 cm on the left- and 2 cm on the right hand-side. Please use Arial font size 11.

Title Page

Please include a date on the title page of the manuscript, e.g. "Working paper, May 24, 20xx".


The page containing the abstract must be the second page of the paper after the title page. The abstract page however must be numbered as the first page of the paper. The abstract should be complete, self-contained, and is no longer than 200 words. At least five key words/phrases must be provided below the abstract.


All endnotes should appear before References and numbered in Arabic numerals.

Tables and Figures

Tables and Figures should be in camera-ready form in the final version of the accepted paper. They should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. Example: "Table 3" on one line, and in the next line include the title of the table before the table itself. Each table and graph must have self-contained descriptions to explain the contents.


Citations of the work in the paper should be by the name of the author(s) followed by the year of publication - APA style 6th edition. For instance, (Forrest, McKimm & Simon, 2013, p.112). If you are citing yourself, or a co-author, cite as: (author). References, only of the works cited, should be listed in full at the end of the paper arranged alphabetically by first author in the following style:

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